Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2014 Written Update

Epsiode begins with Jigar praising Rashi that if Tripthi is arrested then its only because of her. Rashi says finally someone has said it, otherwise usually everyone thinks she is a fool. Jigar says no one would think so from now on and he also says that she deserves a treat. Rashi asks him to give, he is shocked and ask, me? Rashi says he only praises her but doesn’t give treats. Hetal tells Koki after a long time there is peace in their house. Koki says there was so much of tension that they couldn’t stay properly. Meera comes running with her doll while Gopi comes behind her and asks her to have milk. Hetal takes Meera in her arms and asks her what does her doll want. Gopi replies that she is stubborn about getting her doll married. Rashi says then lets

get it married. Koki asks what? Rashi thinks to herself no one remembers her birthday. She tells meera that definitely they will get the doll married. Radha comes there and hetal asks her to sit with them. Rashi goes inside and Koki wonders where she went. Rashi comes back with a toyman and asks if she will get her doll married with this man. Meera drops it and cries. Gopi tells her not to be stubborn. Hetal says meera didn’t like the dulha so they will search other person. Rashi asks radha if she knows any dulha and radha isn’t happy about it. Rashi then asks meera if she wants any other dulha, and meera says tolu. Everyone laugh and rashi is shaocked. Hetal says tolu and molu are brothers of Meera and the doll also. Savitaben and her granddaughter come there and Koki asks them why did they come suddenly. Savitaben replies that her granddaughter was dull so she brought her here. Meera likes the doll in savita’s granddaughter’s hand and everyone asks if she likes him. Even the other kid is also excited and rashi asks koki to perform the marriage. Radha is irritated and Gopi asks what is all this, meera starts crying. Hetal says its just for fun and in this way our meera ould be happy. Koki is stern and everyone wonders what she would say. Koki says for meeras happiness she will agree. Rashi gets excited but koki tells her that this isn’t a real marriage. Savita asks her how they would come for baraat. Rashi says she is on the groom’s side. Gopi asks her how she is on grooms side for which she says she is the mother of two boys so she would practice from now on. She asks radha to choose which side she is on. Radha thinks to herself that they have destroyed her marital life and here they are enjoying. She is determined to remove their happiness forever.

Radha calls Madhuben and apologises for everything she did. Madhu says that’s ok, but she is worried about her. Radha says she will take revenge for everything happened against her. Madhu is shocked. She tells radha that revenge isn’t good. Everyone who did wrong will be punished. She tells her to be calm but radha cuts the phone. She goes in front of mirror and remembers Tripthi’s words about the family being happy and also remembers how everyone are happy about the marriage. She cries lokking at her empty forehead and neck. She remembers sindoor and Mangalsutra put by Umang. She tells everything is gone and nothing would comeback. So she would choose to take revenge and that has t be done very fast.

Savita and her bahu come to MM and tells the society kids would come in baraat and the modi family has to give whatever they demand. Rashi also says tolu and molu should be given gifts too. Savita tells her bahu that she will make sure modis spend a lot. Koki agrees to it! and they leave. Meera is very happy and Hetal says look at meera how happy she is. Koki says its for meera’s happiness she agreed to all of this and in this way there would be some happiness at home.

Dhawal comes to shah house and madhuben, kinjal and urmi try talking to him. Urmi warns madhuben not to brainwash her son and bahu. Madhu ignores and tells its time…urmi intervenes and says its time to buy a new fridge. Madhu gets irritated and tells Kinwal that its time they think about family. But urmi says them think about it only when they get more money. Urmi says that they wouldn’t want their baby growing up in this chawl, and madhu replies that even rashi grew up here. Urmi is irritated and leaves.

Ahem and Jigar come to MM and asks whats going on about shaadi. Baa says sometimes they have to do these for childrens happiness. Savita comes with children and they asks koki for chips, cooldrinks,noodles etc etc. though koki is a bit annoyed, hetal signals her to accept. Savita irritates everyone that the marriage has to be performed properly. And today would be haldi,mehendi and sangeet. Hetal says its for meera’s happiness we are doing but these people are behaving as if its real shaadi. Koki says neither meera nor savita ben will listen to them so better they do as everyone likes. They put haldi on the dolls and radha comes there.everyone tells radha to put haldi on the doll and “radha comes there and breaks meera’s doll. Meera starts crying. Everyone are shocked. Gopi asks why she did it and radha yells she just broke meera’s doll but gopi has ruined her life. ” Koki pats her and asks her where she is lost(so basically yesterday’s precap was radha’s dream). Radha goes and puts haldi and thinks to herself that though gopi was saved from the law she wouldn’t be saved from her. She would take revenge from her soon and leaves from there. Savita says now that haldi is done every other ritual should be done well. Rashi assures her and tells that mehendi would be tomorrow, then sangeet and then marriage on the third day. Savita agrees and koki displeased. Episode ends on Koki’s face

Precap for Monday: Radha apologises Gopi for everything. Gopi says its not her fault. But wrong people took advantage of her innocence. And they hug. Radha thinks to herself that she will remove thr happiness from gopi’s face soon

Update Credit to: MADHU.BARUN

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