Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 13)

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Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 13)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

At Gadodia’s house.,

Sanky and Lucky were playing games on their respective mobzis with sitting on couch in hall while having some snacks..,

But Sanky’s concentration was not in the game, his eyes were engaged in searching someone here and there..,

Lucky while playing game asked Sanky..,

Lucky : hey dude where are you..?? You are going to lose hunnn…??

Sanky : I’ll not at all allow you for this..!!

Lucky : But I can clearly perceive that winner of this game will be me only..!!

Sanky : let’s see then..!!

With saying this Sanky leave to search for Swara and make involve himself in game only..,

But just then they both heard voice which was coming from entrance..,

Person : Shonaa….!!!

Both looks towards door and after noticing person again make themselves engulf in their game without giving any heed to that person..,

After not getting any response, that person come towards Lucky and asked him while roaming eyes all around..,

Person : Lucky where is Swara..??

Lucky while playing game..

Lucky : hmmm……..

Person : arey I’m talking to you..!!

Lucky with still eyes on his mobzi’s screen..

Lucky : hunnnn….????

After noticing Lucky’s ignoring behavior that person gets despondent and snatch mobzi from Lucky’s hands..,

Lucky (angry) : What the….!!

Person : Now tell me where is Swara..??

Lucky : Ragini what’s this yaar give me my mobzi back..

Ragini : Answer my question first…!!

Whereas Sanky was enjoying front scenario and giggles mischievously while playing game..,

Lucky (frustrated) : arrgghhhh…. She must be somewhere in house only, don’t irritate me now..,

With saying this he took his mobzi forcibly from Ragini’s hands..,

Ragini : Ouch….

Lucky : Better think before mess with me..,

Ragini : I’ll see you later…

With saying this Ragini starts to call Swara by her name while moving in whole house..,

Whereas Lucky replied back to Ragini from behind..

Lucky : But I’m not at all interested to meet you again…!!


Swara’s bedroom..,

Ragini come to Swara’s bedroom with searching and calling her by her name..,

And she gets confused while seeing front view..,

Ragini noticed that, Swara was trying to wrapping saari on above her dress with watching video from her mobzi..,

And she captured the fact also that, with every failure attempt Swara’s disappointment look was growing more and more..,

Ragini came towards Swara..,

And she asked Swara while keeping her hands on her waist..

Ragini (confused mind) : Swara what are you doing with this saari..??

Whereas Swara who was more engrossed in her work only became startled by seeing Ragini so sudden in front of her..,

And immediately Swara starts to remove saari after noticing Ragini’s intense and doubtful gaze on her..,

Swara (chocked voice) : Raaag..Raaaggsss…..you…you..here…???

With asking this Swara tries to hide saari at her behind by her hands..,

Whereas Ragini gets more curious about all due to this kind of response from Swara and she said while coming behind to Swara..,

Ragini : Swara why are you hiding this saari from me..,

But Swara immediately turned and face Ragini from front..,

Swara (nervous tone) : hmmm..sarrr…ssssaaarrriii…nnnooo..Nothing..it’s nnnoottt like thatttt…

Whereas Ragini tried for snatching saari from Swara’s hands..,

Ragini : let me see then…

And finally Ragini caught Saari from Swara’s hands and starts to run in whole bedroom with holding saari in her hands..,

Whereas Swara was also tries for chasing Ragini and getting saari back from her hands..,

Swara (while panting with running) : Rags give me saari back….

Ragini with still running and watching saari carefully, said that..,

Ragini : Ohh wow Swara how beautiful saari is this…!! But according to my awareness Mishthi aunty don’t wear such a modern saaris na..??

Swara stopped due to tiredness and said,

Swara (frustrated voice): Rags……

Whereas Ragini also discontinued of running after noticing that Swara stopped for chasing her..,

And she asked Swara with still looking saari cleanly..,

Ragini : Swara speak up na, who’s saari is this…?? Oh god..!!! Don’t tell me someone gave you present..!!!

Swara gets blushed after listening ‘PRESENT’ word..,

Ragini noticed Swara’s shyness and came towards her with confused look..,

Ragini (shocked) : omg my friend and that too plastered with blushing..!!! Not bad hunn Swara…!!

Whereas Swara gets more blushed on Ragini’s teasing statement but she shut up Ragini quickly..,

Swara : shut up Rags, I’m not…!!!

Ragini : achchhaa..!!! Then why this fairy cheeks turned to red….???

Swara : Rags don’t tease me anymore yaar..!!!

With saying this Swara took saari back from Ragini’s hands..,

Ragini (curiously) : tell me na Swara….That you and Sanky both are together…hhhmmm I’m damn sure about it Swara, not one more lie now…and moreover I saw him down…now you can’t hide this thing from me…

But just then something strike to Ragini’s mind and her expressions became more shocked after realizing the fact..,

Ragini : omg..!!! I’m such a fool, don’t tell me Swara, that girl is you only na because of whom Sanky is behaving very opposite to his character from 2-3 months….Oh god how can I didn’t get this fact early only…!!!

Whereas Swara hides her face in saari..,

Ragini (more shocked) : ohhh my god..!! Just by hearing his name you are hiding yourself in shyness from your best friend Swara..???

With saying this Ragini make Swara to face her..

Ragini : Swara now today you will have to tell me that from how many days this is going on hunn….???

Swara now understood that she gets caught by Ragini with red hand, so she finally gave up and answered Ragini back..,

Swara : from..fromm…

Swara gets cut off by Ragini..,

Ragini (impatiently) : haan, tell na from…???

But after some couple of secs again something strike to Ragini’s mind and now this time she gets jolt on what she realized..,

Ragini (shocking) : don’t tell me Swara it’s never stopped from that party night..!!!

Whereas Swara hides her prettiest face by her soft palms and nod in slowly with ‘YES’..

Ragini : OMG..!!! Swara you hide this big thing from me until now..,

Swara (disillusion) : Ragini it’s not like that which you are thinking…!!

Ragini (confused) : what does it mean..??

Then Swara starts to tell Ragini each and everything which is happening in between her and Sanky..,

After listening everything from Swara, Ragini conclude that..

Ragini (happy) : arey buddhu..!!! After what you told to me, I can able to get the fact that he likes you very much and don’t worries, he will soon starts love you also more than you do..,

Swara (despair) : Rags how many times, I asked him this question that whether he likes me or not but he always used to answer me in plainly ‘NO’ only….!!!

Ragini hugs Swara after realizing her hopeless feelings and said..,

Ragini : that stupid’s feelings must be alien for him to get to sense and feel quickly, don’t lose hopes soon he will realize everything.

Swara : hope so..!!!

Ragini breaks the hug..,

Ragini : hmm, Swara please will you give me this saari now for to wear, I eagerly wanna know how it will look on me…??

With saying this without waiting for reply back from Swara, Ragini takes saari and starts to go in washroom.

Swara (shocked): hey hello, first I wanna wear it okey and then you can free to try it…!!

With saying this Swara takes saari from Ragini’s hands..,

Ragini (little bit sad) : okey..!!

But just then something strike to swara’s mind and she asked Ragini with shocking face…,

Swara (little bit loudly with excitement) : What you just said Rags..??? That you will wear this saari right now…means..That means…you know how to wear saaari..???omg, when you learn this damn it..And moreover you don’t tell me anything about this hunn…??

With saying this Swara makes pout..,

Ragini : Swara don’t be annoy from me bachcha..!!! Arey dnt you know that now only 2 days before I went to my bua’s house at Mumbai for some family function…

Swara (uninterestingly) : then….

Ragini : then I learnt from my bua that how to wear saari…!!

Swara (pleading) : please Rags, make me wear this saari, I’m trying from 1 hour for it, but you saw na that I’m totally dumb in this…I wanna wear it for Sanky….you don’t know he actually canceled our ice-cream date just for this saari wearing issue…hunn stubborn jerk….!!!

With saying this Swara one more time makes pout but slight bigger than previous..,

Ragini : hmm, I never knew that the college’s most handsome and popular guy who used to enjoyed the chicks in their very short attire, now wants to see you in saari, good progress hunn Swara..!!!

Swara’s pout turns into blushing on the statement of Ragini..,

Swara (innocently) : I don’t know how does it all happen, I didn’t do anything..,

Ragini (smile) : your magic did all this Swara….!!!

Whereas Swara gets more blushed and asked Ragini..

Swara : Rags that’s why I didn’t tell u this thing till now, I very well knew that you will never going to miss the chance to tease me after knowing all…!!

Ragini holds her ears and said..

Ragini : okey baba, sorry I think this much is enough for today…moreover something should be left for other days also na…!!

Swara shakes her head and said..

Swara : Rags you are impossible..!!

Ragini cutely smiled..

Ragini : yup..!!! I know…!!

Swara : okey enough of your praise now and tell me will you help me to wear this saari or not….??

Ragini : of course yes Shonaa..!!! Let’s start the work to make Sanky more crazier for you…!!!


I know this was more than bore, but spare me guys I hardly managed to wrote it due to your insist…!!!

Previous precap will be continuing in next chappy, I’ll try to complete that precap, otherwise you will have to hold your emotions till 29th nov…having xams that’s why asking for this favour..,

Moreover wants to request that, if you are interested and like to, then you can freely ask me any kind of changes or some parts that you want in this story, i would love to add it in story, after all this all is for you only, you should enjoy it…and dnt worry about romance it is passion of my writing I’ll never ever going to stop giving intense and hot romance filled chappies…and if anybody wants raglak with together then glad to inform you that this is on the way and promising that they both will be faster than swasan…!!!

And @Arshaanya don’t worry your sweet demand of making Sanky jealous will get fulfill through Kyle (Swara’s ex).

And once again a big SORRY if I have spoiled your mood due to this much very cheap and yuk writing..!!

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  1. Superb episode…tq for posting n all the best for examz…

    1. Sanswa

      Tysm dear

  2. Ur episodes is never cheap and yuk for us its always awsm and mindblowing …………. BT wait for soo long for favo fiction is disappoint bt no wry we wait

    1. Sanswa

      Thnx dear 4 bearing me, but didn’t u notice I never make u people wait 4 chappies when I was free, when xams will over then I’ll definitely post more n more epiz..?

      1. Ya i knw that’s why missing ur chapter badly…..bt its exams are must and important all the best for that

  3. It’s awasome ff….never say it’s boring or anything…..
    I love this ff….
    Whn u upload nxt part ? 29 nov ?

    1. Sanswa

      Yes, n so many thnx dear

  4. Soujanya


  5. Loved the part.

  6. Manvinahar

    superb chappy!
    wow! yaar i am just loving it.
    please let it not be raglak also because the story should revolve around swasan… please and dont take it wrong…sorry if u feel bad

    1. Sanswa

      I’m swasan biggest fan dear!! I myself will not waste chppies in raglak, fiction is 4 swasan only, don’t worry

      N y will I feel bad in fact glad dat u share ur feelings wid me

      Thnx 4 bearing me dis much

  7. Amazing…… And its not at all boring….

  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Awsm chappy dear.. Loved swaragini bonding.. Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  9. This is not yuck dear.. Infact this is superb.. ?

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    well, i don’t want much about Raglak,…heheheh

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  15. Arshaanya

    Aaaww thanku for considering my request??… n coming to d chappy it was nice… i so want to see jls sanskar want to see him burning in jlsy ??n to rlze dat its not abt lust anymore hez madly n deeply in love wid swara n shud handle her wid care??… dun want raglak only swasan ???

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