Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2013 Written Update

Episode begins in RN compound where Urmi, Koki and Hetal are sitting together. Urmi and Koki are still high on bhaang. Urmi tells Koki that she makes Rashi work a lot, she is not her servant and she is like a jailor. Gopi tries to stop her. Urmi is about to tell her that they call her kagdi but she sneezes. Rashi is worried. Koki says that she does it for Rashi’s own good as she is lazy. Ahem looks irritated. Baa asks who got bhaang laddoo and Urmi laughingly says she got it. All are shocked. Rashi is irritated with Urmi. Kinjal asks why and Urmi gets up and says she got it because of Gopi. Rashi comes down. Urmi adds that Gopi would have disclosed everything and she wanted to stop her. Koki is thinking and all are shocked. Kinjal asks what and Urmi discloses that she asked the nurse to test whether Rashi is going to have twin boys or girls. All are shocked including Koki. Hetal asks her again but Urmi says she is saying the truth. Koki is shocked. Rashi scolds her asking again, Urmi tells her that she wanted to know whether she is going to have boys or girls. She adds that the doc would have got her arrested if she had asked her directly and she explains her chit kk. Koki and others listen in shock, Ahem is losing his temper. Urmi ends up saying that she did everything and Koki ended up in jail. Kohem are angry and Hetal, Jigar are shocked. Gopi watches in disgust.

Urmi is laughing but Koki drags her aside. Urmi continues to laugh at her and Rashi looks worried. Koki throws a mug of water on her face in anger twice and pours a bucket of water on her head as all watch in shock. Urmi comes back to her senses and asks Koki and Koki replies that she wanted to get back to her senses, though it makes no difference. Urmi tries to talk but Koki tells her to shut up. Ahem is angry. Koki drags her back to Hetal and tells her that this is Urmi’s true face. Koki tells Urmi that she believed she has changed, she was happy that she could come out of jail because of her help. But it’s not true, she is responsible for her being in jail. Urmi tries to defend herself that she said all that as she was not in her senses because of bhaang. Koki agrees saying she ended up saying the truth. Koki tells her that she kept forgiving her and included her as a part of their family. She thought that her daughter Rashi is pregnant and needs her mother, so she should not keep Urmi away from her, and that is why she allowed her back in MM. But she should be kept away from all as she is like a poisonous snake and a snake never changes its nature. Urmi also cannot change her nature. She kept forgiving her but it’s impossible now. Urmi says that she did not intend to send her to jail, she just wanted to know Rashi’s babies’ gender. Baa asks why and Urmi says she was scared how will Rashi take care of the babies if they are girls. Koki asks what’s the difference between raising 2 girls or boys. She adds that all babies have to be pacified when they cry and fed when they are hungry, irrespective of whether they are boys or girls. Koki asks if along with Meera there are 2 more girls in the family then what is wrong, they will believe that God has blessed them. She blames her that because of people like her, daughters are considered as a burden. Koki shouts at Urmi that what she has done is a crime and disgusting too. Rashi is crying. Koki declares that she is breaking all relations with her. Urmi is shocked.

Koki repeats that Urmi has no place in her house and family. Goshi are in tears and others watch in disgust. Urmi tries to plead with her and asks Rashi to explain to Koki. Rashi starts scolding Urmi and asks her so what if she had girls, will she love them any less. Or would her daughters love her any less. Rashi tells her that even she is her daughter, did she love her any less because she is a girl. She reminds her that she was desperate for a baby and God has blessed her with 2 children, it makes no difference to her if she has daughters or sons. She tells her that she is disappointed with her. Urmi scolds her for talking like this with her but Rashi says Koki is right and she cannot keep any relations with them. Urmi is shocked but Rashi tells her that she will not enter MM again. All are shocked. Rashi adds that none of them will come to her house too. Koki asks Urmi if she heard her one and only one daughter and Urmi watches Rashi crying. Jigar hugs Rashi as she cries. Urmi blames her that she has lost her mind after living with these people. Urmi scolds her that she is breaking relations with her mother. Ahem shouts at her that she still has no remorse for what she has done, fine he should call the cops and tell them the truth. Urmi pleads with him not to call the cops, Ahem screams why, because of her his mother ended up in jail. Urmi reminds him that she is his wife’s maami and has raised her but Ahem does not listen. Koki holds his hand and stops him. Koki tells him let it be, her daughter has broken relations with her and this is enough punishment for her. Rashi tells Urmi that she should have told her before and Urmi shouts she knew how they will react that is why she hid the truth. She blurts out that Gopi saw the newspaper cuttings and all are shocked. Koki is stunned and says she cannot believe this and asks Gopi. Gopi agrees and Kohem are super shocked. All are shocked. Gopi says she was trying to tell her the truth since yesterday. Koki says but she did not tell her. Ahem looks angry and hurt too. Koki asks why she did not tell her the truth even though she knew, not to her or to Ahem or to anybody. Koki is hurt and tells her she understands. She tells her that Urmi must have cried in front of her and reminded her that she raised her, given Meera’s promise and that is why she kept quiet. Gopi keeps shaking her head no. Koki tells Gopi that she (Gopi) was afraid that Urmi will go to jail and so she let her (Koki) be in jail. Gopi tries to defend herself that Urmi did not let her tell the truth. Koki tells her tearfully that even though she always considered her as her daughter, she has always seen her as her MIL. She adds that she always thanked God that she has 2 daughters and looks at Kinjal and Gopi. Ahem is in tears. Gopi is shocked and Ahem is in tears and looks hurt as he watches Gopi. All are shocked. Koki walks away in anger leaving Gopi in tears.

Precap: Koki tells Gopi that she broke her heart by hiding the truth. Ahem and Rashi watch Gopi in tears. Koki tells her that she (Gopi) understands what is right and what is wrong.

Update credit to: dipsy80

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