Imlie 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Aditya Prefers Going With Imlie Over Malini

Imlie 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie continues speaking to Satyakam over phone and expresses her desire to study well and get a big officer. Satyakam says they both will make Pagdandiya’s name famous, her for her studies and him as rebel Satyakam. She says when she will become an officer, she will clear all his criminal charges. He blesses her and gives phone to Prakash. Prakash congratulates her and asks in which college she is getting her admission. She say City College. He says its a very good college. She says Malini teaches there. Prakash congratulates her and informs Satyakam and Mithi about Imlie going to City College. Satyakam says Adi had informed him about City College. Prakash thinks Imlie will clear all her hurdles and will win her bottles.

Adi while getting ready for office asks Malini to bring Imlie’s college admission form tonight. Malini says she knows he doesn’t like Imlie joining her college. He says when Imlie can come 2nd studying in a village school, college doesn’t matter to her and he is sure she will study well. Malini requests him to take her out in the evening. He says he is busy with work. She says they were spending more time together before marriage. He reminisces Imlie’s words to behave well with Malini and agrees. She gets happy and thinks she will not ask anything to him which will irk him again. He walks down where Imie greets him good morning. She replies and asks if she changed her hairstyle for getting admission in college. She says she is hiding her sindhoor hairline. He asks her to hide it. She says he gave her a gift and she will keep it hidden. Kids pass by and joke on her. She runs behind them. Adi holds her and says she is looking very beautiful. She feels nervous. He looks at her hairline and says they will face issues together and walks away, leaving her smiling.

Adi reaches office and asks colleague if sir didn’t come to office. Colleague informs that boss is busy in a meeting as a small village girl came 2nd in board exams. Adi thinks he should cover Imlie’s story. Boss asks Janendra to cover Imlie’s story. Adi walks in and says he will cover Imlie’s story. Baa sasy he already gave it to Janendra and anyways senior reporter is not needed to cover a small story. Adi says story may not need him, but he needs this story. Boss says he should cover big stories. Adi says this is big story for him. Boss excuses staff and asks Adi why is he getting adamant. Adi says only he understands Imlie’s journey and can write it better, so he had promised Imlie to interview her when she does something big. Boss reminds that he promised even Malini. Adi says he will not break anyone’s trust and whatever is happening with him now is out of his control, he should trust him and let him cover this story. Boss asks what if he doesn’t permit him. Adi says he will resign. Boss asks not to blackmail him as he knows this newspaper cannot lose him. Adi says he is his mentor and should trust him. Boss agrees. Janedra confronts boss for giving his story to Adi. Boss says he will give him another story or he can assist Adi. Janendra thinks Adi didn’t help him get out of Pagdandiya and is now snatching away his opportunity.

Dev with Daadi watches news highlight about Imlie’s interview and tells her that Imlie let behind all city students and schools. Daadi says Imlie made us proud and proved that color and place doesn’t matter. Dev feels sad that he is not a part of Imlie’s success. Daadi says he wasn’t part of Imlie’s past, but can be a part of her presence by becoming her well wisher if not father.

Malini happily gets ready for an outing with Adi and thinks they will clear their differences and rekindle their romance. Imlie walks in and says she is looking pretty like a heroine. Malini says she wants just Adi to look at him, they will go out, chat a lot, and romance like before; she is excited and nervous. Imlie thinks Malini says happy after so many days, she is not feeling jealous of her. Malini asks what is she thinking. Imlie applies her kala tika/black dot. Adi returns. Malini says she is ready. He says he cannot go out with her in the evening as he got important work. She asks what is it. He says Imlie is famous now after coming 2nd in state and everyone is waiting for a press conference with her, so he is taking her interview from Bhaskar Times. Imlie says he should go out with Malini. Adi insists. Imlie says someone else from his office can cover the story. Adi insists that only he will take her interview and asks her to get ready. Malini confronts him they had to go on a date and some junior reporter can cover Imlie’s interview as she came 2nd and not first. He says its important and gives her a long explanation that Imlie’s world is different where girls are not let to study further and are considered a 2nd class citizen; there is no one better than Imlie in this world, so only he can interview her. Malini asks why is he explaining it in detail, even she wants Imlie’s story to be out, she is questioning why is he not taking her out when he promised her; they would have spent time together after so much happened between them, but he is more worried for Imlie. Adi says Imlie would get alone without him, he is sure she would confidently face problems, but cannot do it alone and he wants to assure her that he is always with her.

Imlie walks to her room and asks Seetya Maiya that why should Malini didi get sad because of her. Malini walks in and asks why is she getting sad because of her; there is no happiness written in their fate; Imlie is getting today more than she deserves and she instead is losing what she has. Imlie feels sad. Malini says Imlie deserves happiness, etc., and gives her sari to wear during interview. Imlie denies. Malini insists to keep it as her name is written on it.

Precap: During interview, Imlie’s hairline is shown. Reporters ask if she is married. Imlie agrees. Tripathi family is shocked to know that.

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  1. I don’t understand why she gave Imlie the saree she had on like 2 mins ago.. I guess CVs thought it would show how ‘selfless’ she was, but honestly, it was just weird. If she wanted to give Imlie something, I’m sure she had other sarees that were just as nice. Seemed petty.

  2. I know … the logic behind it was very weird. I guess it’s their attempt to completely whitewash the character of Malini … unfortunately it doesn’t work. This makes her even more pathetic.

  3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    😍 Sumbul is a very beautiful young woman 💖💙💛💝💜💚💗

    I believe their truth will come out now… not what I expected but it was long overdue… the breeze can blow either way now… Wife number 1… or wife number 2… If wife number 1 is chosen then Aditya will most certainly be looking at jail time…
    either way its a lose/lose situation for Aditya… like the saying goes… Oh what a tangled web we weave for those we wish to deceive… let’s see how you get out of this now Aditya Kumar Tripathi… 😣

  4. why does imlie keep chanting seeta maiya’ s name does she even know sita’ s story. If she knew it she would have never accepted adithya as her husband. sita was a brave, confident, courageous and self respected woman. She never returned to ayodhya after the people blamed her. She was an example of true bravery , power and confidence unlike bechari imli who has no self esteem. If you don’t know the story of sita search it in Google. She was an ideal woman.

    1. You’re right @Telly, Imlie has no self esteem, She’s all behind her “GOD”-like husband. The God who treated her like shit. This makes Imlie’s character really pathetic. Some people say that Malini has no self-respect that she’s always apologizing to Aditya and going behind him even after being ignored. Well, for Malini, Aditya is her husband and she has all rights to question him or do anything she wants. She’s not aware of Imlie’s cheat, right? In fact, her apologizing to him is so minor compared to what your Imlie is doing. How do you all ignore Imlie’s zero self respect? She literally worships a man who treated her so unkindly. Tell me, how will you explain this? Should a woman be like this? Imlie’s story isn’t really inspirational or motivational. She’s sick for Aditya, romance and marriage, nothing else. All dreams and ambitions forgotten. Atleast Malini will leave Aditya after knowing the truth of his cheat, divorce him and move on in life. From Imlie’s thoughts its clear that she’s never going to move on, she’ll always worship Aditya whatever he does. She’s so superstitious. She was expected to move on from the dumb cultures of her society but she’s promoting them more. It is the truth.

    2. *She literally worships a man who treated her so unkindly, AND ‘married another woman in front of her’. Tis ain’t a small thing.’

  5. How sweet of malini, even when she is heartbroken n sad she came to cheer up that imlie, imlie should think whether she is doing right by betraying malini

  6. soo sweet of Malini that she gave imlie the saree which she was wearing moments ago out of all designer sarees from overflowing wardrobe really sweet of her to give sweaty saree.

    1. Imlie got it too happily,

  7. Neutral viewers support is for malini, and I can see many viewers supporting malini and bashing adi n imlie for what they are doing to malini

    1. True. We (people who bash Adilie) are not ‘bhakts’ of Malini or blind haters of Adilie. We are neutral viewers who can see the truth and write it. It can’t be denied that Aditya and Imlie’s acts are getting pathetic day by day. Whatever is happening in the show is seriously unfair.

    2. Exactly.

  8. Rene Fernandez

    Very silly from now on !!! Nobody is allowed to have 2 wives in India !!! Even staying silent about the other marriage is no longer acceptable and we are getting fed up with the dragging yarns . It is time for Aditya to inform his family and especially Malini that he does not love Malini and had been forced to marry Imlie when he was not in love with Imlie and now he is love with Imlie he does not love Malini and hence should see divorce from Malini as he should not be allowed to cheat and fool her anymore . He should also see the forgiveness of his own family members for not telling them of his so called forced marriage to Imlie and that he loves only Imlie and not Malini anymore

  9. One thing I wanna ask from you all, are Imlie and Malini the toys of Aditya that he is openly being given the opportunity to romance with them both, and then choose whoever he likes more. Tell me, are they his toys? Does only Aditya’s happiness matters? Does Malini have no emotions? Who gave him a right to play with two women and break their trust for his own benefit? Tell me, are women the puppets of men, that first they an marry anyone and if they don’t find her attractive, they go, cheat her, and romance with another secretly to satisfy their romantic thirst, throw the first like a tissue and still make out that the man is “bechara”, Imlie is openly encouraging Aditya, she doesn’t deserve to be felt sorry for. It’s such a cheap mentality that the men get to be happy, do whatever they want, but the woman should suffer. He can tell Malini the truth clearly, but he is torturing her and keeping her hanging. Has he become so cruel+mean bcs of this “true love”. Well then, these “true loves” are dangerous. Loving one doesn’t mean giving pain to the other. He doesn’t deserve to be called a hero.

    1. People are worshipping adi like god, just because of gushmeer

    2. Tara my dear these women are being portrayed as puppets to be used by Aditya. He is the one pulling the string. What a shame where is the family values? why make a serial that portrays women so negatively as being weak and enslaved to a man ?this is modern India come on as a westerner looking in this is what am seeing. Feels like women still has not found their independence ,they are still willing to fight for a man who disrespects them .Adi has disrespected both Imlie and Malini .He love himself ,he is a selfish Bastard knowing that they are sisters yet engaging in this scandalous act with Imliya. he sucks

    3. I think the same Aditya and imlie don’t deserve to be called the lead. Please star plus stop this telecast .if u have no option then play some nice song at that time .daily shows are a part of people who watch them.dont waist their time and stop torturing them.

  10. Ha ha.. when imli is happy wid second hand husband then she must b happy wid second hand saree..😂😂 she deserves dat.🤣🤣 thank god malini gave her saree koi aur hoti to is despo ki nautanki dekh ke sandal deti 😂😂😂 so called topper..🤣🤣 nt even knws to pronounce simple words n became😂😂

    1. Lmaoo 😂

  11. right @priya Singh your comments are always wonderful 👍🏻👍🏻

    1. @telly 🤗🤗

  12. Malini giving her saree kinda looks weird, but it doesn’t seem like pathetic to me.

  13. I just dont like one thing ..first be in a relationship with someone for years..marry her..promise her to never betray her…then suddenly start loving someone else and then say..main jo aaj feel kar raha hu voh phele kabhi kiya hi nahi….voh pyaar nahi tha pyaar hai…😑😑😑..

  14. Bislove(Roshni)

    My only question is can imilie and Adi lives happilyif Malini divorce him,can imilie will be able to forgive herself and know truth about her father, can she be able to live freely in Tripathy house cos some will hate her now and some will like her,can she be able to face her sister after snatch her sis right and love???? cos I don’t know how Adi gonna explain this after romance two blood sister,I know imilie will be disturb wen she finds out that Malini is her blood sister and she have been there for Adi for seven years

    1. @bislove adi n imli both r shameless n heartless.. d way they r torturing malini is pathetic.. once malini wl knw d truth she wl sacrifice her love n marriage fr dis heartless girl.. then karma wl pay them back.. wen adi wl knw d real side of selfish imli n he wl also leave her.. dis is d story according to bengali version.. at last after a leap of 6 yrs just becoz show’s name is imli, they wl reunite both characterless adi n imli n poor malini wl die..

  15. Imlie is just a 19 yrs old girl. From small village she has self esteem but she is also very vulnerable as since childhood she has been insulted as Nazayaz and her mother having child out of wedlock not having so called sindoor so how much she is progressive that empty maang of her mother has deep impact on her upbringing. Just as Malini is insecure and vulnerable because of her parents legitimate yet disfunctional marriage so is Imlie for being Nazayaz. Both sisters are suffering due to their parents mistakes.

    1. True Ashle

  16. चंचला राम

    फालतू सिरीयल आहे
    कायद्याची चाड नाही स्टार प्लस ला
    इमली डबल ढोलकी आहे एकीकडे मालिनी दिदी बाबत सहानुभूती दाखवते पण प्रत्यक्ष ती आदित्य ला मालिनी पासून वेगळे करत आहे तिच्या बद्दल सहानुभूती मिळवून

  17. 19 yrs ki hai tab home breaker ban gyi🙄🙄 aur bari hogi to kya kya karegi..kis angle se logo ko victim lagti hai,maa ne galti ki n she is d result.. why playing victim card alwys.. tripathis r her servants,adi her puppet, dev alwys behind her doing haaye beti haaye beti😂, satyakam n prakash her slaves still she is a victim.. lol😅😅

    1. Don’t you realise how bitter you sound? Yes, Imlie is at fault but you can’t tell things however you want and add emojis so that it doesn’t sound as bad. Imlie ka antics are very frustrating and I can’t wait for the truth to come out and both Adi and Imlie to be punished badly. But I also know my limits and wouldn’t call someone her slave. If she has done bad things in life, she has also done good things. Until now, she has always taken a stand for her mother against that nakli nani. She studied hard to get a scholarship and yes, she cannot pronounce English words properly. But I think she must have taken her exams in hindi. You are allowed to do that. She does have a huge heart and does not stand for any teasing done to a woman. Despite all this, I know I cannot like her because she is flawed. But I don’t hate her.
      Also, She does not play the victim card. Others play it for her. Poor village girl, bin baap ki beti etc etc. Imlie does not even think about her dad for her to play that card. And haan, in my opinion, if Imlie has played that card, Malini has also been playing that card for the past few times. Ever since Adi left for Pagdandiya. Leaving snide comments, complaining in front of family etc etc. Yes, she is justified but don’t think that excuses her actions. I don’t even want to talk about Adi cos I have no idea what the hell he is doing.
      Aur haan, now don’t be like ye imlie bhakt h or something else etc etc. I told you what I felt about your comment because I did not think it was justified to exaggerate about someone just because you don’t like them. It was my honest opinion and I hope you understand that

    2. @sitara thanks fr ur suggestion dear bt no thanks..i dont sugarcoat words.. i prefer calling spade a spade.. if shameless makers r free to show any shit n celebrate adultery on d name of true love😏😏 then i m also free to share my thoughts.. m nt here to make anyone happy.. i dont like writing paragraphs fr hrs,so just write wat i feel.. i dont even watch dis show🙄🙄 just come here to see hw low d makers n characters can stoop😏😏 i hate this show to d core,bt it doesnt mean i hate imli fans.. they hav equal rights to share their views like i hav.. so i never even target or comment other viewers, i just criticise d show n makers which i wl do till dis show is on air😅😅 i hope m clear nw.. ✌✌

  18. Imlie’s nautanki are what kept her strong all these years, I believe she kept doing nautanki or in some people words monkey acts so she can hide her tears and pain society is cruel and judgemental. Her nautanki don’t let people come close enough to see her vulnerability and bring some laughter in her mother life, otherwise both of them would have crumbled long ago. Reminds me of movie tare zameen par how amir khan gave exp. of tree which dies hearing abuses. I agree with Tripathi house it’s bit excessive but it’s not easy to forgo once nature ingrained since childhood. I think with time she will learn to act with proper manner. Imlie is very intelligent just because she can’t pronounce words properly can not demean her worth. So many people around the world cannot speak English but are equally intelligent in fact in world meets many leaders use translators in that sense imlie has risen above all from being hindi government school. English should not be qualification to judge someone’s intelligence.

  19. Adi’s sister is going through the same pain as malini and imlie had stopped her once from suicide how can they both give the same pain to other

  20. Just notice that in this film the ones you that are supposed to be good are evill and the evill ones suffers from the good ones, take for example Malini’s mom her husband cheated on her and had a child with another woman despite being married and they are still portraying her as the evill one isn’t he supposed to be the villain!!!
    Let’s not even talk about Imlie and adi they are both so wicked
    And adi he is a selfish b*stard

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