Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anant Is In Love!


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Praful and Jamna’s daughter Tia returns home calling Baa, Bapuji, Anant, Gehna. They all get happy seeing her. Kanak fumes thinking let her see what drama Tia will create now. Tia happily meets Gehna first, then Anant, and then parents. Praful introduces her to Kokila and her family. Tia says she is late as she was busy in a project, but reached on time for dandiya raas/dance. Jamna asks where are Heeral, Sapan Kumar, and Tannu. Tia says she left them out and asks Anant to pay taxi fare. Anant goes to bring them. Hema fumes that Tia is taking taxi fare from them. Anant brings Tannu in, who is handicapped. Tannu says she missed them a lot and takes choc from Gehna. Gehna says she remembers her daily. Heeral and Sapan Kumar walk in. Jamna happily hugs Heeral. Praful asks Tannu to meet them also. Tannu meets them and walks to room with Hema’s children. Jamna asks if she reached without any problem. Heeral says her car is old now, so she came in taxi and Tannu had to face problem. Hema comments that she will take a new car from here for sure. Baa says they all came at right time, she had kept chaniya choli in front of Devimaaa and will gift it to one among them. Kanak, Hema, and Heeral think Baa will give it to them, but Baa surpasses them and gives it to Gehna leaving them fuming. Tia says Gehna deserves it. Kanak murmurs that she will get it from Gehna.

Gehna returns to outhouse and tells Gopi Kaka that she got Ambemaa’s chania choli prasad and is preparing garland for Ambemaa’s pooja. Gopi as Ahem calls Gopi kaka and says she is sending him a dress for dandiya function and he should attend the function wearing it. He asks where is he. She says he will meet him directly in function. She disconnects call and sees Anant standing. Anant says he is seeing a person who doesn’t listen to anyone is listening to her with her changed form, this is called love. Gopi says Ahem was her first love, but she is married to Jaggi now and he is her present now. He says he cannot be like her. She says seeing his behavior, she can sense he is in love and asks who is she. He says he feels elated seeing her, environment changes with her arrival, etc. Gehna walks in with lehanga. Gopi gets happy seeing her and says she made the same lehanga exactly as described. They both hope their plan succeeds and Ahem gets back his memory tonight.

Gehna then gets Gopi ready with jewelry and gajra/flowers saying flowers are her best friends and she got them for her. Gopi asks if she gets tired working so hard, even then she keeps smiling, where did she learn it from. Gehna says from these flowers which teach her to spread her love wherever she goes; these flowers will drag Gopi Kaka towards her. Gopi apologizes to Jaggi and thinks she is doing this to reunite a son with his mother. Gehna fixes gajra in Gopi’s hair and says she prepared extra gajra by mistake. Gopi fixes it in her hair and says she is looking pretty.

Praful takes Guruji to dandiya venue. Guruji says seeing the arrangements, he feels Ram ji will arrive here. Praful says its guruji’s blessings. Family enters next. Kanak thinks where is Jagggi as Gopi and Gopi kaka may arrive at any time.

Precap: Ahem gets back his memory during dandiya function. Gopi emotionally runs to him. Jaggi enters and gets disheartened seeing that.

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  1. Man this show just keeps getting better.

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