Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi tells Gopi that Radhika told her about her mannat last night. Kokila asks Urvashi to stop it. Urvashi tells that she won’t let Gopi splash water on Jaggi’s happiness. Kokila keeps Gopi’s hand on her head and asks her to promise that she won’t interfere in Jaggi’s life again and she will have nothing to do with Radhika, Jaggi or Urvashi. She says if you think of yourself as my daughter, and if you have accepted me as your mum, then you will not interfere in their affairs and will not questions anything regarding Jaggi’s marriage. She asks her to come. Jaggi comes to Urvashi and says mom…Urvashi asks didn’t you see what she has done? Jaggi says whatever you have done was wrong. Why did you slap her? Urvashi asks if Gopi is right? Radhika smirks.

Vidya tells Shravan that they are caught in her conspiracy and Chanda is making Meera agreeing to her demands. Shravan says I will keep eye on her. He looks at the boxes and asks what is it? Vidya says Dadi sent it for Jaggi and Radhika’s wedding. She says Kokila has invited us, and we have to go there. Meera comes and says she brought gift for them, when she went to bring gift for Dharam on his birthday. Shravan says he forgot about his birthday. Meera says she is thinking to throw party for him.

Gopi thinks about Kokila’s promise and is stressed. Jaggi comes there and apologizes to Gopi on Urvashi’s behalf. Gopi says she is not feeling bad about the slap, but she is feeling bad as she couldn’t prove Radhika’s truth. She says that girl was chosen by me, but she is bad and doesn’t love you. Jaggi says you know well that she doesn’t love me, and tells that in India, marriage happen first, followed by love. Gopi says that girl is not right, and she will ruin your life. Jaggi asks why you are so concerned about me. What is our relation? Do you love me. Gopi is shocked. Jaggi tells that his life is like black and white and whatever color comes in his life is chosen by her, and it really don’t matter to him now. Gopi is shocked and thinks about his words.

Shravan brings coffee for Dharam. Dharam asks where is Meera? Shravan says Meera was busy so I brought it. He says we can talk too. Dharam says day is running fast while taking care of business and Chanda. Shravan says I hope Chanda’s delivery happens soon and everything gets fine. Dharam takes a sip and asks him to add sugar next time, laughs.

Sona comes to Kokila asking him to have food else she will sit there itself. Kokila agrees to eat food. Sona says I will bring water, Gopi comes and gives water glass. She asks Sona to go, and says she has to talk to Kokila. Sona leaves. Gopi is about to begin talking, but Kokila stops her and asks her to pack her stuff now itself. Gopi asks why? Kokila says we are going to stay in Urmila’s chawl house. Gopi asks why? Kokila says I can’t see you getting insulted by Urvashi. Gopi says why we shall leave our house. Kokila says how dare Urvashi to slap you. She says you are my daughter, and I can’t bear your insult and that’s why decided to leave the house. Gopi says matter is not about insult, but about right and wrong. Kokila says she has decided and her decision is final.

Meera and Vidya make arrangements for Dharam’s birthday celebrations. Meera shows gift to Vidya and says she will gift this to him. Vidya says it is good. Meera hopes that her babies are born soon.

Gopi tells Kokila that she has always stood by her and showed the right path being her supporter/saarthi. She asks why you are not listening to me. Kokila says Urvashi doesn’t leave a chance to insult you, and Jaggi is not believing you. Why do you think that I am not guiding you, and tells that she doesn’t want her to be part of Jaggi’s wedding and says he is not a kid. Gopi asks if Jaggi was your son, wouldn’t you make his life well. He compares Jaggi with Ahem, and says he has done so much for us, and we have humanity relation with him. Kokila gets angry and says my Ahem would never do such wrong if he was alive. She says I can’t bear my Gopi’s insult and will leave house tomorrow, it is upto you if you want to come with me or not. Gopi looks on.

Kokila comes to the storeroom and someone kidnaps her.

Gopi tells Urmila that Kokila is not in the house. Kokila is kept captive in the storeroom.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This show will always be interesting.

  2. Chithu

    Kokila who always encouraged Gopi to face the obstacles is telling her to run away to chawl. What Urvashi did is wrong but kokila must prove her wrong and help Jaggi to escape from clutches of Radhika.
    Kokila was saying my Ahem will never do such thing wt abt the 10 years when Gopi was in jail, he had spend with Manasi. How can she justify that.

  3. Chithu

    Kokila has put Gopi in dilemma. But what she is doing is completely right. Even if she doesn’t love Jaggi but has best interest for him, she has not forget what Jaggi has done for her n her family. But for Jaggi Modi bhavan would have been gone from their hands. I just want Gopi to expose Radhika and save Jaggi.

  4. Great

  5. Great I can not see that stupid meera more

  6. Rahul dholakia

    If for baby today Chandra is blackmailing her then HD only knows what will happen in future

  7. Rahul dholakia

    I heard that Tanya is leaving the show is this true?

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Raina,Priyanka SP,Mahi,Chanu,
    KP .
    Friends today 2 more friends joined our group today Fiza &KP . Now we are 25 members group friends ?? great. I hope this Sunshine group Family grow more &more .
    I dont understand why makers are not turning Jaggi into Ahem As per news even after leap Jaggi wont turn into ahem he wl be Jaggi only . And even kokila dont care for Jaggi like Ahem and there is no relationship btw kokila&Jaggi like Ahem&Kokila used to have . So I guess He is Jaggi only and we dont knw is real ahem is dead or not . Friends I think if makers wont turn Jaggi into ahem or wont bring real ahem back then there may be more decrease in trps .

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    As SNS fans like Gohem jodi more than Jaggi&Gopi so I think everyone one wants to come Ahem’s character back . As there is no need abt Ahem’s mystery thatsy there may be decrease in trps wt say friends.

    1. Chithu

      Yes Siddarth we all like to c Gohem. We can clearly see that even when Jaggi I a look alike of Ahem, Gopi only loves Ahem. It would definitely boost trps if Jaggi is indeed Ahem and the situation which forced him to become Jaggi.

  10. I’m like the youngest watcher of saathiya I been watching this show ever since it started and my grandmother used to watch as well (she dead now rip)but I’m 13 I was like addicted when it first came on

  11. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show double trouble for Gopi as she is stuck in Radhika’s plan.

    Radhika is smart enough to execute her plsn smartly and traps Gopi in it.

    Radhika and Mangesh were planning to steal away Kanha ji’s idol from Modi bhavan.

    Gopi turns obstacle in her path thus Radhika kidnaps Kokila to threaten Gopi and asks her to make the theft easy for them.

    Gopi to choose amid Jaggi and Kokila

    Not only this Radhika even endangers Jaggi’s life by making him wear shervani with electric wires.

    Radhika warms to kill Jaggi and Kokila if she will not help and support them, Gopi is under dual trouble.

    Let’s see what will Gopi save Jaggi or Kokila and how, will Radhika manages to escape.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Can I join the sunshine group

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Of course Rani welcome to Sunshine group ??.

  12. End this serial plz.What stupid drama.

    1. Then why are you here calling it stupid!??

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Well said Rani??.

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Saba wr u Nandini wt happened Raina rithika mahi plz comment.

    1. Hi sunshines,Boss,Pali,Nandhini, Sowmya,Isaaq,Akshay,Shakaib,arvinds,Sasha,Sheeba,Chithu,Ashu,Rani,Fiza and al SNS family.sorry for my ausence I have guest in my house and I watch SNS but no time to comment.

  14. How many times does kokila get kidnapped- blo*dy writers I think there brains are kokila

  15. Hii all sunshiners! Sorry for the late comment sid…i missed the episode and i just saw the written updates now…so in dharam’s birthday party chanda will demand meera to divorce dharam…sid they are dragging this radhika’s track out of stupidity…and there is nowhere they are showing jaggi’s or ahem’s mystery! Hello jaggi! Do you have any brains?? Gopi is telling you not to marry Radhika! And she is a fraud! Why are you not listening to gopi and blabering unnecessary dialogues to her????
    Koki is right! Jaggi and ahem are not same…ahem wont let this happen in his life once gopi alerts him…ahem is smart but jaggi is a fool.(emotional helpless fool)..its unbelievable even after gopi getting too many insults, jaggi is not doing anything to find truth about radhika or stopping his marriage…he just wants to make gopi jealous and confess her love for him.

    1. Shakaib

      Jaggi will not marry radhika even then. Nandhini. Gopi will be bride of jaggi. I’ve see it.

  16. Sathiya is nice serial it’s good

  17. In upcoming episode I think. Gopi become dulan by urmila plans and iwhile in the mirrage in the placeof radhika gopi sit in mantap and do mirrage with jagi

  18. Can I join the sunshine group

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Of course Arvind s welcome to Sunshine group ?.

  19. Why people always kidnap kokila, WHY????????

    kokila is so unlucky to have a daughter in law like that which makes her kidnap all the time! 🙁

  20. u r ryt sid, v wud all like 2 see gohem 2grther .jaggi track s little boring,nd guyz do u know who kidnapped kokila in last episode????????

    1. Chithu

      Radhika might have kidnapped Kokila. So that she can do whatever she wants without Gopi interrupting. Gopi never wants kokila to b hurt, Radhika will try to keep kokila hidden till the Marriage day

  21. Hello can I also join in sunshine group…to be ur family…..? …?

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Why not welcome to Sunshine group Ashu.

      1. Thank u siddarth

    2. Shakaib

      You’re welcome.

    3. Ashu welcome to sunshines group and all new sunshines.Coment every day to make SNS family happy and please 100 comments please.

  22. Pls welcome me too.. i cant understand y gopi n meera has to suffer so much…?

    1. Shakaib

      You are too welcome in our group.

  23. Shakaib

    Hi sunshiners,I’m back. Exams are over. Guys we know that jaggi is his nick name.Guys I guess a name for
    Jaswinder and gopi=Gowinder. As they are to be pairing in sns. And what I’ve heard, gopi’s lost son. Really shocking. Waiting for it!

  24. Boss(Siddarth)

    Ashu,Arvind S and Ann simona u 3 members are welcome to Sunshine group. ?.

  25. Boss and SNS family I really miss all of u.This episode is good I tink Jaggi needs find out radhika tru.Shakaib how is your exams? I hop u do very well and I pray to all sunshines Ho do exams be good.

  26. Sunshines friends I am very happy because SNS family have more peoples .I hop new sunshines comment every day ok?GOD bless all sunshines and member I love all of u.

  27. dharam and meera is good pair they look very nice , fantastci couple…pls dont break the relation.when dharam will get to know about chanda..
    iam seeing this serial from day one onwards, big fan of this serial

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