Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th June 2013 Written Update

Kanhaiya is packing the bags when Sona comes and asks him not to take such a decision and kanhaiya angrily says not to stop him otherwise he will have to think of asking her if she also wants to come with him or not. Sona has tears and kanhaiya realizes that he was harsh and lowers his voice and says that why the kids grows to turn big. During Childhood one does not have a fear before doing anything because that time they have their Mothers to look after them. Kanhaiya says that he is hurt and has decided that they both will live in Police headquarters. Kanhaiya says that he is not angry with anyone and even not with mummyji. It is only that he is now all broken from inside and couldn’t stay here. Bindiya tells Renu that sonaiya are leaving and renu says that its time to celebrate.Bindiya says that the time is not to celebrate but to play another game. Kanhaiya is taking out his clothes from the wardrobe when an album falls along with the pic of little Kanhaiya with sunaina. He picks up the photo and remembers his childhood day when the photographer came to take his photo with mummyji and he was running over the bed. Mummyji asks him to come near him and give a pose and do not run otherwise he will fall. Little kanhaiya says that if we will fall then his mummyji will not let him fall. Remembering it kanhaiya has teary eyes and sona too had a pale face. Kanhaiya remembers that his mummyji loved him a lot in his childhood days. Kanhaiya comes to sona and tells that they are his happy memories but now everything is not the same. He has decided to leave the house. Kanhiya has tears in his eyes and he wipes them out

Bindiya and everyone in her room discusses about sonaiya leaving the house and bindiya says that since mummyji is at fault so she has no right to speak in between and she will support sonaiya in their decision.Uddham says that they have to stop kanhaiya from leaving the house and both Manohar and Govardhan Agrees. Govardhan says that kanhaiya in their younger brother and they should stop him from taking a wrong decision. Bindiya disagrees with govardhan and says that mummji falled to such a low extent then how can they all trust her. bindiya says that even she will leave the house otherwise her kids will be affected with the environment.Neelam tries explaining but renu stops neelam and says that bindiya bhabhi is right. govardhan agrees with bindiya for the sake of kids and when uddham questions then renu asks him what he would have done if he would have been in the place of kanhaiya. Chiku listens to everything from outside the door and is shocked. sunaina urges infront of god and aprays that anyhow kanhaiya should stop leaving the house. sunaina cries and says that she realized her mistake and sona always behaved like a daughter to her from beginning and she always did bad to her and falled to such low extents and now she has understood that sona has a equal place like her in kanhaiya’s heart which she can’t take away. Chiku comes to sunaina and asks her if its true that kanhaiya chachu is leaving because of her. sunaina is shocked and asks who told him. Chiku says he listened to bindiya chachi’s discussion. sunaina wipes her tears and says that its true that his kanhaiya chachu is leaving home because of her


Kanhaiya finally packs up the bag and says to sona that packing is all done and if anything is left out, they will take them away after.Sona takes the album and asks kanhiya that he forget it to pack.Kanhiya looks at the album and smiles slightly and says that how he was about to miss the album since all his childhood memories are in the album.Kanhiya sees all his pics of childhood and says to sona that when he was 5 years old, an album by mistake falled in water and the memories were lost. That time mummyji made a new album with all the pics to preserve all his childhood memories(update by sonali). Kanhaiya sees the pics and smiles. Chiku comes there and asks kanhiya not to leave. Kanhaiya asks Chiku wants to see his chachu happy or sad. Chiku says happy and kanhaiya says that he will be happy only when he leaves the house. Chiku says that he will allow them to leave only when they will promise to come back everytime and meet him and that kanhaiya chachu will take him for the bike ride. Sonaiya becomes sad and then kanhaiya hugs chiku. Sona has tears. Uddham and neelam also comes to the room and asks kanhaiya to change his decision. kanhaiya says that he won’t as now he can’t live in this house. kanhaiya says that he is not angry with anyone and not even mummyji but it is that he is broken completely from inside. Neelam says to sona that kanhaiya is angry at the moment but what happened to her. kanhiya says that sonaji is not at the fault as only its my decision to leave the house. Uddham says that kanhaiya is a very loving brother of him and if hi will leave then his brother will be hurt.kanhaiya says that things are not the same now and he has to leave . Everyone has a pale face and kanhaiya cries and hugs uddham.Episode ends

PRECAP – No Precap but the 5th promo of jodha akbar.

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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