Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant’s Good News To Family

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna walks to Anant and asks him to wake up as there is a good news for him.
He wakes up and asks what happened. She says she has a good news for him. He receives Radhika’s message that she made a mistake by staying at his house not realizing that Gehna might not like her presence there and showed her anger towards her at last, so she is leaving his house; Anant shouldn’t have saved her and should have let her die, this is her last message to him, etc. Gehna thinks whose message is this that Anant is tensed reading it and asks what happened. He scolds if she woke him up to give this good news, angrily walks to Radhika’s house and rings doorbell. Radhika hearing doorbell asks her fake psychiatrist not to open door as Anant must have come. Psychiatrist opens door and Anant asks who is she. She says she is Radhika’s psychiatrist. Radhika says if her husband Vinit’s torture was not enough that she is bearing pain from his family now. Psychiatrist asks her to bring water and tells Anant that she is having suicidal tendency because her past boyfriend of many years dumped her and married someone else, she married Vinit who is torturing her more and will not leave her easily, so her condition will improve if she stays in a family environment. He says he will take Radhika to his family. Radhika returns and says she will not go with him as she lost everything in her marriage and cannot lose her self-respect. He asks why is she saying this. She asks what if his family questions him about her, he will tell truth and then she won’t be able to face herself, so he should go from here. Anant thinks he cannot believe Gehna asked Radhika to go home without informing him. Radhika smirks.

Kanak asks Gehna if she said anything to Radhika. Gehna says no. Hema supports Gehna and confronts Kanak that Radhika couldn’t dance in this house for long and it’s good she left. Kanak warns to shut up. Hema warns how will she feel if Pankaj brings a stranger woman home. Kanak thinks even Hema opened her account, let her handle Gehna first now. She tells Gehna that Radhika was their guest, Gehna snatched Radhika’s place and forced her to leave this house. Baa enters and says she told Radhika to leave the house. Anant brings Radhika. Baa reminisces taking promise from Radhika to get away from Gehna and Anant’s lives. Bapuji walks in with Paresh and asks Anant what is happening. Anant tells Gehna that he brought Radhika here and if he doesn’t have right to let his friend stay here, if anyone has problem, they should speak to him and not Radhika. Baa says she spoke to Radhika and will speak to even Anant now. Kanak takes Radhika to guest room. Gehna takes Anant with her. Hema tells Gehna that its Radhika’s drama and she shouldn’t let Radhika stay here.

Gehna asks Anant that nobody would have problem with Radhika’s stay here if he informs the reason to everyone. Radhika enters and asks her not to force Anant. Gehna asks not to interfere. Radhika requests again. Gehna says she understands Anant well and Radhika shouldn’t interfere between husband and wife. Radhika tells Anant that she came to stop their fight, he should explain Gehna. Anant says Gehna is right that its husband and wife’s issue and Radhika shouldn’t interfere. Radhika walks away fuming. He asks Gehna if she wants to know what he is hiding, she has right to know, but its not the right time to reveal it; he is sorry for getting angry on her. She says she will not question him again and he can answer her whenever he feels like. She shows her hall ticket and says this is the good news she came to inform him, but he walked away angrily. Anant says he is feeling very happy seeing this hall ticket, they should inform family that she is going to study, he will always support her.

Radhika fumes in front of Kanak that Gehna dared to warn her not to interfere between her and Anant, but Gehna came in between them instead. Kanak says they should drop off their old plan and plan something big to end Anant and Gehna’s relationship.

Gehna smilingly looks at Anant sleeping and helps him when he turns and is about to fall. He opens eyes and looks at her. She shyingly walks away. She then reaches kitchen and seeing Hiral there asks what is she preparing. Hiral says she is preparing Macchiato coffee for her and Radhika, Radhika told even Anant likes it. Gehna thinks of preparing macchiato coffee for even Anant, prepares it and serves it to Anant. Anant gets a call from a company offering him job. Anant says he didn’t apply in their company. Caller says their CEO heard a lot about him and wants him to join them. He informs Gehna about job offer and thinks what if this offer is also fake. He gathers family and informs them about the job offer. Family gets happy. Tia hugs and congratulates him. Anant says he has one more good news, Gehna is studying again and she has her 12th standard exam from tomorrow. Kanak gets jealous hearing that. Baa happily asks why didn’t he inform her before, she wouldn’t have let Gehna do household chores and let her study more. Bapuji suggests Gehna to educate her brain but keep her heart illiterate always. Hema hugs and wishes good luck to Gehna. Kanak comments that Radhika’s entry is lucky for this house, Pankaj got a business loan and Anant got a job offer. Hema says even Gehna will become real lawyer soon and not a fake lawyer like Kanak, she will expose all evil doers. Kanak thinks there won’t be any difference between her and Gehna if Gehna becomes a lawyer, so she will not let her give exam at all.

Precap: Gehna tells Kanak that their dreams are different, so she cannot compete with her. Kanak fumes that she will not let dobi duffer study calmly instead of cooking. Radhika says they should stop Gehna from studying.

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  1. How rude this kanak is? She is not letting Gehna to study even.

  2. Candiva007

    These shows are all messed up by letting the evil get away with everything and the innocent suffer. 🙁

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