Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Gets Emotional

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant disguised as Irani builder takes Kanak to a construction site. Junior artist holds his feet and says he is their god and their house is running because of him. Anant’s moustache falls down. Anant gives him money. Jagadish signals him that his moustache has fallen down. Anant bends to pick his moustache. Kanak walks to him and asks why is he bending. Jagadish says Mr Irani takes construction site’s blessings and sings a song in his mind. Once Kanak’s attention is diverted, Anant refixes his moustache. Kanak gets convinced with Anant’s drama.

At Desai House, Hema passes by munching fruits and seeing Paresh drying clothes asks why is he doing this work alone. Paresh says Anant and Gehna are washing clothes, so he came here to dry clothes. Hema leaves. Jigna returns and seeing other family members sitting scolds them to continue their work. She then sees Hema and calling her bhukkad bhainsni/hungry buffalo asks where she had gone. Hema says she went to help Paresh dry clothes. Jigna says Paresh and Anant were drying clothes, something is wrong and walks towards the balcony area. Gehna sees Paresh drying clothes one on each other and asks how has he dried clothes. Paresh says he did the way he knew. Hema brings Jigna there saying she told her that Paresh is drying clothes alone. Jigna sees Gehna there and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to help Paresh. Jigna yells where is Anant then. Paresh says he is washing clothes. Jigna asks what game are they playing with her, let her see how Anant looks while washing clothes. Gehna loosens rope and clothes fall on Jigna. Jigna yells at them and seeing Anant missing from washing area asks where is he. Anant returns and says he is here and had gone to pick clothes. Kanak returns and rudely asks what is happening here. Paresh says her mom is hungry and is acting weird, she should take her in and feed her.

Kanak takes Jigna in and says her property deal is finalized. Jigna excitedly asks deal amount. Kanak says 10 crores in cash. Anant informs Paresh and Gehna that Kanak demanded 10 crores in cash. Pankaj confronts Kanak and pleads to think about Baa and Bapuji. Kanak says she is most powerful here and her decision is final. Gehna says money and power are not everything. Kanak says money is most important, old Baa and Bapuji need money to buy medicine, her waste husband needs money to run his bakery, bhukkad Hema needs money to buy food, hence money is everything. She walks away. Hema, Chetan, and Hiral blame and yell at Gehna. Kanak messages Gehna that this was just a trailer and picture is still remaining.

Jigna praises Kanak. Kanak says she dreamt of ruling this house with Pankaj. Jigna asks her to stop thinking about Desais, she is feeling hungry. Kanak says she is also feeling hungry and goes out shouting at Desai servants to serve her food. Pankaj waiting outside her room extends his hand and says he came to call her for food. Desai family welcomes her, Baa and Bapuji feed her laddu first, and Hema asks Gehna to serve food to Kanak first. Kanak gets out of her imagination and sees Desai family sitting on floor and enjoying simple food praising Gehna’s cooking. She gets sad and walks away crying. Jigna asks if she had food or not. She says she feels even she needs relationships, Desai family is living in peace even after losing everything and Gehna is being praised even now. She then wipes her tears and says why should she be an emotional fool when Desais mistreated her so badly, she will teach them a lesson and show that money is more important than relationships. Jigna asks what will she do now. She says she will throw a lavish party.

Jagadish over video call asks Anant how will he arrange 10 crores. Anant says he lied to gain Kanak’s confidence and don’t know how to arrange 10 crores. Gehna says they will arrange the money and suggests to give fake notes to Kanak. Jagadish says its very risky as Kanak is very intelligent. Anant says we will have to do this. Jagadish says okay, he will arrange fake notes.

Precap: Kanak’s guest orders Bapuji to bring him alcohol. Bapuji asks if he will insult even his father. Guest pushes Bapuji.
Anant holds him. Kanak slaps guest. Kanak throws alcohol on Gehna.

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  1. Ugly Khanak is most horrible, hoping she will get severe punishment and abandoned from the house and Gehna wont tell family to forgive her

  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    The problem with Kanak is that from day one she believed she was the queen of that house….her ego was inflated because she was smart, pretty and had zero competition against Hema 😁 …. but now that Gehna is the new DIL and is similar in nature to her (except for the smartπŸ™„ just kidding)….and is now being loved by all above her, she cannot stand the fact that all the attention she used to receive from the family has now shifted to Gehna 😐 …..simply put, she is jealous….. and jealously is just a tad away from hatred and destruction….. I am sure if things shifted back in her favor then she would no longer have to be the sly and deceitful person she is now……but then, I could be wrong…….πŸ™„πŸ˜”

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