Bandhan 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev calls doctor and says I am not mad. Doctor says you se your wife everywhere? Maybe you are in love with her it happens in love. Dev recalls kajri massaging his head. Dev says this means I love kajri? Bhao places his hand on dev’s shoulder. dev thinks its kajir he holds his hand. bhao says its mu hand not your wife’s. I asked you to do something. Dev says what? bhao says of bank. Sureya says we asked you to do this. Bhao says ask him to change sureya. ganesh is watching them. He recalls dead parbha and bhao’s tattoo.

Dev looks in mirror and says I am in love? doctor said it he must have a reason. Dev patel in love? he laughs. He says how should I propose her? in salman, shahrukh or amir’s style? I will go to her and say kajri I love you. Its final that I have to propose her. Ganesh is listening to him. He says I wanna know which hero she like?

DArpan is working in kitchen. Naraini asks what are you doing? darpan says I am making ice cream for ganesh. would you like to? naraini says yeah sure. darpan is in tears. naraini says why are you upset? Darapn says I miss ai baba they used to caress me like this. Naraini says I will caress you forever. Naraini says milk has boiled now make the ice cream. darpan says it will be ready once the milk is cold. shaku is watching them. Narini says I am coming in a moment. Shaku says you scared me? now see what I do to you.

ganesh is out. He looks at salman’s poster and says I want it. Shopkeeper says you have to dance to get it. Ganesh dances with a rod. Ganesh comes home with poster and places it on bed. DEv comes later. he says shahrukh or salman’s style? he sees the poster. he says salman khan it is. But who bought this poster? kajri? she likes salman khan. Shaku mixes something in the milk. Meethi says you made it? Shaku says darpan is making it for ganesh. He will eat it and we will have fun. Meethi says I am worried because of your brother. I think there is something between him and naraimi. dev take off his shirt to look like salman. Ganesh sees there is no tattoo. Shakua syas are you mad? He is not like that. Meethi says you sure? sahku says yes. DArpan comes in and says what are you doing? I made this for ganesh. shaku says not for us? darpan says no I will share it with you as well. DArpan says taste it and tell me how is it? sahku says I cant eat it. Give it to ganesh first, darpan says taste It please. Shaku says I have throat infection. Darpan says then meethi maa you eat it. Meethi says no how cam I. She says shaku should eat first she is elder. darpan says eat it. shaku says no I cant. darpan says if you don’t eat it I will call ganesh he will force you. shaku says you go I will eat it. darpan says no eat it in front of me. Shaku takes a sip. darpan says its tasty? meethi says she is clever. Meethi takes shaku to her room.

Sureya says to sheetal I have to go to bank and work. I asked dev but he didn’t. Ganesh throws water on him. Sureya says ganesh what you did? Sheetal says he must be in mood to play. Sureya says I was going out ganesh. I like you you take good care of darpan. sheetal brings sureta a shirt he changes it. Ganesh sees no tattoo.

Bhao is in his room. Ganesh comes there and watches his carefully.

Precap-bhai does the pooja. ganesh ses the tattoo.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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