Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2013 Written Update

Radha get flash backs of wht all happened in MM, Madhu and Urmi both asleep on bed.. than she come out frm room in hall Jitu and Janti Bhai sleep she took landline phone and sit behind sofa dail Umang’s number.Umang picks her call & says wht happened? is everything fine? why she called at late night? Radha asure him that whtever everyone sais but she have full trust on him, also she forgive his all past deeds heartedly.. also she adds that she loves him more than that he loves her. Umang simles and says that he knew she trust him n loves him alot!! than he cut the call and smirks abd says that i need to take all my wonds revenge.


Madhu’ben wakeup and feels bit headache then she saw Radha bed was empty she get up frm bed n moves towards door then seeing a latter left on table she took the latter n reads!! while reading she start yelling (GOPI KE BABUJI) and cried hard everybody comes in room, than she said Radha run away with that guy (Umang) JentiBhai read latter.. wherein write thar she knows their parents gave her brith and shower so much love but now she cannot live without Umang so thats why she leave the house.Madhuben broken down and cried harder.. that wht Rasdha has does? she runis all their respect.. than Urmi taunt her that she always said her wht taught her daughter Rashi so now see wht you taught your daughter whom run away with guy. Kinjal stopped Urmi but she makes her shut also..also Urmi says plz dont need yell so much if are neighbour heard so they make things worse fro us.. these ppl are guest but we staying here in chwal.. than JituBhai said Urmi wht wrong with you. plz shut your mouth for secnods… JentiBhai said to JituBhai we need to file report in policestation but MadhuBen stop them if they file report so Radha life become ruins than which guy will get marry with her.. Kinjal give suggestion that instead of cops we should tells AhemBhai abt this.. So she called him and said that Radha run away frm the house. listen this Ahemji get in shocked.


All ladies performed puja when Ahemji comes and says Mom – Kaki!! Koki ask him wht happened? why he looked so tenes? He tells thats Radha run away frm the house heard this Gopi broken down and Hetal Rashi holds her… Ahemji also yells GOPI!! Gopi get in deep shock and shed tears.


Radha coming inside in Umang house and he laid on sofa and playing with his mobile. Radha call him * Umang ji * he seeing turn his face Radha stand near his sofa.. he getup surprizingly & says you are here?? Radha said yes im here!! i leave my house and family and now i live with you../


Everybody stand in hall worriedly.. Ahemji says that they should file report in policestation.. but again Madhuben stop her with giving same reason.. but Koki said if they need to findout Radha than they have to take help frm cops.. she said to Ahem!! You & Jigar will go at policeStation n file the report Ahemji says Yes Mom!! they just abt to leave.. but at moment Umang & Radha entered in MM while holding eachother hands. Everyone looked shocked to seeing them at door.. Ahemji pissed off highly… than Madhu Ben comes forward & says to Radha where she has gone and why she leave the house??? Umang replied that She has comes frm me in my house she want to get marry with me but i never want to do without your blessing… before i had did such mistake but now i dont want to break ur turst on any cost.. everyone listening his rubbish fake words and get annoyed.. Radha said which trust u talking Umangji i turst u fulliest.. but Umang says no Radha these ppl is yours love ones how could we get marriage without their blessing… than Umang picks Gopi hand n give Radha hand into her hand.. than he moves towards Koki he geert her touching her feets but she moves back.. he make her sure that he never repeats his past mistakes again he will never get married with Radha till you herself bring her hand into his hand… Koki made annyoed face and Umang leaves Radha want to run behind him but Gopi grab her hand.

Radha said to Gopi wht she still felt that Umang is a bad guy.. dont she seen his goodiness.. Gopi said her that yet she unable to see his turecolour..he just doing all drama and fooling her… Radha than moves towards Ahemji!! Jijaji you also felt to see all that Umang is wrong but Ahem moves his face another side… than she went frm Koki..!! NaniKaki!! Umangji now has changed… my ture loves has changed him totally… Koki shouts at her STOP!!! just stop dont dare to say single word again. yet you had become belind nor u unble to see his dirty game his drama… now i will show you hus ture face.. she ask Ahem signed 10lakhs cheque and give me… Ahemji obey her Mom order and signed… Kinjal said to Koki why u has given him such big ammount he not deserves it… Koki says relax… Urmi heart was sinking that 10lakhs cheque for Umang.. Koki than tell to Radha Umang had need menoy only… he wont love her at all then u will see how he become change after to get this money… Koki moves to leave but Ahem says that he also come with her sge wont go alone than both leaves… Radha confidenly says Umangji will never accept this money and Gopi glaring her angerily.


Koki & Ahem reach home and Koki annouce Umang accept their cheque.. meanwhile Bank maneger calls has come on Ahem phone and he took phone on speaker. Maniger has say!! some Umang has come with 10lakhs rupees cheque bcoz ammount is huge so i need to confirm frm you first before given him… Radha get super shocked to listen all…

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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