Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st August 2013 Written Update


Savita starts taunting koki that before she said she will never come this type of occasion, now she can’t stay out of this and came to participate…koki says if her talking is over,she wants to inform she will participate only if new game what koki bought that will be played…Savita first denied to follow koki, but koki trapped her saying they don’t have enough courage ,intelligence and skill to play such a tricky game…then Savita and all automatically agreed to show they are not fools… Rashi thinks what is this new drama koki and gopi looks each other with a satisfactory winning smile

Koki describes game …it is a basically a treasure hunt, koki bought flag hoisting celebration all things, they

will hide three things, and participants need to be in two teams ,they will get riddles and clues,..and need to solve those to get treasures gopi announced team selection process., which is if one person says one ,another two…like that goes on…one will be team A ,two will be team B…rashi wants to be in urmi team, but one after one counts number so she can’t get chance to call the same number which urmi did …finally rashi left alone, she has to be a part of team A against urmi…

So now comes turn of captains…urmi wants to become captain so she makes MB fool saying referee is the best person In game,she can judge all…all need to listen to her…so MB must become judge with koki…MB also gets fascinated with that idea and agrees…so their team captain is urmi…

For another team, rashi wants to become captain…but all other wants gopi to be captain ,only Radha raised hand for rashi …so gopi got selected as captain with everybody’s votes…urmi says MB will be the judge from their team…koki says she has no problem…

Now game starts…koki gives urmi team ( SB ,Kinajl, urmi etc) a riddle …that relates to something which we all respect …urmi team thinks that is god and temple related, so they go to search all temples in house,,,
Gopi teams get a riddle too,it relates something which in in house, they also start searching houses…

Koki says she will take care of meera…rashi already kept tolu molu to somebody ,she informs when koki asks about them..

All running here and there…urmi says to Kinajl they can’t never solve this, so better they can spoil goods team game.. She brought one artificial toy lizard to scare gopi…Kinajl irritated and says gopi is brave, she is not going to be afraid with all these

Update Credit to: basuanasuya

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