Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks if she is engaged to Vivan. She says yes, but it was her past. Vivan asks her to stop lying and says that she called him some days ago and told she is married, but is unhappy with her husband, so she asked me to come here and take her, so he came here in lieu of giving project to Ahem and stayed with them. Ahem reminisces Pari insisting him to let Vivan stay here. Vivan says he did not want to betray such a good family, she is telling truth. Pari asks Vivan to stop ling. She asks Jigar to believe her, but he angrily walks out. She tries to go behind him, but Kokila stops her and says she cannot stay in this house. Pari says until she proves herself innocent in front of Jigar, she will not leave this house.

Jigar locks himself in room. Pari pleads him to open door and listen to her. Vivan on the other side reminisces meeting Radha and she promising him to get back his love. Vivan shakes hand with her and says Pari should not be harmed. Radha says okay and tells her plan. She gives Jigar’s blazer to Vivan and then calls Jigar from another number as a insurance executive. Vivan praises her evil mind. She says she is expert in destroying her enemies.

Pari asks Kokila to listen to her first. Gopi also backs Pari, but Kokila says she will not let her ruin her family and drags her out. Pari says Vivan is telling lie and to believe her. Vivan comes there and asks Kokila to spare Pari. Pari asks him to stop his drama. Vivan smirks. Pari says she was engaged to Vivan earlier, but she loves only Jigar now. Kokila asks her to stop her lies as everyone has seen her hugging Vivan, so she should get out of her house now. She pleads Ahem to listen to her once and says Vivan is a lier. Ahem says she is a lier and hurt his brother. Pari asks Baa how can she hurt her family and pleads Gopi and Hetal to believe her. He says Kokila was right, she has betrayed us. Whenever everyone was against her, she took her side thinking she will bring happiness in her son’s life, but she ruined his life. Jigar wanted to start a new life with her, but she betrayed everyone. She made a mistake by not listening to Kokila. Pari tries to speak, but Hetal asks her to stop and says she wants her to get out of their lives right now. She holds her hand, pushes her out of house, and locks door. Pari requests her to open door and listen to her once. Kokila opens door, throws her suitcase out, and locks door again. She asks everyone to go back to their room and not open door, especially Gopi. Pari asks Gopi to listen to her and says she did not tell her about Vivan and left her because her life was at risk. She hugged Vivan thinking it is Jigar and it was Vivan’s preplan. Gopi silently listens to her, but she is bound by her family. Pari sadly picks her suitcase. Radha waves her from balcony and says she knows how to use right opportunity in her favor.

Kokila sees Gopi still in hall and says because of her, Jigar is in pain again, Pari broke his trust again. Gopi says we should listen to Pari once. Kokila says she will not. Ahem says mom is right.

Precap: Gopi sees Jigar’s blazer between dirty clothes and realizes it had just come dry cleaned. She thinks Pari was telling right.

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  1. hate saathiya

    pari is soooooo butters. i hate her so much as well as radha. i wish she never existed. they couldve ended before rashi died or when the kids grew up

  2. Nonsense show .end these stupid drama.replace it . Very boring one

  3. finally 1 wicket is out:) plsss send the other one also like this out of Modi family very soon :):)

  4. pari plz dont come back we just hate you boring girl u make saathiya thismuch boring plz chali javo modi parivar se dhoori

  5. How dare the Modis to treat Pari like that. She is so nice. I really hope the best villian award goes to Radha. She is the best.

  6. End this Bakwass serial so much shouting every day last yerit was on internet that its going off air till now its going on we beg you end this serial

  7. Too much dragging!!

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