Saraswatichandra 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 21st August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum asking Kumud whats the truth. She asks her did anything happened when I entered the house. Kumud says nothing. Kusum says is Pramad like this with everyone. Budhidhan argues with his wife about Pramad. Pramad’s mum says I will explain him. Budhidhan says Vidyachatur has sent his daughter Kusum because he is worried about Kumud, as Pramad might have done anything there. Saras comes and says Kusum same here to see is everything right here. Budhidhan asks Saras to come inside and asks him what he wants to say. Saras says I know why you are worried. He says we can gain Kumud’s family’s trust and convey them that everything is good here. They want Kumud to be happy, we should give Kumud a chance to be happy. Kusum should see that we all love Kumud.

Saras says Pramad won’t support us in this, but I have seen that you all care for Kumud, so you have to make Kusum trust that Kumud is not alone in this house.

Budhidhan asks him how will we do this. Saras says we will keep a function in the evening, everyone will sing and dance, it will make Kumud happy, we have a chance now as Kusum came here. Pramad’s mum says do you think we can celebrate in peace. Saras says yes we can. He says you debate with your son for your bahu, whats better than this. This house gave me so much love. Budhidhan likes Saras’s idea. Pramad’s mum says what about Alak, she does not like functions and crowd. Saras says we will tell Alak that we are keeping this function for those people who did not come in Kumud’s marriage. Alak hears this and smiles. Budhidhan praises Saras’s wits. Alak agrees to this. Budhidhan says lets start the arrangements.

Kumud tells Kusum that I have so much work, help me. Pramad’s mum comes and says whats this, you are making her work. Kuusm says yes, see whats she doing. Kumud says let her work. Pramad’s mum laughs seeing the sister’s love. Alak tells Saras how will you make Pramad agree. Pramad’s mum tells Kusum that we have a function today and we invited some guests. Kusum says don’t worry, I will make the food. Pramad’s mum is impressed by Kusum and says this girl is very good, I wish I could make her my bahu if I had another son. Alak comes and says yes, you have one more son Naveen. Pramad’s mum says yes, it would be good. Kusum says its my yes without seeing him, if I can stay close to my Didi. Alak jokes. Saras smiles seeing Kumud happy. He wishes that Kumud should always be happy and should understand him.

Kumud comes to Saras. He looks shocked seeing her. Kumud closes the door. She tells him is this idea yours, tell me what should I do. How will I keep Kusum away from you. He says I will tell everything to Kusum, you don’t worry. You try to bring Pramad in the function. Someone knocks the door. Kalika enters as Kumud hides behind the door. Saras asks Kalika to leave and taunts her. Kalika asks him about Kumud. Kalika says I came here to thank you. Saras says it was my responsibility to bring her home. Kalika says Budhidhan is calling you and leaves. Saras asks Kumud to leave and not to worry as he will take care of everything. Kalika sees Kumud leaving from Saras’s room and is shocked. Kalika smiles seeing something fishy.
Kumud asks Pramad are you not yet ready. Pramad says dad gave this party for your sister, you have fun with her. He says I hate people who come in the party to eat free food. Kumud asks him to come for sometime as his parents would feel good. Kumud asks him tell me what will you wear. Pramad scolds Kumud and taunts her saying Saraswatichandra’s name. She says I will give the answers to all your questions today after the party. Pramad says really. Kumud says yes. He says am I lucky to know your truth. He laughs, Kumud leaves.

Everyone come in the party. Budhidhan likes the arrangements and says there is somethins missing but we cannot do anything about Pramad. How will you bring him. Saras says he will come. Budhidhan says we will see. Saras asks Alak and Inkesh to dance. Alak scolds Inkesh. Saras takes Inkesh’s side. Alak says do you know dancing, Kusum would look good to dance with you, she is very charming girl. Saras gets tensed. Pramad’s mum asks about Kumud. Kalika says I will go and call her. Kumud is praying to the Lord and asks for help and blessings. Kalika comes to her and says Pramad’s mum is calling you. Kumud says Pramad is getting ready, we will come together. Kalika says he won’t come, don’t have any hope.

Kalika turns and sees Pramad ready in the clothes which Kumud selected for him. Kumud smiles. Kalika is shocked. Kumud says shall we. Pramad says lets go. Pramad’s mum likes Kusum and compliments her. Kusum says I need to make a call. Pramad’s mum shows her the phone. Kusum comes towards Saras.

Kalika taunts Kumud saying maybe you left something behind and shows her a Kamarbandh. Kusum and Kumud are shocked. Everyone looks on.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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