Saraswatichandra 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 21st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras giving the saree to the tailor. The tailor says it can’ be done soon. Saras requests him saying its my engagement today and I want to make Chanya Choli from this saree. The tailor agrees hearing this. Saras thanks him and leaves. Kalika comes to Badimaa’s room and looks for the ring. Badimaa goes back to her room to bring the puja items list. Kalika gets the ring in the cupboard and smiles. She is shocked to hear someone coming. She hides seeing Badimaa. The ring box is fallen in the ground and is near Badimaa’s feet. Kalika gets tensed seeing it.

Badimaa does not see it and leaves from the room taking the list. Kalika is relieved. She puts the empty ring box in the cupboard and smiles saying this will be the gift to Kumud from my side.

She leaves from the room too. Kumud sees the pearl on the bed and says it means Saras lost. Saras hears this and says don’t touch it, I told you. He holds her and she says you are becoming very naughty these days. He says my scre is more than you. She says mine will be more before engagement. They get closer and Kalika looks at them. Piya………… plays……. Kalika says don’t come so close, you both will always be apart. Saras tells Kumud we will see.

Badimaa checks the ring and is shocked to see the ring missing and calls out everyone. She panics. Everyone try to find the ring in Badimaa’s room. Guniyal says you kept in the cupboard infront of me. Badimaa says yes. Saras says I looked out everywhere. Guniyal says the ring lost today on engagement day, this is not good. Kumud comes and says we need only your blessings. Badimaa says we won’t make anything less, I made a new ring for Saras as a gift for him in his marriage, but it looks I gave to give him today itself. Vidyachatur says so the problem is solved, lets resume the work. Kalika thinks I stole the ring and this is what they thought of, she thinks of dropping the ring.

She drops the ring from her dupatta and says here is the ring. Everyone are happy that they got the ring back. Saras and Kumud smiles. Yash says Kalika found the ring. Badimaa asks how did the ring come out of the cupboard. Dada ji says we will think about it later. Badimaa thanks Kalika and says I will give you a prize for finding this. Kalika smiles and thinks of doing something. Vidyachatur hears Saras talking on phone. Saras says its fun to work on my own engagement.

Saras tells Kusum he has some important work and will be back before engagement, Kusum thinks where is Saras going. Kalika hears this and bumps into Saras making water fall on his phone. Saras says the phone is not switching on. Yash stops Kalika and brings a dupatta for her. Kalika sees Saras leaving and says I have to go to mandir. She fools him in her words and goes after Saras. Saras goes with a sweet box.

Saras gives the sweet box to the tailor and thanks him for stitching the chanya choli so soon. Kalika punctures the tyre of Saras’s car. Saras comes and she hides seeing him. He sees the tyres punctured and wonders how did both the tyres punctured together. Kalika leaves thinking how will Saras come in the engagement now. Saras sees the dupatta piece and tries to call home, but his phone is not working. He comes to the tailor and asks for a phone. The tailor says there is a PCO, but might be closed now. Saras asks for the mechanic. The tailor says you won’t get anyone now. Saras gets tensed. Saras thinks how to reach home now, the tailor says you can wait for morning now. Saras says how morning, my engagement is in evening today.

Everyone are doing the engagement arrangements. Kusum asks Kumud to go and get ready fast. Badimaa says even you go and get ready. Yash says Kalika went to mandir. Dada ji asks for Saras. Kusum says he will come. Yash’s mum says Saras did not come last time for his marriage. Vidyachatur says don’t talk about past on this day, he will come for sure. Kusum is worried waiting for Saras as he is not answering the call.

The tailor helps Saras with his cycle. Kalika is happy to know that this area has no transport service and no one can get out of Rampur after evening. She smiles.


Kumud is waiting for Saras. Badimaa says he will come. Kumud says where are you Saras and cries. Piya…….. plays…………

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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