Pandya Store 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara hides with the baby

Pandya Store 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady saying I will drop you home. Dhara says I don’t want to go there. The lady says don’t worry, I will call the police, did your family do anything with you. Dhara runs. The lady calls the police and says I just saw Dhara here. Dhara goes to the temple and gets the baby. She goes to the tea stall and asks for some milk for the baby. She says you can take my ring if you want. The man says no. He gives the milk. The man says Gautam is finding Dhara, I saw him drinking. Kaka says shut up. The man says I don’t understand, Dev is not here, Shiva is jailed. Kaka gets angry and asks him to leave. He says we have to get the goods soon. Prafulla is on the way. Dhara feeds the milk to the baby. Police looks for her. Prafulla turns to see Dhara. Dhara worries. She goes away.

Hardik comes to the store and asks Kaka about everyone. Kaka says Gautam has gone to find Dhara, Suman is unwell, she is at Kanta’s house, Shiva is in lockup, don’t call Dev, he went to get the goods, he will come here without goods if you call him. Hardik asks how did this happen. Kaka says I just know that Anita is responsible for all this. He tells everything to Hardik. He says Prafulla and her family did this. Hardik says I will not leave Anita. He goes. He comes to meet Anita. She acts mad. He says you will die now, why did you do this with Dhara. She says Dhara is my friend, I can never harm her, you kill me. He says stop acting, you can’t fool me, you will get punished. She says kill me, but I didn’t do anything, Rishita and the doctor were involved. Prafulla comes home and gets shocked. Anita acts to faint.

Dhara hides in the store. Prafulla asks Hardik to leave from her house. She hugs Anita. She says you are a sensible guy, you go and find everyone. He leaves. Anita asks Prafulla to leave her now. Shiva sees little Raavi coming to blame him. She says you are still the same. He says I did a mistake to change myself, get lost from here. He sits crying. He recalls his childhood moment with Raavi. He takes Raavi with him. He hears Suman talking to Jagat on call. Jagat says I have the bangles with me, I will give you the bangles. FB ends. Customer comes to ask for til laddoos. Kaka says yes, its there. He recalls Dhara getting the laddoos containers. Kaka goes to get the container. He steps on Dhara’s leg. Dhara controls her scream. The baby starts crying. Kaka comes to check.

Prafulla plays the dhol and says my daughters have ruined the house, Anita ruined Dhara’s motherhood dream and Raavi got Shiva arrested. Suman begs inspector to free her son.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oguntoyinbo Feyisayo

    I think Anita should be locked up too

  2. Please enough of this nonsense.. Let shiva and ravi dev and rishita reconcile.. We are bored with Anita and Dhara nonsense

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