Meri Bhabhi 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 16th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha and Kunal doing the rituals in the mandir. The pandit asks Kunal where is the red chunri. Kunal says I forgot it. Shraddha says I brought it knowing you will forget. Kunal says see Kittu, how much she knows me. Kittu makes Shraddha wear the red chunri. Kunal and Shraddha look at each other and smile. The pandit chant the mantras. The chunri falls by air and Kunal makes Shraddha wear it again. They have an eyelock and music plays. Mummy and Papa are shopping. Papa says we will buy a shawl for Shraddha.

Kunal gets Kamini’s call and he does not receive it. Kamini is worried. Kamini calls him again. Kunal says mum. Kamini says is this the way, what are you busy in. He says I will talk to you later, she says come back home. She asks with whom are you

and what are you doing. Kunal says I m marrying Shraddha. Kittu and Shraddha are tensed. Kamini is shocked and thinks he is joking. Kunal says I m not joking, we are getting married in the mandir, you can come here and bless us, we want you to bless us, please mum, forget everything and come here. He gives her the address of the mandir. Kamini cries.

Kittu says why did you tell her now, it would have been good if you told her after the marriage. Anand is trying to call Shraddha. jaya says there is something fishy. She gets Kamini’s call and Kamini tells jaya about Kunal and Shraddha’s marriage. jaya is shocked. Kamini says tell this to Papa that once again his daughter ran away for doing marriage. She says she has trapped my son. She gives her the address of the ,mandir and says tell to Papa that I won’t leave Shraddha. jaya says OMG, and tells this to Anand. Anand is shocked. jaya says I knew this would happen.

Anand calls Papa and informs him that Shraddha is marrying Kunal in the mandir. Papa and Mummy are shocked. Papa is upset. The pandit asks Kittu for the ghanbandhan. Kittu asks Kunal and Shraddha to smile. Kunal and Shraddha smile. Kittu takes their photos. Shraddha is happy. Papa and Mummy are on the way to the mandir. Papa is driving rashly. Mummy is worried. Ishaan and Dhruv are having fun at home. jaya tells Dhruv that your mum ran away with Kunal. Ashish says shut up jaya. Ishaan asks waht happened. Ashish tells him what Kamini said. Ishaan is shocked.

Dhruv says did my mum really got married to Kunal. Ashish asks Dhruv to go and play in his room. Ishaan says lets go there. Ashish says no need, Anand is reaching there. Ishaan says see Kunal’s guts. jaya says it became possible because of Shraddha. She says why did she do this today. The pandit asks who will do the kanyadaan. Papa shouts no one. Shraddha is shocked to see Mummy, Papa and Anand. Kittu is tensed seeing them. Papa says my daughter have killed us, who will do her kanyadaan now.

Anand is having an argument with Kunal. Shraddha cries and Papa stops her from going to Kunal. He says how many times will you repeat your mistakes, how many times will you insult us. Kunal says we did not have any other way, so we had to do this, trust me and bless you. Papa says you just shut up. Anand pushes Kunal. Kamini and Purshottam come there and support Kunal and ask Anand to be angry on Shraddha, not Kunal. Kamini taunts Papa. Kunal says stop it. Kittu says mum, stop it, you won’t talk like this.

Kamini says why won’t I. Kittu says you always taunted Shraddha and I was quiet, but not today, as I m making them get married. Everyone are shocked. Kittu says I brought her here with me. Everyone look at Kittu. Anand says Kittu. Kittu says yes, their mistake is that they love each other. Kittu says I asked them to get married and everyone will agree later. Mummy says Kittu why did you do this, Kittu tries to convince Papa and Mummy and asks them to think about Shraddha’s happiness. Anand says why did you do this. Kittu says for my brother and Shraddha.

Kamini says why are you ruining Kunal’s life. Kittu says I was making his life well by making him marry with Shraddha. Kittu says she is his first love and her true love, I respect them and I can do anything for them. She says I don’t care about anything. She says I can’t see injustice happening with them. Shraddha looks at Kittu. Mummy says Kittu what you did was wrong. Papa says its Shraddha’s mistake too. We were proud of our daughter but she made us ashamed. I can’t trust her now. She says today everything is finished. Shraddha cries.

Papa says I don’t have any daughter, my daughter is dead for me. Purshottam says if the children do any mistake, we should take care of them. Shraddha stops Papa and says don’t say like this, I know you care for me and I also care for you, you are my world. She says I did not want to hurt your heart and can never hurt you, but like you married Mummy so that we can get a mum, like that I m marrying Kunal for Dhruv, I like Kunal. She says Dhruv also likes Kunal, please try to understand, now I need your support, bless me.

Papa says do you want to marry Kunal. Shraddha says yes. Kamini says I knew this. Shraddha says Papa please. Papa says you can either go with Kunal or come with us, you have to select any one. Shraddha and Kunal are shocked and look at Papa. Everyone look at Shraddha for her decision.

Kittu and Shraddha proceed for getting married. Shraddha is in a confused state and not sure to get married.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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