Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura and Dharam apply haldi/tumeric paste on Shravan as per rituals. Shravan drops haldi bowl by mistake and apologizes. Gaura says its okay and asks him to go and take bath. She then applies paste on Dharam’s cheek and says Kokila’s destroyal will start today as she has a big trump card with her now.

Kokila with Ahem and Jigar reaches Gaura’s house with shagun. Dharam greets them and asks servant to bring snacks and cool drinks for them. Kokila asks where is Gaura. He says she is upstairs. Kokila leaves searching Gaura. Dharam SMSes Gaura that Kokila is coming. When Gaura sees Kokila coming, she opens a room door and starts acting as talking to Karunesh and convincing him to perform mamera/uncle ritual. When Kokila nears, she shuts door. Kokila asks when did Karunesh come. Gaura says he is angry as Karunesh had selected a girl for Shravan, which neither Shravan nor she liked, and when he came to know that she fixed Shravan’s marriage with her granddaughter, he got more irked. Kokila insists to meet Karnesh and opens door. Fake Karunesh asks Kokila to stop and dare not to come in front of her as because of her he does not have any family and even her sister is going away from him. Kokila says it was her misunderstanding. Karunesh says if they force her to perform mamera, he will burn himself again and suicide. Gaura acts as crying loudly and takes Kokila out. Kokila asks not to worry and get ready for rituals soon. Gaura thinks she does not know her elder granddaughter is hell bent to ruin her younger daughter’s life. Kokila then comes down with Gaura, asks her to come soon to perform Vidya’s haldi ritual and leaves with Ahem and Jigar.

Gopi prays god to protect her daughters from bad evils. A flower drops. Gopi gets happy thinking her daughter’s life will be happier. Meera hears that and thinks mom is praying for her daughter and she does not know it is for her instead of Vidya.

Dharam gives money to junior actor who played Karunesh’s roll and says he acted superb. Gaura comes and slaps him for making fun of his brother. Dharam asks her to calm down, else they will lose their game. Gaura says they will not and it is time to apply haldi to her elder bahu Meera.

Hetal calls Gopi and while running in a hurry, she drops temple lamp by mistake and it blows off. Gopi does not notice it. Vidya’s haldi ritual starts with tolu/molu, Urmila, and Rashi dancing. Kokila asks to start haldi ceremony. Gaura enters with haldi and asks how can they start with her and says after some days kokila’s house will be dark and her house will be full of lights. Kokila gets confused. Gaura says her bahu will be coming home. Kokila says yes her house will be dark, but she will be happy that Vidya is going to a better house. Kokila asks where is her poti bahu. Kokila shows Vidya, but Gaura looks at Meera wearing yellow dress and even while hugging Vidya, smiles at Meera. She then gives Vidya her bridal dress and smiles at Meera.

Precap: While performing Vidya’s haldi ritual, she applies haldi on Meera purposefully and says even her marriage will happen soon.

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  1. Please directors, keep coming up with this awesome ideas. I thought that Radha’s track was amazing, but no this one is even better.

  2. worst track …..
    how could writers be such brainless!!!!
    if u wish to make meera as saas for gods sake please stop the show

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