Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Dadi looking at Kabir working and thinking that he was working the whole night. She wishes him good morning and he says he didn’t realize its dawn already. She says that he got his talent from her but he’s only second best after her and they laugh. She says she’s happy to hear him laugh and says that after working so long its better he go out for some fresh air. He refuses to as he has a deadline to meet. Dadi insists and tells him to wear his sports shoes and go. Gunjan tells Mayank she hopes that Shail will chase Charu out of the house today. Mayank says her very name makes him stressed. Rachana comes and tells Gunjan she’s leaving for college early as she has to submit a project and asks if Gunjan is

coming to college. Gunjan says she’s staying home as she is afraid that Charu might brainwash Shail’s mind. Kabir is working out in the park while some girls are commenting on how cute and what a nice body he has. He just stares at them angrily. Rachana is walking and looking at some files when she bumps into Kabir. The girls giggle and says she must have done it purposely to get closer to him. Kabir asks Rachana if she is done with the sketches and that she must fulfil the commitment made to the clients. Rachana says she will submit the sketches and leaves.

Part 2

Gunjan is passing in her room and Seema is telling her that Charu has already made her worried. Gunjan says she doesn’t believe that Charu saving Vickram was a conincidence. Gunjan wonders how could she have been there at the moment. Seema says its possible as she was staying near the temple. Gunjan says she finds something wrong with all of this. Seema says with charu around nothing goes right. Shail comes wih a plate of food and asks Vickram how does he feel and says he looks much better from yesterday. She tells him to eat but he says till Charu is not well he will not be able to eat. Seema tells Gunjan she’s worrying too much and that she will make sure nothing goes wrong with Gunjan and Mayank. Gunjan says she is worried about Shail. Vickram says that Charu still hasn’t regain conscious and that he will die without her. He says its his fault and that ever since they came nothing has gone right for them. He says no one likes Charu. He says he can’t understand why everyone is against Charu especially Gunjan. He asks Shail if Charu will get better. Shail says she will get better and promises to not let anything happen to Charu. Vickram says he respects Shail more than a mother. He then tells Charu that Shail promises nothing will happen to her. The doorbell rings and Gunjan opens the door and a guy comes with wedding cards of Vickram and Charu but Gunjan tells him to take it back as the wedding is cancelled. Shail stops him. Shail tells him to give her the cards. She says the wedding will take place as it was planned.

Part 3

Gunjan tries and asks Shail about her decision. Mayank then asks Gunjan what is it about. Gunjan says that wedding invites of Vickram and Charu have been printed. Mayank asks Shail about it and she says she wants to distribute the cards to relatives. Mayank asks how can she consider this wedding. She says that she has thought over it and decided. Shail says they saw it with their own eyes to what extend Charu went to save Vickram and she feels that Charu loves Vickram more than herself. Shail says if they believe in her then they will trust her decision too. Gunjan says she respects and loves Shail but the thought of Charu drives her mad and she can’t stand her and that she will always hate Charu but her love for Shail is more and she will accept Charu for Shail’s sake. Mayank asks Gunjan what is wrong with her that she is ready to accept Charu. He says that Charu has hurt her a lot and he won’t ever forgive her. Gunjan says maybe she really has changed as what Shail says. Mayank says he can never believe that Charu will ever change. Gunjan says its not about believe but about Shail’s emotions. Mayank gets angry as he is unable to reason with Gunjan and walks away. Gunjan is sad. Rachana is at Kabir’s place and is happy that she is early. She notices topless male models and is shocked and asks Nithya who says its work and tells her to get to it fast. Rachana shys away from the model who removes his shirt. She goes to Kabir and shows him the designs but he says he’ll look at them later and asks her to get the fittings if the male models done.

Part 4

The model tries flirting with Rachana and asks her if she got his clothes for his fitting ready. Rachana says no and runs away. Shail comes and sees Vickram feeding Charu juice. Charu wonders if Gunjan was able to brainwash Shail’s mind. She comes and hugs Charu who is surprised. Shail says that both of them are fine and she is at ease now. She tells Charu to forgot all that had happened and to start life anew where she and Vickram will live happily. Charu falls on Shail’s feet. Shail hugs both of them. Gunjan enters and hugs Charu. She then whispers in Charu’s ear that Charu managed to convince Shail but she doesn’t believe Charu has tunred into a new leaf. She tells Charu if she troubles anyone in the house then no one will be worst than her and that she will kick her out of the house. Gunjan then puts out her hand and says she wants to friend her and welcome her to the house. Charu accepts and Shail and Vickram are happy. Gunjan says she hopes that she and Vickram will be happy. Charu thinks that Gunjan acted really well and that she has got Shail in her hands but has to be careful with Gunjan and she think of starting her work soon before time runs out.

Episode Ends

Mayank in a decorated room telling Gunjan its beautiful. A hand from behind comes and touches him. He realises its Charu and is shocked. Gunjan and Rachana promoting Salman Khanas a guest apperance on DID.

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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  1. When will rachanas love begian

  2. what can i say about this show. The dialogue/storylines, acting and everything else is just horrible. In a time where people are more intelligent and look for realistic, captivating, and intelligent shows we are fed this garbage. I mean in what world would people allow someone to live in their home and you dont know who the person. After everything that Charu put the Grag through it is not realistic that the family would just accept the person.

    Could the directors STOP with the time wasted in explaining/dramatizing the characters portraying a certain emotion especially the “shocked/surprised” emotion. Also Rachana should have been fired already she goes to work and spends no real time doing anything… she stares, is always late and it is unbelievable that she is indeed a designer as she spends little or no time doing so when she has to.

    The characters going to bed and awaking with make up is also comical. There are so many things i can mention.
    The show has potential… alot needs to be demanded to make the show more real, grittier and i am sure people will love it.

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