Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Wins Mrs. Surat Competition

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Judge after hearing Gehna’s speech says she is right, they will apologize Hema and not disqualify Gehna. She says Gehna deserves one more chance and asks her to get ready for the dream round. Gehna happily thanks her and everyone claps for her. Kanak gets tensed seeing Gehna’s return. Gehna returns on stage confidently. Anant watching hiding thinks why didn’t she come in her own costume. Gehna ramp walks in same sari. Judge says she insulted them by coming in same dress instead of ramp walk outfit. Gehna says she didn’t insult anyone and doesn’t want any makeup or designer clothes to impress anyone, all participants are beautiful and Mrs Surat; everyone watch 1000 dreams, but woman fulfills 1000 dreams by becoming someone’s mother, wife, daughter, devi maa, inspiration, etc., and she feels all women present here should be proud of their own form. Everyone clap for her. Another judge says she came here in her original avatar, what is her dream. Hema says Gehna herself is a dream which they never thought would become a reality; she used to insult Gehna always, but when she was insulted, she realized Gehna’s pain; she came in front of a speeding car, but Gehna saved her and brought her here in front of everyone; Gehna’s heart is very beautiful and thanks Gehna. Everyone clap again. Anant watching them feels pain. Midget woman removes her heels and says she doesn’t need them to show her height and is perfect the way she is. Everyone clap again. A domestic violence victim woman shows her scarred face and says she is happy the way she is. All contestants except Kanak and Radhika ramp walk with Gehna while everyone clap loudly for them. Anant thinks whether Gehna gets Mrs. Surat crown or not, she won already for him. Host says let’s give some time to judges to finalize the results and asks to keep on guessing who is the winner.

Kanak asks Radhika who will win. Radhika says she doesn’t care who wins, her trophy is Anant who is not present here. Kanak thinks she will be winner. Judges discuss if Radhika, Mansi, or Kanak should be winner. Baa tells family that she is happy that her 3 bahus made her proud. Bapuji says time has changed and their bahus are moving forward with confidence with their support, Anant would have been proud of Gehna if he was present here. Gehna hopes Anant would have been present here and thinks where he is.

Host returns and announces that first runner up is Mrs. Radhika and second runner up is Mrs. Mansi. Radhika walks on stage and thanks everyone. Kanak thinks dobi duffer is not even a runner up and thinks poor Anant, hoping she is the winner. Tia and Pankaj eagerly waits for winner announcement. Host announces that the winner is Mrs. Desai. Pankaj says Kanak Desai. Kanak happily walks in front but stops shocked when host announces Mrs. Gehna Desai. Everyone happily clap for Gehna. Gehna emotionally thinks she fulfilled Anant’s dream. Judge praises Gehna that she is an inspiration for everyone and clearly distinguished between right and wrong, so she deserves Mrs. Surat crown. Gehna thanks her. Judge honors her with sash and crown and congratulates her. Another judge offers her 20 lakhs cheque and congratulates her. Gehna thinks where is Anant, his dream won. Host asks Gehna how is she feeling after becoming Mrs. Surat. Gehna says she already told that everyone are beautiful here and Mrs. Surat, her biggest victor is to participate in competition; without her Baa, Bapuji, and her husband’s support, the win wouldn’t have happened; this crown is her husband’s dream. Host asks where is her husband. She says he is somewhere here, but she cannot see him.

She notices Anant, but then guard drags him. She shouts Anant ji. Everyone are shocked to see injured Anant. Kanak fumes thinking even Anant escaped from Sagar’s grip and thinks Sagar is useless, she should throw Sagar in sagar/ocean. Gehna drops her price cheque and runs towards Anant. Awoge Jab Tum O Sajna…song..plays in the background. Anant congratulates her and falls down unconscious. Family rushes towards Anant worried and try to wake him up. Gehna asks how is he injured, he should open eyes and see her wearing crown. Sapan checks him. Baa asks to sprinle water on him. Radhika gets water bottle. Gehna takes it from her and sprinkles water on his face. Baa asks Sapan what happened to him. Sapan says his condition is very critical and family carries him towards hospital.

Precap: Gehna tells family that she will go to temple and perform nirjala vrat till Anant opens eyes. Kanak tells Radhika that their common enemy is Gehna and they together should get her out of their way. Gehna walks out of house, and a man follows her hiding.

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  1. Can this Sagar drama stop already! Its exhausting

    1. I totally agree. I want to see Gehna becoming a solicitor and running her own practice.
      Fighting for women’s rights etc.
      There are so many things they can show except this same repeat and rinse Sagar nonsense.

      Sagar is the biggest and dumbest villain! Imagine Gehna saved your sister from suicide, because everyone including Kanak made fun of her but yet you are obeying Kanak and trying to harm Gehna

  2. niceandgood

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