Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna Sees A Glimpse From Her Past

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohan tells Gehna/Kajal that she is not his mamma. Abhay walks in and asks his sister why did Rohan say Kajal is not his mamma. Rohan shivering in fear says sorry. Abhay pins him to a sofa, repeats his question, and tightly grips his shoulder. Rohan in pain apologizes and says Kajal is his mamma. Gehna tries to rescue Rohan. Abhay pushes her away. She falls on a table hitting her head and sees a glimpse from her past where she notices herself with Anant. Abhay noticing her rushes to her worried. Gehna collapses. Abhay takes her to her room and nurses her injury. Gehna wakes up and calls Rohan. Rohan walks in. Gehna worriedly hugs him and asks if he is fine. Abhay says nothing will happen to him as he got such a wonderful mamma and says he has a planned a surprise outing for them all. Gehna asks why now. He angrily asks should he take her permission first, then calms down. She says she remembers something blur, but soon she will remember everything. Abhay says that means his treatment is working, thinks she shouldn’t remember anything as she is always his wife Kajal and not Gehna.

Anant files Gehna’s missing complaint. Inspector says he came here yesterday citing some woman as his wife and now says his wife is missing. Anant gets angry and says he is repeatedly saying to him that that woman was his wife Gehna, he had admitted her to mental health clinic and when he went there to meet her after a week, she was missing. Inspector asks him to relax and notes down details. Anant thinks where is Gehna. Abhay fixes tracker in Gehna and other family members’ wrists. Gehna says why everyone needs a tracker when they are all together. He says she lost her memory and he was about to lose her yesterday. His mother tells Gehna whatever Abhay is doing is for their safety.

Bapuji opposes Baa’s decision of introducing Anant to a girl for alliance. Baa says she just wants Anant happily married. Anant hearing her says he is already married and if she has problem with him, he will leave this house; she has made a joke out of his marriage. Baa says he has made a joke out of his life. Hema tells Kanak that she wanted to go out and enjoy, but Baa and Anant’s drama ruined her plan. Kanak says let us see whom Baa has selected for Anant as she is the one who will be their next maid. Baa tries her best to convince Anant, but Anant gets adamant. Bapuji suggests Anant to shift back to Singapore as Baa as a concerned mother will continue to worry for his happiness. Baa also asks him to move out and forget them and think his mother is dead as she cannot see him in sorrows. Pankaj and Chetan insist Anant to agree to meet the girl. Anant gets emotional seeing Baa crying and agres to meet the girl. Baa pampers him.

Kanak says let us carry lehanga and get them engaged if he likes the girl and gets energetic and sings Lo Chali Main Apni Dewar Ki Barat leke. Baa reminds her that she is pregnant. Chetan asks Bapuji to come along with Baa and others in one car while he, Pankaj, and Anant will reach in another car. Bapuji asks him to inform Baa as she takes the decisions now a days. They all 3 visit temple on the way. Abhay heads towards a resort with family when Gehna notices a temple and insists Abhay to take her there. Abhay agrees on his mother’s insistence. Gehna walks into temple.

Precap: Abhay scolds waiter when he drops juice on Gehna. Gehna heads towards washroom, and Abhay insists to accompany her.
Gehna asks him not to embarrass her in a public place and let her go alone as he can track her via a tracking device. Anant notices them.

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  1. The stupidity of the Desai family especially Baa just wow.

  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    So I was wondering why Abhay is abusive towards his son and not his daughter ?? …and why is his mother pampering all his nonsense and abuse towards his son… and now towards Gehna ?? 🤔 …doesn’t she know that she will serve time for aiding and abetting a crime ?? 😐
    Anyways…am glad that Anant is still trying to find out the truth about Gehna amidst that mad family’s ‘discussions’ about his next wedding 🙄😒 …N that Baa is just so two faced and rotten to the core 😡 (no explanation necessary…smh)
    I really hope once this madness is resolved…that Anant and Gehna move out of that blighted house and far away from those corrupted women 😒
    I also hope Bapuji decides to divorce elephant woman and take his two jackass boy children with him 🙄 …far away from their two -🐍🐍’ssss
    Precap: Exactly how did that nut job qualify to become a doctor ?? 🤔
    Tracking device 😐 seriously… 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

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