Bigg Boss OTT host Karan Johar pays a tribute to Sidharth Shukla; says, ‘I feel numb, I can’t breathe’

The latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT began with host Karan Johar paying a heartfelt tribute to Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla. Karan got teary-eyed while speaking about Sidharth.

He said, “Sidharth Shukla is such a face, such a name, who has become an important part of our lives. He is a favorite member of Bigg Boss family. He is not only mine but a friend of the uncountable people in the industry. He has left us all. This is something we are still finding hard to believe it. I am numb, I can’t even breathe. Sid is a good son, a great friend, and an amazing guy to be around. His positive vibe and that smile won so many… millions of hearts. His millions of fans are a proof that he was such a popular and lovable person. You shall be missed Sidharth Shukla. We will miss you. You and I, we all need great strength to carry on the show. Even Sid would have want this that the show must go on.”

Karan Johar started the episode after his heartfelt speech. The contestants inside the house were not informed about Sidharth Shukla’s demise.

Karan also shared a pic of Sidharth on his Instagram account and wrote, “I want to always remember your warm smile and your kind heart… Rip dearest Sidharth.”

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