Perfectly Imperfect me! By Aayu (part 2)

‘What if I didn’t able to return home, what will happen to papa and mumma” she thought while stepping outside the house….

This major thought of leaving, left her in goosebumps….

She turned back and saw her mother’s smiling face..

She smiled at her and step forward in her life..

She climbed the bus and saw some different world inside another world…

‘How many worlds are even there?’ her heart asked..

She grabbed the last window corner seat of the bus and sat there shrugging all her thoughts aside, she wanted herself to feel only one thing herself…

One side she was scared of not returning and one side of learning to feel herself…

Will she able to face herself!?

She closed her eyes and the bus started…

As the bus was moving further her heart and her life was looking forward….

This imagination is very wired, we often try to implement our imagination in our Life, but the bitter truth is it never can be…

{< Imagination and our life has no connection! >

<Make your imagination your dreams, your life will surely catch them>}

Again these two different statements Two different aspects will they can just be together!?

Closed eyes make her remember her of movies, fantasies, fairytale….will her life be that fascinating?

But why she even thinking of she feeling boring?!

We often think to make our Lives interesting, but why can’t we make our Lives the way it is interesting itself in our way…

She wanted peace, she was fed up of listening her friends comments about her, relative’s taunts, cousins teasing session why why no one was able to understand her?!

She just wanted to take rest…

Sometimes taking rest doesn’t mean that we are tired….

So many questions?
So many things to untangled?
So many quests to be solved?..

Mystery of life
Misery of life…
Is Miserly increasing…..

Let’s see what happened next, will she able to find herself, another Riddhima another version of being less bother about others, will she able to understand herself like bunny did in yeh jawani hai deewani? ..

Again filmy you see πŸ₯€


A/N:- How was it? I know it’s confusing as life is…
It will be untangled soon….
Is it boring!?

Do tell your views on it ….

Your perspective and opinions are highly appreciated…(◍‒ᴗ‒◍)✧*。

Have a great day ☘️


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  17. Like I said before, all of this is damn relatable to me coz I’m an introvert myself. Especially the part where it said that imaginations and reality are two different things, it really hit me hard there. Amazing job!

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      I am glad u could relate ☘️✨
      I am really happy that it was able to did tahtπŸ’«
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