Saraswatichandra 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 15th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kalika wandering in the house at night. She says once my fate’s lock opens, then no one will dare to talk to me. She brings a hammer to break the lock of the old room. Yash hears the sound and says who is there. Kalika gets hurt as the hammer falls on her feet. Everyone are having a laugh as its a good day for everyone. They say that someone kept the hot diya in Saras’s room and even then he flied the kite with hurt hand. They wonder where are Saras and Kumud. Saras brings Kumud on the terrace and shows her some flying lights. Mann ke dor……………. plays………………

Kumud smiles seeing it. Saras touches her hair and looks at her. Yash sees Kalika and asks what happened. She says I fell bumping in this vase. He says so I heard this

sound, are you fine. She makes an excuse and hides the hammer. She asks him to leave. He leaves. Kusum says might Kumud went to apply the ointment to Saras, I will see. She says they have to share the happiness with everyone. Saras tells Kumud I know its necessary to show love, you kept a small condition and I could not do it. I could not tell infront of everyone, but I tell it to myself daily that I love you so much and will always love you.

He says these diyas are speaking my heart, asking you to hold my hand so that my heart never becomes dark and your love always keeps it bright. He sits on his knees and proposes to her giving his hand to her. He says will you hold my hand. She holds his hand and smiles with tears in her eyes. Music plays……………. He kisses her hand. They look at each other. Piya re…………. plays……………. She signs yes. He shows her the diyas and smiles.

Kusum looks around near the old door as she saw someone. Kumud and Saras are having a romantic moment at the terrace looking at the sky. Saras sees everyone coming and stands on the bench. He says Kumud Desai, will you marry me. Everyone smile. Kumud nods yes. O piya…………. plays………. Saras jumps with excitement and hugs everyone. He is about to hug Kumud but stops in everyone’s presence. Badimaa signs you can. Saras hugs Kumud. They smile. Badimaa wishes to the Lord to beep them united, and she got everything in their happiness.

Vidyachatur says lets tie them in a relation, else Kumud will stop the marriage. Badimaa says yes, I will talk to the pandit and fix the date, my kids have given hard tests, now I can’t be late. Saras says Mrs. Saraswatichandra. Kumud smiles. Badimaa hugs Saras and Kumud and blesses them. She says the biggest and happiest day of your life is about to come. Kumud runs and Saras is after her. He stops her holding her hand. She says leave me, let me go. He leaves her hand. She does not move. He says first you say, now tell me. She says what to say, you said everything that too infront of everyone. He holds her in his arms and flirts.

She becomes shy and smiles looking down. He holds her face and music plays………. he says I told infront of the whole world, now its your turn, come on, tell me. She asks what. He says that you love me a lot. He says tell me, fine, then I have one condition, tell me soon else…….. She asks else. He says else I will change my decision. She says so change it. He says it means you won’t say. She says I will, but I have one condition. He says I won’t fly the kite again. She says you have to sing a song. He agrees and says its better to fly a kite, I did not sing in his life ever. She says if you sing, then you will hear what you want to. She leaves. He says song, how to sing…………

Everyone are having sweets as Kumud’s marriage is fixed. Kalika comes being hurt. Yash cares for her. He makes her sit. Kalika says I m fine. Dada ji says massage it with Til oil. He tells Kusum you supported Danny and Saras in kite flying, whom will you support in marriage. Sge sats I m a Vyas, I will come to take my jethani, serve me well. Yash says fine, Kalika and I have to do the arrangements, Kalika says yes and leaves. Yash looks on.

Kumud comes to her room and sees Saras exercising. He says turn that side, I mm ready. He sings Rahe na Kuch bhi darmiyaan…………. She says sshhhhhh and laughs. He asks how was it, tell me how I sang. She says very nice and laughs on him. He asks what happened, why are you laughing like this. She says it would be better you flew the kite, its good you did not sing for me. He is annoyed. She holds his hand and stops him. He says let me go. She wishes him happy Makar Sankranti. he says why did you ask me to do this. She says have this laddu, please.

He says happy Makar Sankranti and says I know I m a bad singer, you eat this. She says I don’t like sweets, bring something spicy. He says no, will you eat this or not. She says no. He eats it and says lets see and leaves. She smiles and says he is becoming much sweet.
Kalika is taking care of her foot. Yash comes to her and says why so much swelling, was it a vase or a hammer. She says stop taunting me. He says when did I. She says don’t serve me, go and do the preparations of Kumud’s marriage. He says don’t do anything if you don’t want. She says I will, as I m a servant’s daughter, I m born to work. He apologizes to her and asks did anyone tell you anything. She says I was angry due to the pain. He says sit, its your right. She says I m not annoyed with anyone, I will work for Kumud’s marriage. Yash smiles and says some lines and calls her a diamond. She smiles and hugs him. She thinks of doing such arrangements that Kumud will fear of marriage.

Saras asks Kumud to say she loves him. She says I won’t. He says if you don’t say, I will keep asking. She says keep asking, I won’t say. He says I will make you say.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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