Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaurya and Ahir’s heated argument

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 2nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahir says the way you spoke to her, I m thinking about your position, you have a problem that she is not in your campus, this is none of your business, whom she meets, where she goes, you better think of yourself, you blamed a responsible police officer, who are you trying to impress, cool down your money power. Shaurya asks what about your position. Ahir says you didn’t see the power till now, don’t force me to show it. Shaurya gets angry and asks what will you do, I m standing here. Anokhi says please stop fighting. Shaurya leaves. Ahir gets upset.

Devi asks are you happy in your life, you could be happy, you need to make a little try, tell me, do you want to become Mrs. Shaurya Saberwal. Shagun thinks. Ahir says sorry. Anokhi says this happened because of me, maybe he gets angry seeing me. Ahir asks why did he get you back, any way, I forgot I m hungry. She asks shall we go home. He says fine, but I m hungry. She says fine, we will try the soup. Shaurya thinks of Ahir’s words. Shaan and Alok come. They ask about fest preparations. Shaurya says I m fine. Shaan says I don’t think you are fine. Shaurya argues in anger.

Anokhi thinks of Shaurya’s words. She thinks what happens to him seeing Ahir. Shaurya says yes, I have some stress of work. Alok says Anmol’s dad won’t sponsor the fest this time. Shaan thinks its not the right time to talk to you. Ahir asks Anokhi about the fest. She says a lot of things happen. She tells him about the fest. She says we made the fest team, and PS…. He asks what. Shaan and Alok say we got the venue at discount. Shaurya says give me details of it. Shaan says we will sort our everything, don’t worry, just keep your cool. Ahir asks what’s PS. Anokhi says committee made me fest head. He says congrats. She likes the soup. He asks her to try the desserts. She says I m done. She sees some flowers fallen there. She takes the bouquet and says its beautiful flowers. Waiter says maybe someone forgot, you keep it if you like. Anokhi says yellow flowers are my fav. Ahir says amazing.

Shaan says you answered my call in one ring, you could have called me. She says I was near the phone. He says you broke my heart, come in the holi event at SIAC, I don’t care for anyone. She says don’t create awkward situation for me. He says they will meet my GF. She says I m not your GF. He says you can do what you want, come here as Anokhi’s teachers. She says I don’t think we should do something like that, Shaurya’s mood will get spoiled. He says I promise to see you from far, you can see me and your son also, will you come, I will be glad.

Devi says not everyone gets a second chance in life, you got it, don’t lose it, maybe someone else wins this chance. Shagun asks does he love someone else. Devi says no, he will get married, I don’t want him to love someone and marry someone else. She shows the ring and says just you have the right on this ring, don’t you think the relation should complete. Shagun turns away. Devi says I understood. Shaan says Shaurya told the qualities of Shagun, not Anokhi. Aastha says I have strong feelings of Shaurya and Anokhi, they like each other a lot, what people say doesn’t get true. He says then pray its not true. Devi goes to throw the ring. Shagun stops her. Shaurya and Anokhi are in the campus. Anokhi says PS got these flowers, who, why would he get flowers, I shouldn’t run my mind much. She collides with Shaurya. The flowers fall. She stops the people from stepping on the flowers. She picks the flowers. He thinks how did she get these flowers, why is she worried for flowers. Jo tera hovega….plays… He gives her the flowers. She goes. He says how strange, flowers reached the right place on own. He smiles.

Shaurya calls and messages Anokhi. Shagun comes in front of his car.

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