Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2013 Written Update

Kokila tells Umang and Radha that their bhabhi’ has planned a surprise for them. Rashi becomes curious to find out and making a pretext of Tolu Molu goes upstairs. Umang makes the excuse of a call and leaves.
Rashi is shocked to see the room and wonders as to what reason does Kokila have to support such activities. She is determined to find out what the reason is.
Urmila and Madhu have an argument over dinner when Madhu calls Urmila lazy and both leave the dinner abruptly.
Dhawal takes everyones leave and Kokila goes to the kitchen and asks Tripti to escort Radha to her room leaving her frustrated.

First Break

Radha is delighted to see the room and thanks Tripti who leaves the room angrily followed by Gopi and Kokila. Tripti goes to her room.
Gopi is voices her concern for Radha’s safety but Kokila reassures her that Tripti wouldn’t let Umang and Radha come close to each other.
Tripti texts Umang to come to her room immediately or else she would spill the beans in front of Kokila. She then sits awaiting his coming.
Umand receives the message and is worried he tells Radha that it’s wonderful surprise. Radha agrees and goes to change her dress.
Umang leaves the room and Gopi goes to Radha and tells her that Tripti is calling her to her room.
Tripti has a knife in her hand and says either Radha will stay alive or her. Umang pacifies a much frustrated and angry Tripti and he promises her that Radha will never come in between them. Having said so, he embraces her which is witnessed by a much shocked Radha.

Second Break

Umang sees Radha and leaves Tripti. Gopi and Kokila stand behind the door and Kokila is happy that the cat is finally out. Radha asks Umang as to what they were doing upon which Umang and Tripti make up a story that Tripti was missing her late husband and in her depression attempted suicide, but thankfully Umang came right on time to save her. Radha seems convinces just then, unable to contain her anger, Gopi barges in. She warns Radha of the cunning and sly nature of the two and is about to tell her their relation when Radha tells her to stop because again she is repeating the same mistake of mistrusting Umang. She is accuses Gopi of hatred and jealousy of Umang and creating doubts about the pure relation between Umang and Tripti. Everyone comes in the room. Umang and tripti pretend hurt but tell Radha to calm down. Radha says she had had enough and announces that they are leaving because only she knows the real face behind the innocent faade which Gopic puts up. Kokila tries to convince Radha saying that its all Gopi’s fault. Radha is adamant to leave and goes to her room followed by Gopi.
Gopi asks forgiveness of Radha and Umang says that if they leave then Gopi wouldn’t be able to forgive herself thus they should stay. Radha agrees for the sake of Kokila and Umang.
Kinjal is talking to Dhawal but he says he has an early office tomorrow and goes to sleep.
Kokila asks Radha and Umang to do Pooja, hearing which Tripti freigns hurt and Radha seeing this refuses to do the pooja.

Precap :

Kokila tells Radha and Umang that they are going to arrange remarriage for Umang’s bobby.

Update Credit to: JuJuk

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