Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2013 Written Update

Modi guys reach the temple. Ahem picks up Meera and kisses her. Koki smiles and says that they were all worried and searching for Meera and she was eating makhan (butter). Urmi screams from inside the locked temple complaining that they forgot her and asking them to get her out. Jigar asks how to get her out. Koki tells him to get someone who makes keys. Ahem notices the gold chain on Meera and Koki says the thieves might have wanted to steal this. She tells him to return it to cops. Ahem agrees.
Baa tells Rashi that Meera will return holding Kanhaji’s hand. Koki answers from the door that she is right and Meera has returned as Meera smiles and claps in Ahem’s arms. They all rush to Meera and Rashi holds and kisses her. She goes and hugs Gopi too and tells her happily that their Meera is back. Gopi tells her that Urmi found Meera. Rashi looks at Urmi who looks away. She mock scolds Meera that she is very naughty. She cries that she missed her a lot and warns her not to go out alone. She tells her that she will not talk to her if she leaves her again. She tells Baa to remove the evil eye from Meera. Baa blesses Meera. Rashi looks at Urmi and Urmi turns away. Rashi tells her that she was wrong to blame her for Meera’s disappearance. She apologizes and Urmi accepts. Urmi tells all that Baa has removed evil eye from Meera so she will do the same for Tolu Molu. Koki glares at her and she corrects herself immediately that she will remove evil eye from the whole family. She removes some money and does a big show of removing evil eye as Kohem look on irritated. Rashi gets embarrassed and distracts all by announcing that Meera’s birthday is still not over and they should celebrate it. Meera cuts her birthday cake as Ahem holds her and all clap happily. He feeds her cake and applies some on her face too and all look happily.
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Urmi complains of stomach ache as Dhawal comes to her looking worried. Kinjal taunts her that she ate too much cake. Urmi scolds her and orders her to make khichdi for her. Dhawal agrees but Kinjal disagrees saying there is too much seepage in kitchen. She says some pipe must have broken but Urmi taunts that she does not want to work. Kinjal reminds her that she had warned her that she will not enter the kitchen till she agrees to repair the seepage. Urmi tells her to wear slippers and go to the kitchen but Kinjal argues that it is unhygienic to cook there. Dhawal requests her to make khichdi for Urmi. Kinjal agrees but adds that she is doing it because he is insisting and goes to the kitchen. Dhawal leaves to get medicine for Urmi. Urmi cribs to herself that she does not have any place in the house after these two got together and decides that she will not let things continue like this.
Koki tells the carpenter that they just want to repair some old furniture. The carpenter is looking around the house with greed. Rashi is happy and says she wants to make some changes in her room too. Koki advises her to do them once Tolu Molu are a little older but Rashi disagrees. Koki looks irritated.

Koki is in Gohem room. She tells Gopi to go to Rashi and check if she needs some help. She adds that she will be with Meera. Gopi agrees. Koki goes to Meera and tells her that they will play. They play with ball. Meera keeps throwing the ball and asks Koki to get it. Gopi tells her not to trouble dadi but Koki mock scolds Gopi to not interfere between dadi and Meera. Koki helps Meera get off the bed and Meera runs behind the ball. She picks the ball but hurts her hand on the table which has a chipped edge. She starts crying and Koki rushes to her and notices the chipped edge on the table. Hetal and Gopi too come there on hearing Meera cry. Koki tells them about the table and adds that they need to call the carpenter. She tells Gopi to call the carpenter.
Jigar enters his room and notices that Rashi is unable to pacify a crying Tolu Molu and is crying herself in panic. Jigar holds her lovingly and Rashi cries to him that she is unable to pacify Tolu Molu. Jigar smiles and tells her to stop crying first then they will pacify their children together. She tells him to go to office but Jigar refuses to leave her like that and makes the children quiet. Rashi tells him that they are very naughty and Jigar teases that they are like her. Rashi mock scolds Tolu Molu that they keep crying and never smile.
Gopi comes to the hall and tells Koki and Hetal that their carpenter is busy. (To be updated)
A guy MM enters and tells them that he is a carpenter.
Koki asks him who is the lady and child with him. The man answers that they are his wife and child. Koki asks him how will he work if his wife and child are with him. The carpenter answers that his wife helps him in his work and they could not leave their small child alone but adds that he can work alone too. Hetal says its ok. Koki tells Gopi to take them to her room. Gopi leaves with them and Hetal tells Koki that the carpenter and his family seem to be good people but Koki does not look convinced yet.
Gopi enters her room with Meera and the new entries and they are happy to see the big room. They ogle at the AC etc. Gopi tells them to start the work and call her if they need anything. Meera looks at the child and smiles happily. Gopi removes newspapers to cover the furniture but the lady tells her that she will do it. Gopi tells her that she will take her child with her as the room will be dusty when they start work and she may hurt herself. The lady assures her that her child will not trouble her. Gopi leaves the room with the children.
Gopi and Meethi are working in the kitchen when the lady enters. She asks Gopi for water. Gopi is kneading dough and her hands are dirty. The lady looks around the kitchen and notices a blender with the jar filled with masala to be mixed. She tells Gopi that she will take the water herself. Gopi points to the water jug. The lady goes towards the blender and loosens the lid from the blender jar. Meethi goes and switches it on and the masala in the jar flies all around and splatters the kitchen wall as the lid was loose. Koki enters and scolds her but Meethi says she had closed the lid properly.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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