Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Finds Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

NGO lady gets Gehna into an auto and leaves. Paresh showing Gehna’s pic to a man and asks if he saw her. Man says she is going in that auto. Paresh informs Anant that Gehna is going in that auto. Anant notes down auto’s number. Paresh says they should follow auto and take Gehna home at any cost. They follow auto and miss it. Anant asks where did that auto go and who was that woman, Gehna doesn’t know this place or anyone here. Paresh consoles saying god will help Gehna.

Hema breaks things shouting that Gehna got her brother into jail. Chetan confronts her and asks if she has gone mad. She shouts at him that he silently saw her brother going to jail as if he murdered someone and orders him to hire a lawyer and get her brother out of jail. He shouts to get goondagiri out of her blood, she and her whole family are goons, her father provoked him for partition first and then her brother trapped his brother, she trapped him already and if her family troubles his family again, he will scratch her family’s face. Hema continues crying that who will save her Bhaila now. Kanak enters and says she knows who can save Sagar, her Bapuji whose one call can hire 1000s of lawyers who will get Sagar out of jail easily, so she should call her father. She thinks Sagar has to come out of jail or else she may have to go to jail.

NGO lady takes Gehna at her home and says she can rest here till NGO opens tomorrow, she will bring clothes for orphan children till then. She tells that a lady Sapna gets clothes stitched on order and gives them leftover clothes. Gehna says she knows Sapna kaki. Lady says that is really good, she will bring clothes which Gehna can stitch and earn some money. Once lady leaves, Gehna locks door from inside and sits on sofa. She then hears someone knocking door and opens it. A heavily inebriated man walks in looking at her lustfully. She says Mehta kaki brought her home. He asks her to sit, locks door from inside, and sits in front of her staring at her. Anant stops car seeing same auto and informs Paresh. Anant asks auto driver where he left 2 women. Driver asks if he knows those women. Anant says one among them is his wife. Driver informs him address. Baa worriedly calls Paresh and asks if Gehna is found or not. Paresh says they found Gehna’s location and are going there. Baa gets happy.

Gehna feeling tensed thinks why didn’t Mehta aunty come yet. Man sits next to her and starts molesting her. She resists and pushes him away, but he holds her again. She pushes him on floor and trashes him with her bag. Anant reaches location and asks a passerby if he knows an NGO lady. He shows house. They hear Gehna’s voice and Anant fearing for her life breaks the door open and he and Kaka see Gehna trashing man and he pleading to stop. Gehna stops seeing them and rushes to Anant crying but stops reminiscing his bitter words. Anant tells Paresh that he thought he would save Gehna, but things have changed now and Gehna can save herself, people say right that when a person doesn’t get support, he/she becomes her/his own support. He grabs drunkard and asks Kaka to call police. NGO lady returns and asks what happened. Anant says this man tried to misbehave with his wife, now he will hand him over to police. Man says girl is lying, he caught her trying to steal. Lady scolds her husband that she told him to stop drinking, his addiction put him in such a bad condition. She apologizes Gehna on her husband’s behalf and says they can send him to jail and she won’t stop them. Anant says he will call police. Gehna stops him and says a wife cannot see her husband in jail and asks lady to send her husband to rehabilitation. Anant thanks lady for helping Gehna and after picking Gehna’s bag walks out of house with her and Paresh. He then apologizes Gehna and asks to forgive him. She asks him not to. He says he is proud of Gehna Anant Desai and asks her to accompany him to home, opens car door and says everyone are waiting for her at home. Gehna closes door and says she will not return home.

Precap: Gehna tells Anant that when he told that he did a big mistake by marrying her, she shattered, if it was true. He stands silently crying while Gehna walks away.

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