Pandya Store 6th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara gets a lovely surprise

Pandya Store 6th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara saying Gautam will remember our marriage anniversary, I hope he likes my gift. She goes to Gautam and keeps the gift. She hugs him. They smile. She says I got something for you. He says I m getting late for work, did you see my shirt. She reminds him the date. He says come out of your romance now, we have grown up, its ten years of our marriage. She asks him to open the gift. He says I will see later, I have to go to the market. He asks her to fix the button. She refuses. He says give any tshirt from the cupboard. She angrily tears the button. She asks him to fix it himself. She goes.

Shiva works at the shop. He sees Prafulla coming and throws the hot water to trouble her. He sees her wearing Suman’s bangles. He tries to take the bangles. She says leave me. He scares her. He asks her to return the bangles. She runs. He says I will take these bangles one day. Dhara says no one remembers about the day. She asks the man to leave, she doesn’t want any decorations. Suman calls her out. She asks her not to use money in decorations. She gives a gift to Dhara. Dhara happily cries seeing the saree. She asks is this for me. Suman says yes. Dhara takes her blessings. Suman says don’t act now. Dhara says you remembered it. Suman says yes, you entered my house on this day, you didn’t leave till now. She asks Dhara why is she crying, she has snatched her kids and locker keys. Dhara says I don’t want to snatch anything, I have made halwa, do you want to have it. Suman says make me sit on the wheelchair.

Dhara smiles and goes to get halwa. Suman likes the halwa a lot. She says its good, you had put much ghee and dry fruits, carrot is not thread like. She fools Dhara. She asks for water. Dhara goes. Suman eats the halwa. Dhara gets water. She gets a call. She says you called me to congratulate me right. Hardik says no, Dhara you didn’t come home since one month, look at the house, we will clean the house, come today. Dhara says I can’t come, I m busy. Suman jokes and asks her to go. Dhara says fine, I will come. Prafulla says guests are coming. Anita says my marriage broke on this day. Prafulla greets Jagat’s friend Sudarshan. She asks Anita to get water. She praises Anita. Sudarshan says my sons handle the business well, I thought to get married before my son goes to US. Anita asks whose marriage. He says our marriage, I couldn’t refuse to Jagat. Anita slaps him and asks him to get out. He leaves. Anita cries.

Prafulla says I m trying to get you married, I m finding rich alliances, you slap everyone and make them leave. Anita scolds her. Prafulla says Raavi has made my enemy’s son her prince. She cries. She goes. She sees Dhara on the way and taunts her for ruining Anita’s house. Dhara says Anita had ruined her fate herself, that’s why you are seeing this day. Prafulla says Kanta didn’t invite you, she has to think a lot before calling you in the function, you didn’t get a child till now, Kanta raised my son Shivank since childhood and asked me to send him for studies. She praises her son. Dhara goes home with tears in eyes. She finds the door locked. She knocks the door. The door opens. She gets surprised seeing the lovely decorations. Everyone shouts surprise. She smiles.

Dhara gets a lovely surprise from Gautam. They celebrate their anniversary. Ishq hai….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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