Imlie 17th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Malini Takes A Stance For Herself

Imlie 17th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie walks to Adi with kadha/herbal decoction. He says he doesn’t want to have it and shouts at her not to trouble him. She says as he wishes. He says his wish doesn’t matter to anyone, he has given application in office to shift to Mumbai, but the right solution is to inform Malini everything which she will not let him do; he cannot see her suffer and cannot suffer himself, so he will shift to Mumbai. She cannot go away from Malini. He says he also cannot hide truth from Malini. She says she wants him to be with Malini as even after doing right thing in life, she cannot sleep peacefully. He says that’s because her decision is wrong. She says she cannot give pain to Malini and requests him repeatedly to have kadha. He sips and says its very bitter, so he will not have it. She says its not bitter than his words. He sips some more and takes medicine from her hands. Malini returns and says finally he took medicine. He asks why did she come so early. She says she thought her husband needs her, but good someone is taking care of him. She asks how is he now. He says he is fine. She says medicine will cure anyone and asks why didn’t he take medicine in the morning. He says he didn’t feel then. She angrily asks Imlie why is she still standing here, she should also learn manners along with studies not to interfere between couples. Imlie nervously says sorry. Adi hopes she doesn’t speak so rudely to her students as her behavior reminds him of Delhi high society ladies.

Mithi performs pooja for Imlie. Inebriated Prakash walks in. Mithi says she prepared ladus for him. He says how couldn’t he come when she kept pooja for Imlie. Mithi says she prayed for Imlie’s studies and her husband’s support whole life. Prakash laughs. Mithi realizes he is inebriated and scolds him. He says he drank to forget something. She insists to tell what is bothering him. He asks to think about her daughter and SIL and not bother about him. She makes him sit and says she knows he doesn’t like Adi, but Adi is a good man. He says Adi is a betrayer. She insists to tell if Imlie is fine. He reveals that Adi has 2 wives and he kept the woman he loved at home as wife and not Imlie.

Malini feels guilty for speaking rudely with Imlie and prays god that since childhood she saw her parents fighting, so she married her best friend thinking they will trust each other and be together forever; everything was fine till 7 years, but now Adi doesn’t even want to talk to her properly; the way she misbehaved with Adi and Imlie, there is not difference between her and her mother; how is mom at fault and how is she at fault; if she continues having a doubt like her mom, she cannot love her husband; she wants to spend life with Adi, her marriage will not be like her parents’, she will also change if Adi has changed and will fight for her love and marriage. She continues pouring her heart out.

Prakash tells Mithi that he cannot see Imlie in pain and didn’t want to inform her about it. She pushes him away and confronts god that she didn’t listen to a mother’s plea and cries pouring her heart out. At home, Imlie gets ready for college and practices how to introduce herself to teachers and students and how she will confront raggers in college. Tripathi family seeing her drama laugh that she is so funny. Aparna says practicing is good. Imlie says she is nervous as she is going to city’s one of best college. Tauji says et us practice and teaches Imlie how to behave in college. Adi walks down and informs that he is going to office and will drop Imlie to college on the way. Dhruv offers his car keys. Adi walks out asking Imlie to come out soon as they are getting late. Family wishes her all the best. Adi scolds Imlie that she is getting late, makes her sit in front seat next to him and offers his watch to check time. She says its his watch and she will feel like sharing his time with her.

Malini walks to them and seeing Imlie wearing Adi’s watch questions her. Adi says he gave her to check time and asks Malini why did she get ready so early while she has classes in the afternoon. Malini says its Imlie’s first day at college and she thought of helping her, so she will drive car to college while he can go to his work. He says he already informed that he will be late at work as he has important work. She says its good that he realized that there is something important that his work. Adi thinks why Malini is behaving different today and asks Malini to come and sit. Malini walks to Imlie and says she is sitting in her seat. Imlie apologizes and sit in back seat. Malini sits next to Adi and thinks she tried her best to garner Adi’s attention and is ready to be inspired by mom for that. They reach college. Adi asks Imlie to call him if she needs anything. Mallini says why will she call him when she is there for her. Adi says he will leave now. Imlie drops her bag and Malini helps her pick it. She notices sindhoor in Imlie’s hairline and asks why did she apply it again today. Imlie nervously says she feels god’s blessings with her when she applies it. Malini says she need not worry as students come her eand she should clean it before any student jokes on her. Imlie hesitates. Malini insists. Adi says let her keep it if she wants to. Malini forcefully cleans Imlie’s hairline irking Adi and walks in. Imlie takes out sindhoor bottle from her bag and applies it back on her hairline.

Precap: Students rag Imlie and puor water on her head.
Malini scolds students. Students notice sindhoor in Imlie’s hairline and ask who married at 18-19 years. Malini scolds Imlie for disobeying her.

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  1. Really good Malini you are taking stand for yourself but going by your mother’s way is not a good 🀦🀦🀦 You should have learnt from your mother’s mistakes and confront right person instead of venting out your frustrations on imlie. It seems just like your mother you want your man to cater to your whims and forced to be with you but not ready to accept the truth that your relationship is not working it’s over he is no longer in love with you. Anu should have left dev than making each other miserable. Anu wasted her life with Dev hopefully you will realise soon and leave Aditya and find someone worthy of your love and Take a leap of faith with him instead of marrying your best friend just because he will always be with you.

  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Firstly, Imlie needs to get some advice on city school ethics… it is not the laid back ways of village school so she needs some guidelines…

    Secondly, Aditya… again, you need to give Imlie some space… her wrongdoings are encouraged by your blind love…

    Thirdly, Malini needs to take a deep breath and realize that Imlie still has the ways of her villagers… shouting at her is not the solution… if you sit down and talk, rationally, then this would be a lot better than hurting someone’s feelings…

    Finally, we all need to realize that Imlie is still young and yes she will eventually learn from her mistakes, but hurling insults at innocence is a sin… so please, let’s be careful in selecting what we want to say and how we say it, as I’m sure most of us are adults on this forum and would not like our own children, brothers, sisters or any one in our family to be insulted like what is being done here… no offense is intended, but for once I would like to read “constructive criticism” and not insulting comments…

    From my understanding, writers may have to alter their original scripts as per viewer feedback and some of us may not like the outcome of their storyline…

    Stay safe people, covid is still rampant… remember to wear a mask, wash hands often and practice social distancing… πŸ˜·πŸ‘ Life is a gift given to very special people πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’š

  3. emilie is fighting for her sindoor but not for her husband Malini will fight for her pati but not for her self-esteem 😩 i just want adi and emlie together.

    1. Abe yaar ye kya ’emilie-emilie’ laga rakha hai? πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Simple sa word ‘imlie’ bhi nahi likhna aata tumko? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Aur ye kya roz Erica ke naam se pahuch jate ho? 😜 Hum jaante hai ki tum ‘Lalou’ naam k koi “Lalaji” ho. β€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Email ID bhi nhi badli bechare ne. 😜 Bhai tu ek naam use nahi kr sakta kya? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Anyway hum tumse to smart hi hai, hume pata hai tum kon ho. πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

  4. If Malini follows Anu’s ways,she is bound to lose Aditya as he not love her and can only tolerate that much,moreso he is ready to tell her the truth but for Imlie’s restraint on him.You can’t force Love but you can earn it.imlie earn hers but Malini is trying to force hers.

    1. That’s the thing he never loved her to start with if you watched it from the beginning she proposed marriage because they have been friends anoche went along with it

  5. How can a man get away with marrying at his own whims and then abandoning at his further whim. What was Malini’s fault ? If he was already married , why did he marry Malini ? At that time he hated Imli and now he doesn’t want Malini.. what kind of Social message is this serial giving out. Such injustice to an innocent Malini for no fault of hers

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s exactly my thoughts.

    2. thats why I stopped watching it..

    3. You should not be looking at serials for messaging just take them as they are….entertainment.

    4. True… The story title says Imile but it’s potraying both women in bad light cause it’s no one fault. Imlie gave up her rights the day she knew her husband was marrying Malini. Imlie is cheating with Malini husband n that adi is acting like a wimp the whole current story is on a promise… Get a life both are cheating poor Malini….

  6. What a fantastic episode! Malini finally showing true Anu-type colours, admits, unless I mis-heard, that her marriage was from a good friendship not really love, treats poor Imlie like a servant as her mother does, and Aditya trying hard to cope with everything. What will poor Meethi do now? She should storm up to Tripathi house and give Aditya a good slap in front of the family and Malini. I loved the way Imlie put her sindoor back after Malini wiped it off! Dev is still being stupid, allows Anu to get away with smashing the phone, but if he admitted Imlie is his daughter it would give strength to the blood relationship and Anu would not be able to say anything. I tolerated Malini before, but now I am beginning to hate her spiteful character. Looking forward to fireworks in the next episode or two, hope it all comes out now and I am not disappointed again. Imlie must wise up and get her own rights as a wife, she must see now that being soft on Malini is not doing her any favours.

  7. This malini deserve more than she is facing now such a low, selfish greedy woman she is nothing but a green snake am with adi for letting such a senseless woman who only think of herself

    1. Such a low, selfish, greedy, pathetic, shameless, blind, foolish woman Aminaaa!!! Great, you described yourself very well Amina

  8. Bravo malini, enough of being kind n sweet, am glad she took the stand for herself,

    1. She is forcing herself on a man who never loved her

  9. but according malini adi use to love what’s her fault if adi mistook so called friendship as love

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    1. Well said thank you and weldone for all you do

  11. The latest Instagram posts from both Mayuri and Gashmeer are sooo cute. How they pose together!! They look lovely as a couple, very refreshing and jolly. As for on screen drama, I don’t care bcos this is just some fictious drama, let them show whatever bullshit they want. For me, it’s always #AdinNi. They both look very mature and beautiful together. (Though I know Gashmeer is married). Imlie and Aditya (or Sumbul and Gashmeer) really are a mismatch. I mean, they look awful as a couple. A grown up matured handsome man with that silly village kid. A terrible couple by the makers for sure! More like siblings. As I said, I don’t care what the hell Aditya and Imlie do onscreen anymore, it just doesn’t matter. A stupid tribal monkey can’t snatch the place of an innocent kind beauty in real life, LOL. Mayuri is the prettiest, and best actress. I must say that #AdiNi moments before the marriage were cutest. And for those, who don’t know about it, Gashmeer and Sumbul have unfollowed (maybe even blocked) each other. The fans are getting very stressed and frustrated over it. Me? I sit there sniggering and enjoying the irritation and suffering of these die-hard Adilie fans who hated and abused Mayuri’s character to the core. You know what? These fans were even accusing Mayuri for bullying a “kid” Sumbul off-screen. LOL. I never heard a more ridiculous thing. Anyway, enough of this. I loved, and will always love Mayuri and Gashmeer’s cute jodi.

    1. Agree πŸ‘

    2. You are a little cruel, the actors are only doing their job. Comparing a more mature plain actress like the one who plays Malini to a pretty young girl like Sumbul is very mean. How can you call someone a monkey? All humans are descended from monkeys so why use it as an insult when obviously you are one too, as we all are? If you want to maturely and fairly criticise their acting ability or something that is one thing any drama graduate might accept, but going for their throats because of the way they look or compare as an imaginary couple is very childish. Shame on you.

    3. Silwni, mind your own business. Who are you to tell me what I should write? And if you don’t know, let me clear it you, that I was calling ‘Imlie’ a monkey, based on her behavior, antics etc. Not Sumbul. Okay? You be a ‘drama-graduate’ or ‘IPS officer’ or ‘scientist’ or whatever, that doesn’t matter to any of us. Stop treating yourself like the wisest person here who has the rights to bully anyone who you don’t like. How can you call anyone cruel, or mean? Are you really senseless, that you are picking fights with random persons on this forum without even trying to understand what they actually mean to say. I said Mayuri is the best actress, so that’s my own personal opinion which you shouldn’t have any problem with. Did I insult Sumbul? No. I never mentioned Sumbul’s looks. Only Imlie’s stupid behavior. You really should go and see a psychiatrist because your behavior here is pathetic. Sumul is not a kid, she’s 17, and if she decided to join a daily soap, she must be ready to face the criticism too. What is your problem? Nonsense woman.

  12. Sati. Maharaj

    Nonsense Imliya you goal is not to get an education .All you are doing is provoking Malini this sindoor stuff .going into her bedroom wearing Adi’s watch it’s as if you want the Truth to be known but don’t want to look like a villain. You are one snake .Aditya you are a Skunk wicked to your heart .Shameless.

    1. @sati maharaj exactly…dis imli is more wicked n cunning dan our imagination.. thank god malini is showing dis despo girl her real place nwπŸ™„πŸ™„.. so proud of u malini.. nw u wl understand why ur mom became like dis.. dat characterless dev made anu so rude.. hw painful it wud b fr anu to knw dat her husband slept wid a random village lady n produced a monkey like daughter who is spoiling her daughter’s life nw..😏😏 i hope there is no real place called pagdandiya otherwise no woman wl ever let her husband go there🀣🀣

  13. N lol dis ganwar adi treats malini so badly every single day, bt wen malini scolded his so called bechari imli fr a valid reason tripathiji ko mirchi lag gyi🀣🀣 unhe delhi ki high society ladies yaad aa gyiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. Mr ganwar tripathiji, u dont deserve high society delhi lady, its ur inferiority complex dat u face in front of smart women like malini,her mom n other smart ladies.. u like imli becoz she is inferior to u n u can control her.. so better dont giv lecture to malini.. if u behave rudely its fine n if malini behaves like dat she becomes high society lady.. waah wat a logicπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. This is only a fictionalized story showcasing the fight for recognition from a girl with a rural background.And all the actors are doing a good job. OK. Now what happened to Nishant’s illness? He was shown as having some severe health issue. And that daughter of the house….whose husband left her….Something more on that track could be interesting. These aspects will prompt Aditya probably to decide something concrete. If all the characters in the show are utilized properly, then, the show will become more interesting.

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