Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st April 2013 Written Update

Preeti confronts Pankhu saying you have to be beside Harish-Avantika and Adi to support them…Pnakhu teary eyed said she will do that and hugged Preeti. As she was returning Adi met her and both said Nanu’s dream project must be completed anyway…They gave an emotional hugging to console each other…

Adi was leaving for office and hearing Pankhu has made Pizza for him in lunch gave her a happywali hugged…As he was to leave, aperson claiming himself to be an estate agent comes and asks for Harish and being asked says “He has come to discuss the house which Harish has decided to sell”…Adi shockingly asked him to come back later…Harish arrives and Adi says to him “We will make some way our, you dont have to take such a drastic measure…Harish saying “I have full confidence in your abilitybut Me too a beta of your Nanaji, so yeh mera bi farz banta hai”..Avantika said ” We together wil make it happen”…

Sheila blaming Rubel for stopping Preeti’s funds…She is saying ” Tu mera beta hike kaise aisa kar diya lagtahe teri akaal teri papa jaisa hai”.. (in front of Anuj, who is making one of his famous weird facial gesture)…She continues”You have made Dadiji taking some drastic step under this condition and if Dadiji’s dimak chalne laga, toh woh problem solve kar lenge..I have to do somehting, i will make sure you get all you deserve”…Suddenly kaira enters (kya sahi mauke pe entry karti hai yeh ladi)..and saying “You give all your love to Rubel but regarding paisa and proporty,i want equal shares”…Anuj gets up this time and say”Everything is yours beta aur jabse tum ayi ho, kyypaiso ki baat kar rahe hoo”…Kaira replied “Dont try to fool me, i know how much you value me and how you have treated me from child hood, so i just want equal of Rubel” and turned away but before leaving said “If you were no much dis interested in me, why did you bring me in this world”…Anuj gets agitated hearing this while sheils says “Dont be pareshan hearing her words, you know how she is”. As she went outside Shanky gave her a chocolate. Kaira gets happy but Shanky say ” You are looking a bit worried, what happened? You used to get so much happy getting chocolates when child. Kaira saying “You only understand me in this house”..Shanky saying ” I know you are pure from heart however might you appear”..Kaira saying “I am deliberately doing this to get some money and move away from Mom, dad and their rubel..i dint want to stay with them”…NANAJI DROPS in suddenly and say to her “Why dont we go outside to play badminton”…Kaira jaise bhot dekh liya hop, aise bhag gayi…Even Nanaju exclamining “Why this girl always try to avoid me?”… (yeh raaz tih hume bhi jan na hai)

Scene shifts to Preeti and Nanji discussing how they could raise the fund post Rubel’s act of asking bank and other shareholders not to support them…Preeti saying “They only meant business and nothing elsea ll these years”…Nanaji saying “I cant believe Rubel to stoop to this level, now i have to do something..even if i sell all my properties, such an amount could not be raised and looks stressed.”…Preeti saying “We will be up to something, you please dont too much stress”…
Suddenly Sheila comes to check what is brewing in between and starts as ususal “Mera bhagwan jan ta hai, how i am feeling for you and i can do nothing considering Rubel and Anuj’s acts nnow a days. But when nothing happens, we should leave everything up to God”…Nanu yeh sun ke bhdak jate hai and says “Who does not believe in himself, only give excuses of god..We cant do like this”…Suddenly he gets up and say “Now i am determined even more to fininsh the project and history says when Purushottam Diwan decides something, he make it done (Jiyo Nanaji, hum sab aapke saath hai)…Avantika calls Nanaji and says “The monetary problem is solved and much more than expected money is now available for the project”.Sheila pichhe yeh sun ke pareshan ho gayi and thinking in her mind “Kya khazana lag gaya bhai, in ke haat)

Latika doing jhhoti tarif of Rubel in Rubel’s office cabin and then asking for some money to go to shopping (oh ho purana aur asardar ladies formulae)…Rubel jumping to say “Should i give you my CC…Latika becomes happy hearing this and was about to cuddle while Adi burges in hurry to ask Rubel something…Rubel seeing Adi coming in like this gets angry and starts yelling “Dont you know how toenter at your boss’s cabin..go again and knock before coming in”…Adi calmly goes again and does exactly that..He starts to ask something when a call comes to Rubel and Rubel shouts in disdain “What, my horse have lost the race, how can that happen dont know how mcuh money i put on it”…He again called another agent saying “How can Sultan lose the race, you said Sultan is gonna win ahd i belived you to put such an enormous amount”..But Adi cut the call in between….Rubel yelled at Adi saying “How dare, cant you see i was in a call”…Adi sAYING “Dont you know you are breaking COMPANY RULES BY PLACING COMPANY FUNDS in such activites..”RUBEL AS USUAL SAYING “Dont try to teach me and do your job”…Adi replying ‘If i don that and call a metting of board memebers to expose you off, you wil be nowhere”..Rubel shouting “Get out of my room or i will call security to throw you not only out of the room but also from the company”..Adi saying “You cant do that because even you know how much important i am to the company and what will happen if i leave liek that”.. (Adi sabash, aj Dada-Pote ki confidence poori paymane pad hai)..

Pankhu doing works in set and asking Raka “I have completed my work and since my place is now shifted far and i have to take train to reach there, can i leave?”..Raka saying “You cant say whether Art difector will not come uo with a new demand, so i cant let you off till pack-up”…Pankhu just sit-off till pack-up basically…Adi returns from office as Avantu informs him the arrangment if fund.Avantika ask him to go with her to DM but Adi refuses..Avantika do not force him and went away herself while Adi suddenly felt the abscence of her Pankhudi and called her (Romeo ko do minute ki chain nehi juliet ke bina)…Pankhudi too entered the same time saying “I heard a lot about local trains but experienced it today for the first time…Adi getting hearing her travelling in train and saying “I will drop and pick you up from yesterday” but Pankhu said no citing that you office is just on the opposite side…Adi suddenyl getting romatic saying “But agar man kare ta toh a sakta hu na….Pankhu saying “Yes, why not”…Adi then saying “I have a news for is that i have got a part-time job at some place to which Pankhudi just gives a blank expression as the epi ends… (Is the end of Adi in Diwan group approaching)

Precap: Sheila telling Anuj that Preeti will also leave tomorrow and there won’t be anyone to support daddyji. Anuj says until dadaji doesn’t get all alone, he won’t get weak. Sheila asks, who is with him? Anuj says Shanky and sheila gets lost in some thoughts.

Update Credit to: ankur281

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