Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kolkila searches Rashi as she has to get the kids ready for school and send them. Rashi walks around Ahem’s room and sees him scolding Jigar for doing a mistake in business. Tolu/molu also hide and watch them and ask Rashi why is bade papa scolding papa. She then turns back and clashes with Gopi and scolds her instead. Gopi then sees Ahem and Jigar coming out of the room angrily and tries to speak to them, but they walk out without talking to them. Ahem comes down and sees Vidya misbehaving with Methi, scolds her and asks her to apologize Meethi. Vidya apologizes. Vidya complains Gopi about Ahem scolding her. Gopi says papa scolded you as you misbehaved with Meethi. She says daadi also scolds Meethi. Gopi says she is elder to her.

Masterji watches the incident and thinks he can get closer to Gopi via Vidya. He brainwashes Vidya that Ahem is not a goody guy. He then thinks again with Vidya he can get closer to Vidya soon.

Kinjal sees Urmila holding curd and asks her to give it some to Pratik. Urmila says it is for her hair and says she would also have bought it if she had sold her husband. Pratik asks her why is she talking to mom like that. She angrily beats and twists Pratik’s hand. Kinjal gets annoyed and takes Pratik inside the room.

Gopi tries to explain Ahem that he should have spoken softly to Jigar. Ahem says some mistakes are unbearable. She says whatever it is, he should not talk rudely to his brother. Masterji watches them fighting and gets happy.

Rashi says Jigar that she knows why is he tensed. Gopi brings tea for them. Rashi scolds Gopi that she and her husband are playing games with them. Jigar tries to interrupt, but Rashi says she will leave him if he interrupts. She sends Gopi out and shuts the door.

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Jigar asks Rashi why did she misbehaved with Gopi. She says she deserved that and says she heard Ahem scolding him. Jigar asks her not to think much and asks if she loves him so much? She hugs him, says yes, and says she has a best idea to relieve his tension and starts massing him. Tolu/Molu watch them and think even they will massage papa. Rashi sees them and asks why did not they go to school. They says they missed school bus. Jigar says now that I am and kids are at home, let us celebrate family day.

Urmila starts chasing pappu/pratik to beat him. Kinjal asks why is she chasing him again. She says pappu added gum in curd and spoilt her hair. Pappu says he did not. Urmila asks kinjal to give her 5000 rs to go to beauty parlour and forcefully takes it from her wallet. Kinjal thinks she should teach her a lesson now.

Urmila reaches Rashi’s home and asks her to accompany her to the beauty parlour as they are giving 50% discount. Rashi says she cannot come as Jigar is at home and asks her to stop cribbing. Urmila then sees Vidya speaking to Pappu over phone and scolds her for spoiling pappu, says she is an illiterate like her mother. Vidya complains about it to Gopi. Gopi asks what did she say to Vidya. Urmila says she told truth and asks her to remember the days when she washed laptop and used to wear village clothes. Gopi she cannot scold kids like that. Urmila says she bought her up and now she is misbehaving with her. Masterji sees Urmila misbehaving with Gopi and tries to throw vase on her, but stops when he sees Rashi there. Rashi says Urmila that she took permission from Jigar. Gopi asks her to come back soon as she has to prepare dinner. Masterji thinks of punishing Urmila for scolding Gopi.

Precap: Masterji increases steam temperature while Urmila is taking steam bath in a spa.

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  1. masterji plans to hurt gopi because he finds out hat she doesn’t love him and then rashi find out about plan and saves Hopi but gets killed

  2. stop this serial please it does not have any good message, lost its story long back. now it is only showing how after doing something wrong you can get away and not be punished. Urmila and Rashi have never been punished for their crimes. Showing masterji in this way is a insult to the teaching profession. Dragging the serial is a torture on viewers. all serials on star plus are showing same type of crime in serials. pls stop it

  3. how is rashi going to die in this because of that masterji

  4. Same dummy episode this Mr.BEAN is disgusting….yesterday someone asked me to go through devoleena’s profile before commenting about her and now I came to know the reason for kokila’s behaviour like”THE MODEL OF JEWELLERY”add,it’s bcoz her Gopi bahu is a jewellery designer…. Now these kids are also become disgusting like there Daaadi…..Even according to the “THEORY OF ELASTICITY”it has some limits to dragg a thing but don’t this writers have studied it or not……I think this Mr.BEAN got inspired from Durga of ek haseena thi n thinking always taking the revenge against everyone idiot keeping a joker face n thinking like if he is a hero zero fellow…now he is saying that he’ll take revenge on urmila this is a best example for the “THEORY OF MAGNETISM”that similar poles repel…!!!!!!!!!!

  5. in dis serial jhanvi is a rich busnswmn nd fun lvng grl.

  6. s arman.we knw it.replcd by jhanvi of sasural simar ka.

  7. Rashi is going to die…do u know guys

  8. ye kokila ar uski beti dusron ko theek karne main he laga rehte hain ka.apna koi nahi dektha.

  9. abhey yaar koi mastrji ko bhago.i hate hm n dis charactr.

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