Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav spills the truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying Kairav is angry, I will talk to him, I have to explain Vansh that Samarth is going to Mumbai. Naira says I will talk to Kairav. She recalls her childhood. She says we should have the same understanding and trust. Kairav and Vansh hug and get sad. Kartik looks on and say they already know. Vansh says I will miss you, I will make you a video call every day, you should have another challenge to be in some group, you will get lonely, Krish will be there. Kairav says I don’t want any challenge, the family is angry about the gun matter. He turns and sees Naira. Naira comes to him. He gets scared. She asks what happened, are you upset with me, why.

She asks Kairav to share everything with her, she will not scold him, she is also his best friend. Vansh says I m feeling hungry and goes. She stops Kairav and asks what happened, you know I get hurt by your annoyance. She cries. Vansh says Kairav should keep the secret, else my dad won’t leave me. He prays. Naira says you can tell me whenever you want. She goes. Kairav stops her and hugs. He says I want to tell the truth about the gun. He tells everything. Naira and Gayu get shocked. Gayu asks what happened to him, control him Naira, your son is going out of hands, he had a gun, they were playing with gun, if anything happened to Akshu or anyone else, why are you silent, say something to him, if you don’t say anything, he will not understand the seriousness. Naira cries. Gayu says love isn’t just pampering, but also scolding on mistake, don’t know what I would do if Vansh was in his place. Naira scolds Kairav. He says sorry. Naira asks what’s happening to you, you have put Akshu’s life in danger twice, you know I have objection with toy gun, why did you get the gun, if anyone died, would you say sorry and get the person back to life. Kartik comes and stops her. He says calm down.

Kairav hugs Kartik. Manish, Suwarna and Dadi come. Kartik says Kairav got scared. Gayu says listen to Naira once, you should know how kids got saved. Naira says Kairav didn’t get the gun from dust bin, he had stolen it. Everyone is shocked. Kartik says he is scared, calm down. Naira says the real gun was loaded. He says we are there to take care of kids. He asks Kairav to calm down. He asks Kairav is Naira saying the truth, why did you do this, it could be dangerous, someone would have lost life, you accept that you did wrong. Manish asks who gave you an idea to play with gun, didn’t your parents teach you. Gayu says everyone has pampered Kairav a lot. Kartik says no Gayu, its not like that. He asks Kairav to go to Vansh and stop crying. Kairav looks at Naira angrily. He goes.

Gayu says Kartik, you should have scolded him, kids should be scared of parents. Suwarna says don’t overreact Gayu. Gayu says everyone has own way to deal with kids, my kids are young, my fear is right. Dadi asks her not to do this biasing. Gayu says you always do the biasing. She asks what if Vansh did this. Dadi says stop this nonsense. Gayu cries and goes. Kartik hugs Naira. Naira says anything could have happened to kids. Kartik says I know, I was scared, I handled myself because Kairav was scared, you should have thought of him. Dadi says Naira is not focussing on Kairav. Manish says Naira scolded him badly, he will be hurt. Suwarna says Naira will handle him. Dadi says poor Kartik. Manish says Kartik knows that he will always be family’s fav. Kairav comes to Vansh. Vansh asks did you get scolded. Kairav says mum said she won’t scold me and then scolded me, she wasn’t like this first, dad saved me. Vansh says leave it, Krish called and asked if we will make a video. Kairav says no. Vansh says we have to make the video, its not risky, I will jump on the mattress, you make the video, its fluffy mattress. They cough by the dust. Kairav says leave it. Vansh asks why, chill now, cool boys aren’t such. Kairav says I don’t like Zo. Vansh says he is cool, I want to become like him, you don’t ditch me in last moment, I m going, get ready. Kairav says no. Vansh says nothing will happen to me. Kartik says trust yourself, you raised Kairav so well, he is sensible. Naira says kids often make mistakes. He says fine, we are there for him. She says our parents were also with us. He says we have to become friends for kids, else we will lose his trust, we won’t behave strict, our future depends on it, we won’t get anything if we get angry, he will just go way from us. He hugs her.

Manish says I didn’t expect this from Naira. Kartik says she was scared. Manish says she didn’t think of Kairav, just you and Naira are right, I will never be right. Kartik says I can’t argue, we will talk later. He goes. Manish says you don’t have time to talk to me. Dadi says we have to find some way to explain them, they aren’t handling kids. Gayu gets water for Naira. She says sorry, I also love kids as you do, I didn’t do any biasing, Akshu was there, so I was scared, if any accident happened, what would have happened, I asked Vansh, he said it was Kairav’s idea, Vansh can’t think of it, he is scared of Samarth, please focus on Kairav, keep him in control, sorry once again. Naira cries.
Everyone does the puja. Vansh says I will do this challenge. Vansh gets hurt. Naira shouts Kartik. They see Vansh hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wow. Gayu played double game first she scolded naira to focus on kairav then she came at last said sorry. Now, everyone is questioning naira’s parenting first they should see how they are pampering kairav if she scolds him then she is wrong if she doesn’t scold him her parenting is wrong. These goenkas are really dual minded people.except kartik everyone is against naira. If she has scolded kairav for stealing the gun she isn’t wrong she has right on her child and if she want she can scold him. I am happy that this time kartik is with naira.

  2. These Goenkas r ridiculous where do they get off questioning Naira like that I’m glad Kartik took her side tho have 2 admit I like Kartik as a parent. Gayu went way too far tho…I mean I get her venting cuz of how she’s treated but wat she told naira was a lil too much…I wonder how she’s gonna react when she finds out this all started with Vansh and Krish and not Kairav….Srsly…

  3. I hate these Goenkas. Always against what is right. They always think whatever they do is ryt.

  4. Gayu is way better than this jealous insecure pathetic cheap naira.. she is the one who has always been jealous of gayu since childhood.. and whatever gayu is doing now is all cz of naira.. she lost everything in her life.. and naira hasn’t lost anything and behaves as if she has suffered a lot.. gayu suffered where she was nit at fault.. and naira did everything on her own.. always she was at fault and behaved as if she is the victim.. but sorry she isn’t a victim she is herself responsible for whatever is happening to her cz she is useless and pathetic

    1. Das

      Are you confused or watching a different show? Right now it’s about parenting a child right. At least Kairav knows what’s is wrong from right, Vansh on the other hand because he did not get corrected is still encouraging to do more . What if they actually make a mistake they cannot reverse . It’s like when they didn’t want the twins arrested after molesting a girl . Spear the rod and spoil the child (google it if you don’t know the meaning )


      In which way do you find gayu right if your watching show youl know that vansh is intrested in all this not kairav. And naira was jealous of gayu when shes a kid but gayu was jealous of naira being with akshara when shes a adult

    3. and for me gayu is right and naira is the most selfish and annoying person who can’t think beyond herself.. And iss ghatiya third class overacting ki dukan make up ka makhan show mei interest hai bhi ni mujhe.. jabse yeh spoilt brat mannerless badtameez kaira aye hai show mei.. the show has lost all it’s charm and has gone down the drain!


      Please watch episode of gayus mom rashmi s remarriage you will know what she did to stop her moms marriage the person whom u call great

    5. and das.. I’m much more educated than your shivangi uff naira and you.. and much more sendible than these two idiots..people generally become mature when they grow.. but these two idiots are becoming more and more immature.. and jahan tak baat parenting ki hai.. koi bhi paremts apne bacho ko galat parvaarish ni deta.. but jh jaisa hota hai vh wahi dusro ko sikhta hai.. similarly naira devi is more interested in involing in others life and becoming mahan rather than focusing on her own life and managing her kids.. so obviously kairav will also learn this only

  5. What is happening in kaira’s lives is actually very normal it happens in reality where people only blame parents and indirectly or directly goenkas are blaming naira. I am glad that kartik is standing with naira. They are saying that naira is not focusing on kairav. If she ask any questions from kairav then she is doubting him if she doesn’t ask she is not focusing on him. What is this? This is reality which happens in our real life.


    Whatever u say for me gayu is most selfish and annoying woman I have ever seen…

    1. I agree with u 👍


    I personally hate gayu naira and kartik…. Among which I hate gayu the most because she wants whole world around her… And naira kartik except too many things from a young child.

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