Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2014 Written Update

the show begins when Gopi is permitted by Kokila to dance and Gopi happily goes off to practise dance.

Somewhere in between, Urmilaa gets Dhawal’s shirt burnt by hot iron. Fall girl is Kinjal. Urmilaa says Kinjal is irresponsible and hence the shirt is burnt. Hence wonders how Kinjal would be a responsible mother.

Ahem and Jigar decorate Modi home with chocolate filled balloons as this is kids based party.

Somehow Radha manages to slip in a glass pieces filled balloon into the decorated balloons midst.

Hereabouts; Urmilaa gets advice from Madhu not to create discord between Dhawal and Kinjal, but Urmilaa does not bother, even Jitu is helpless.

Modi home :- Party is on, and all are enjoying themselves ; All dance with Kokila joining

in and dancing ; whilst Radha aims a sling shot to a balloon just above Gopi. Instead of flowers or some chocolates, glass pieces fall on Gopi and she gets injured on the hand – fore arm. Raashi gets first aid and Ahem does the rest.

In between, Urmilaa is forced out of Kinjal’s room. This gets Urmilaa mad at Kinjal and tries to mess with electrical wires, supposedly to cut off electricity to Kinjal’s room. But Urmilaa gets electrocuted. Kinjal gets a wooden pole and gives a hefty thrash / whack on Urmilaa’s wrists. Urmilaa gets freed from the wire.

Bit later Urmilaa is further hatching a plan to disrupt Dhawal and Kinjal’s marital life. Madhu senses something is amiss and Urmilaa’s intentions are not good, and to harm Kinjal and Dhawal. When pointedly questioned, Urmilaa gives a false excuse.

Modi home. Gopi is happy and preparations are on ; Raashi is feeling a bit low as no one remembers her Birthday, her special day. Gopi credits Raashi for everything, I guess some preparations. Raashi feels good and prepares to decorate – Mehendhi – Kokila’s hand while Kokila hesitates, men folk say that they will serve and eat on their own. Bit of small fun talk take place.

Radha is included in the going on by Gopi and asks Radha to decorate her hands and tells Radha to forget Umang as he is not worth her mourning. But Radha is Radha does not get straightened, wants to harm Gopi more.
The Episode Ends Gopi’s Smiling Face ! ! !

Precap : – Radha is mixing something to create smoke filled thing and is telling herself that Gopi would be packed off somewhere, where there is no return.
Later Gopi feels giddy and falls unconscious ; whereas Radha is thinking that it might be her plot that made Gopi unconscious. Family members fuss around Gopi to bring her around to conscious state.

Update credit to: Manzz

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