Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th January 2014 Written Update


Koki Rashi and Gopi waiting for Dhawal in back yard. Rashi says now Dhawal Bhai come or their playfor frighten trpiti works ahead, Gopi saw Dhawal in corridor whom walking towards tripti room. Gopi tell Koki she saw Dhawal in corridor Koko says why he went driect in tripti first he should come here to meet with them then they told whthe will gonna do exactly. Rashi says let it be KokiJi now we have to move faster towards Tripti room. so they three leave. after their left Dhawal come there he found no one there so he decide enter in tripti room via pipe.

In Trpiti room!! Tripti seeing window courtains moves she stand up and slow walk towards window seeing whos there?? when she reach umangs ghost comes infront of her wearing mask. she yells

louder then another ghost enter in rooom wearing same mask and clothes tripti get scared seeging two ghost of umang who slowly coming near her.. she start fumming in frighten. otherside outside of room Koki Rashi Gopi caputuring all happening in their mobiles along that Koki suspect how two ghost come in room when they called only Dhawal for skit. trpiti runs towards she open door and found another one ghost stand their. she become more scared and shouts louder her voice coming down so remain ladies whom sat in mandir suspects where this voice coming frm. Hetal gets up and going to check so Urmi Madhu ben stop her saying it must be some ghost frighting tripti. Radha worried seeing tripti but madhu ben grab her hane tightly.. so Kinjal also come in MM following Dhawalji. Hetal Baa Kinjal go in tripti room Urmi also follow them..

In room seeing three ghost standing around her she get super scared or confess her crime { On That Day!! Tripti fighten with Umang coz she let it know that Umang making a plan of run away. He kept all money whom Rada’s father giving him he want to run away along all the money without Tripti or for that he booked air ticket aswell so that why Tripti fighten with him or during fighting she push umang backward or he fall on knife whom placing on table knife stabbed in his stomach or he die }

listening this everyone get shocked Koki Rashi Gopi sigh deep breath of relief. Koki ask Rashi go and switch on the lights. she switch on the lights so one by one ghost remove their mask. first Ahem – secnod Jigar and third Dhawal. Rashi says to Ahem and Jigar they both refused doing this so how come they both here?? Ahem replied that Dhawal call him and tell he going to act umang ghost so they both decide helping him in this skit. Koki proudly said my three of sons revealed Tripti ture face. Tripti in super shocked. Koki tell her that her reallity now out or they capture her each and every words in their mobile. Radha also seems shocked Rashi says ur the killer of umang. Radha shouts at Rashi how dare she saying all to her bhabhi. then Koki shown her video or tell other rest ture abt Tripti Umang. Radha cannot believe still.. Gopi said that she many time tried to tell her their turth but she always refused to listen.

Koki grab Trpiti hand and drag her in hall. Koki says Ahem dail phone and call the police here. Tripti trying to convience Radha that she is not the culpirt of Umang though this Gopi is real culpirt they all doing this skit for safed her. Radha confronted with her and says why she get remarry of her married hansband why she ruined her or has both life. mainwhile cops arrived in MM. Koki showing them video or the arrest tripti.

Radha went in poilce station for meeting with Tripti. where Tripti wash her brain that she not done umang’s murder infect why she doing though beside you and Umang no one is her. Ahem doing all drama just for savingGopi. In MM!! Koki says where Radha gone without telling.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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  1. I hate Radha and tripti
    They are so annoying
    And Radha is soooo rude to her ELDER SISTER

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