Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th April 2021 Written Episode Update: A Shocking Surprise For Anant

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant calls Gehna and informs that Radhika’s car broke down and she didn’t reach exam center yet. He asks her to leave that place immediately as she is already late for her exam, asks about Radhika. Gehna gives phone to Radhika. Radhika says car broke down and there is not a single auto around, she will try to start car again. She acts as trying to start car, but acts as if it’s not starting. Gehna tries and starts car. Radhika acts that she was trying her best to start, maybe its engine was hot, so it didn’t start. Anant reaches there in a bike. Gehna gets happy seeing him. Radhika says good he came, her car broke down midway to Gehna’s exam center. Anant says he needs to drop Gehna to exam center as she is already late, he will send a mechanic for Radhika’s car. He asks Gehna to hold him tightly as he will drive bike fast. Radhika fumes seeing that. She returns home reminiscing Gehna holding Anant tightly. Kanak walks to her and says she should be happy that Gehna cannot give exam now. Radhika says Gehna is way ahead in love exam, she feels Gehna doubts her that she purposefully made her late for exam, what if she informs Anant. Kanak shows her video of Gehna proposing Anant and he rejecting her proposal and says they will use Gehna’s honesty into her loss; Anant and Gehna must have reached exam hall and must have been kicked out.

Anant and Gehna reach exam center and rush to exam hall. Examiner says she cannot give exam as she is already 1 hour late. Gehna pleads that her car broke down, so she is late. Anant gets Radhika’s call and informs her that examiner is not allowing Gehna to write exam as she is late. Examiner denies again. Radhika gets happy hearing that. Kanak says Gehna’s first exam is gone. Gehna continues pleading examiner to let her write exam. Examiner says half of the exam’s time has finished, can she write exam in remaining half time. Gehna says she doesn’t know that but she wants to give exam. Examiner allows her to give the exam and she sits for exam praying to god for help. Kanak enjoys juice with Radhika and says even if Gehna writes exam, she cannot finish her exam; when Kanak Desai attacks , Gehna will lose for sure and will separate from Anant soon. Examiner asks students to return their papers as its time up. Gehna requests for some more time and he just walks away. Anant waiting for her goes to check. She finishes paper and gives to examiner. Examiner says he cannot break rule and accept her paper. She says its a question of her life. He says no. She looks at Anant. Anant asks examiner if he knows her name and roll number. Examiner says he doesn’t know both. Anant mixes up Gehna’s paper with other students’ papers and runs away with Gehna. Examiner runs behind saying this is cheating. Anant rushes to parking lot and drives Gehna away.

Back home, Anant informs family what he did. Tia says she didn’t know he is so naughty. Bapuji says its good to be naughty. Baa asks Gehna if she wrote all long answers in the paper. Bapuji says right and precise answers matter and not long ones. Gehna says Anant taught her really well and she wrote exam well. Kanak and Radhika stand jealous hearing that. Gehna offers sweets to Kanak saying she increased her determination to study and because of her only she won Mrs. Surat contest. She then confronts Radhika that she thought Kanak is boosting her morales, but Radhika is 2 steps ahead of Kanak. She then changes topic and thanks Radhika for taking her to exam center and tries to feed Kanak. Kanak holds her hand and says she should eat sweets first. Hema noticing that force feeds Kanak and Radhika. Radhika stops Hema. Hiral says its a double celebration as Gehna wrote her exam and Anant got a new job. Anant informs that his boss has invited whole family for party tonight, boss gave job without interview and invited whole family for party without knowing them. Paresh says there is nothing surprising in it as Anant is very good. Anant says interviewer told boss is very kind and considers his colleagues as family. Bapuji says youngsters should go. Chetan says they may get a chance to become celebrities. Anant asks Radhika to accompany them. Gehna says family is invited, so only they should go. Radhika thinks Gehna doesn’t consider her as family, she doesn’t know that a big surprise is waiting for her.

Gehna walks down ready for party. Baa says she is looking beautiful. Anant opens door hearing door bell. Driver informs that boss sent a car for them. Anant tells Baa and Bapuji that they will leave now and leaves with Gehna, Chetan, Pankaj, Kanak, and Hema. Driver stops car outside Radhika’s house. Anant asks why did he stop car here. Driver says this is boss’s house. Anant thinks what is all this. Hema gets excited seeing such a lavish mansion. Radhika’s husband Vinit Virani walks down to them and introduces himself to them. He then introduces Radhika as his better half, his wife. They are all shocked to see Radhika. Vinit asks why are they shocked seeing his wife, he is lucky to have a beautiful and intelligent wife like Radhika. Gehna introduces herself as Anant’s wife – Gehna Desai and says this is her family. Anant introduces himself next. Boss makes them sit. He gets a call and goes aside. Gehna asks Radhika why didn’t she inform that her company gave job to Anant. Radhika says even she didn’t know or else she would have informed them; they shouldn’t hesitate though. Pankaj says they are fine and tells Anant that Radhika won a lottery by marrying a rich man, though he is old. Chetan taunts Anant that his ex became his boss. Pankaj says Chetan is joking. Vinit returns. Anant starts chatting with him. Kanak messages Radhika if she wrote all the script. Radhika replies Gehna will get a big shock. Hema notices their faces. Hema thinks Radhika lied that she didn’t know about Vinit being the one who gave job to Anant, something is wrong. She asks Radhika where is the washroom. Radhika tells the location.

Precap: Gehna accompanies Radhika and Kanak to bring desserts. Kanak cross legs her and makes her fall on a photoframe and it breaks. Vinit insults Gehna.

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  1. Anant should open his eyes to the cunning nature of Radika,she is worse than kanak,A friendly for is more deadly

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