Balika Vadhu 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 13th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ira asking for Shiv and Anandi. Meenu says they are waiting in the car. Ira asks Meenu and Alok to come, but they prefers to stay at home. Alok asks Meenu, why she didn’t go with Ira. Meenu says she don’t want to look at the past and wants to forget it. Alok says he also didn’t have the courage to go there. Shiv gives the speech on the stage for the hospital function. He says I was born in this hospital and welcomes the guests for coming. He talks about the hospital being a charitable hospital and praises the doctor for being a example of humanity. He thanks everyone.

Doctor gives the speech and says he wanted to honour the first employee who gave 20 years of her life. She invites Sarla on the stage. Shiv gave the bouquet to Sarla. She thanks him. Ira tells Anandi that she is the same nurse who held her delivery with the doctor. She says I want to meet her. Ira comes and greets Sarla. Sarla says she didn’t recognise her. Ira says, you assisted the doctor during my checkup. She says I am Iravati shekhar. Sarla is shocked. She says I can’t forget you, your delivery was my last work then I didn’t have a courage. I couldn’t give you happiness, you was craving for baby but you gave birth to a dead baby. Ira is shocked and says you are mistaken. My baby was healthy and alive. I wanted to met you but you left by that time. She says I will show you my son and calls Shiv. Sarla is taken aback. Ira introduces Sarla to Shiv and says you came in this world through her hands. Sarla blesses him but is still shocked.

Jagya tells Ganga, why you want to stay at home, accident can happen at any time. Ganga says she wants to stay at home and take care of her responsibilities. Sumitra brings food for Ganga. She says she didn’t eat anything since the accident. Jagya says you didn’t bring anything for me. Ganga says she isn’t hungry. Sumitra asks her to forget about the previous day. Sumitra tells her that big trouble came and went. Jagya says I was saying the same thing. Ganga says her decision to work is not right leaving Mannu at home. She declares she will not go to school. Dadisaa comes and says, don’t you trust us. Ganga says no, and says Mannu is lucky to get your love. Sumitra says Mannu is part of our family, we will take care of him. Sumitra says, it seems Ganga lost trust on us. Ganga says she was wondering, how she will handle home and work. Dadisaa says you used to handle it before and why you now. She asks her to go leaving Mannu with them. Dadisaa says you are lucky to get Sumitra as your mom in law. She smiles.

Ira is happy and says many people got a life here. Sarla is speaking to some lady and says she can’t be mistaken. She tried to revive the baby but couldn’t as the baby died in his mother’s womb. Anandi hears everything. That lady says, you might be mistaken. I think she was not the one. She says that boy is collector now and chief guets of the function. Sarla says she knows about Ira’s husband Alok and says Ira told her that she will give her banarasi saree after her delivery. Anandi is shocked. Sarla says I didn’t meet her as I didn’t have courage. I left this hospital after that incident. That lady says I remember everything as you said you couldn’t give happiness to the last patient.

Ganga says I will bring tea for you. Jagya holds her hand and says world moved on and I am still at the same place. When you will promote me? I am doctor saheb for everyone and you should call me jagya or jagdish. Ganga says how can I call you by your name. Jagya asks her to call him by honey, sweet heart etc. Ganga says no. Jagya asks her to call him in old days style,like oji, loji…. etc. Jagya says shall I call you sister in the hospital. Ganga smiles.

Ira tells everyone that after Shiv speech, she forget that she is in the hospital. Meenu praises Shiv and blesses him. Daddu says some credit goes to him and asks Shiv, do he remember that he used to tell him about the brave people. Shiv says yes and says whatever he is, is because of the family. Ira says something strange have happened and says she met the nurse which helped her in her delivery,who likes her banarasi saree. She says she met her today and her name is Sarla.
Anandi recalls. Alok and Meenu are shocked. Ira says she had even promised her to give banarasi saree to her.

Meenu tells Alok that she never thought their secret will come in open infront of everyone. Alok says if this truth comes out then we have to pay a heavy price. Ganga runs behind Mannu and falls on the table. She gets hurt. Jagya runs after her..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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