Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Bhushan says you are the most unlucky girl shreya who can’t see love. When was I and my family bad to you? What was less in my love? Shreya says I did this all to you. Papa only cares about Amar. I wanted to be the most important person in your life. Bhushan says this is not love. This is utter selfishness. She says I wanted your love. I did this for you. He says if it was about me and my happiness I would have pardoned you. But you have hurt my family. I trusted you blindly and this is what you returned me with. You betrayed my family. You have to got from here. Shreya says please i love you don’t do this. He drags her out of the house. He throws her out and locks the door. shreya says i love you please open the door. He says its too late now. just shut up.
Bhushan says to everyone I don’t know how and what to say. You all had to suffer because of me and Shreya. I can only ask for pardon.
He says to ajay I shouldn’t be called a brother. I did so much to you and never said a word. Please forgive me. Ajay says just give me right to call you a brother. thats all i want. Bhushan hugs him. Bhushan says sanjana I have always been rude to you. I thought you don’t deserve to be part of us. But you saved us all today and saved my dadi. Forgive me if you can. He goes crying in his room.

Sanjana goes out as well. Ajay comes and stops her. The song ‘darmiyaan’ plays in background. Ajay says I.. I wanna.. I wanna thank you. thanks. She nods. He says please don’t go. Sanjana says why? Why should I stop? I don’t deserve to be here. I am characterless. He holds her mouth and says I am all that. I am the bad one. You should never forgive. Who was i to say all this. the girl who got me back to my family, i dod this to her. He holds her hand and takes her in. He heals the burn on her arm. She says I am fine. He says but I am not. I couldn’t even say sorry to you. He caresses her face and says I can’t tell you what I feel. He hugs her. Ajju is standing on the door. He is taken aback. Sanjana sees him. Ajju says wow you are taking your responsibility so seriously. What is it? I am so glad you both are not fighting. You are both friends now. He hugs ajay. He holds sanjana’s face and says I missed you. Ajju says i told you ajay she is not that bad. My gf and my best friend are finally friends. Ajju says where are mamma maami? Dadi comes. Ajju meets her. Dadi says where have you been? sanjana tried to call you over and over again. He says I was stuck with responsibilities. Dadi says sanjana was your responsibility too. He says this is why i am here to take her back.
Dadi says I want to talk to ajay. Dadi says take him out. I know you care about ajju but care about sanjana too.

Bhushan says never thought my shreya would do this to me. Elaichi says we are all with you.
Sanjana says to ajju you didn’t pick a single call. He says i missed you but I was busy. Everything was new. She says you could contact me. You didn’t have a moment for me. Ajay says to ajju lets go. AJju says yes i want to eat pethy. He holds sanjana’s hand and says lets go. Sanjana says leave my hand.

Precap-Shreya’s mom asks where is that girl? She was in your car. He says she is on the cliff. Bhushna comes as well. Shreya jumps off the cliff.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What drama Shreya playing with now

  2. Ab ek Aur drama sherya ko ab bushan maf kar dega mata lb kitne bi galat kaam karo Aur marne ka drama karo .. not good writer sherya ko bi utna hi punishment Milan chiya.

  3. Shreya’s such a drama queen. She doesn’t know when to stop, accusing the family of being impartial after being caught is just plain stupid.

    Oh Ajay, I don’t know whether he confessed that he has feelings but that wasn’t good enough. But, it was good enough because it gives Sanjana strength and assurance that things will work out between them. Oh, the way Ajay looked when Ajju touched Sanjana, he looked as if he was going to hit someone or something.

  4. upcoming episode it will be seen that ex-lover of Sanjana (Chandni Bhagwanani) and Ajay’s friend Ajju (Neeraj Goswami) will make a come back on the show and create new drama.
    Ajju will be extremely shocked to see Sanjana and Ajay (Kabeer K) being together. He will fight with Sanjana and also with the entire Pethawala family refusing the sudden turnarounds that have
    Ajju will get insecure of Ajay and Sanjana sharing the same room and will ask Sanjana to take a virginity test, after which he will consider taking her back in his life.
    This will create a huge chaos, with Ajay and Ajju getting into a first fight. Later, during the Ganpati celebrations, Ajju will look look for an opportunity to get close to Sanjana and attempt to rape her. Will Ajay save Sanjana in time? Will this incident bring Ajay and Sanjana close to each other?

  5. Oh my tat was heaven watching Shreya being thrown out of house, she deserve tat an more!!!!!!!! blo*dy ruthless woman an for woman tat ar like her shud learn frm this, greed is the root of all evil!!!!!!!

  6. Ohh kowsi is all that will happen?

    my God it’s interesting

  7. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!! Finally shreyas truth is out but this b**** is doing another drama and ajju is here argh


  9. Cassandra priyanka

    Shreya is an real idiot..i just hate her for her lies and she is chaeting thw family…i want ajay and sanjana to be together they both look cute and sanjana suits the family well….

  10. ROFL! Very Hilarious to see Bhushan dragging Shreya out like that… VERY ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS UP GUYS!

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