Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: A New Enemy In Gehna And Anant’s Lives

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant while still asleep senses sunlight on his face and asks Gehna to cover the curtain. He doesn’t find her and walks to kitchen to find her yawning while preparing tea and supports her when she doesn’t pay attention while yawning. She asks if he needs anything. He says her. She says everyone is waiting for tea and walks out. He gets multiple calls inviting him for job interviews. He thinks why he is getting so many calls when he never applied for any job, finds many mails sent from his email id and thinks if Gehna sent them. He walks to room and seeing Gehna yawning again covers her mouth and asks if she sent his job applications online. She says she applied for his job in Surat and surrounding areas and is sure he will get a lot of interview calls. He asks if she trusts him so much. She says more than herself. He thinks how to inform her that he has a secret mission job and cannot inform her. He asks if she gave up on her sleep and sent job applications whole night. She says she knows that he is worried as he has no job. He asks what about her studies as her college is starting from today, she cannot compromise on her studies and asks her to get ready for college. She agrees.

Gehna gets ready for college and waits for auto. A helmet wearing biker stops his bike. She ignores and walks. He holds her hand. She shouts for help. He removes helmet and reveals he is Krishna and insists to drop her to college. She hesitates. Anant walks in and says Krishna is right, but he will drop her on bike. She asks if he will drive bike today. He says he is tempted seeing a pleasant weather and will drop her to college on bike, thinking Sagar is out and may harm Gehna. Gehna agrees and sits behind him. He drops her to college and says he will stay till her lecture starts and then will go home. Gehna gets excited seeing college environment and says its so lavish, her village school was so small and minimal. She asks him to go now. He says let her class start and then he will leave, gets a call and goes aside. Gehna greets students, one of the girl asks her if the boy is her boyfriend or a new professor. Gehna says he is her husband. Another student informs them that professor Kumar is coming, so they should run away. Professor Kumar gets out of car and seeing a student busy over phone throws it away and scolds them that its a law college and they should follow its rules. Students rush to their classes. Gehna stands nervous. Kumar walks to her and asks what is she doing here. Anant says there was some time left for the lecture, so they stopped here. Kumar asks for what. Anant says actually.. Kumar stops him and asks who is he. Gehna says he is her husband. Kumar asks Anant to drop his wife till college gate and leave. Anant apologizes. Kumar leaves. Anant says he will pick Gehna after her last lecture and walks away. Gehna stands smiling. Kumar notices Gehna still standing and scolds her to get into class right now. She rushes to her classroom. Sagar appears with his usual evil expression face.

After class, Gehna gets into a cab. Anant calls her, and she says he need not worry as she is on the way home. He asks why didn’t she inform him, he would have picked her up. Gehna asks him not to worry as she will reach home soon, notices driver taking a different route and asks him to stop the car. Two goons get into car. Anant senses she is in trouble and rushes out. Gehna pushes a goon away and runs out of car. Goons catch her and drag her towards cab. She resists. Anant reaches and trashes goons brutally. A biker heads towards Anant with a wooden rod. Gehna shouts at Anant to alert him. Kumar reaches on time and rescues Anant bearing the hit. Anant throws wooden rod on biker. Biker leaves his bike and runs away limping. Goon hits Kumar’s head and injures him. Anant catches goon and insists to inform who sent him.

Precap: Sagar calls Anant and threatens to kill whole Desai family on Ganesh Chaturti.

Update Credit to: MA

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