Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2013 Written Update

There is a knock on Raji room door and Rashi is shocked to see doc with Heki and Gopi. Koki tells her that she has called the doc for her as she is suffering from body pain. Rashi agrees and Hetal says doc will check her and makes her lie down. Doc checks her as Heki and Gopi watch. Doc says she is ok so far but if she keeps resting it will not be good for her. The body pain is there because she is resting too much. She needs to move about as it is good for the baby. She needs to be active so that her blood circulation is good, otherwise she will be lazy and her body will become stiff. Koki asks the doc if Rashi she can do light housework like cooking. Rashi gives Koki an angry look, doc agrees and says that she can even sweep and mop the floor and should go for evening walk. The doc warns her that she should not lift any heavy stuff. Koki says that she already knew this but she wanted the doc to say this so that Heshi are convinced. Hetal smiles and agrees with Koki. Doc leaves and Koki thanks her. Koki tells Rashi to help Gopi in the kitchen and Rashi is not pleased.
Kinjal is cooking theplas and thinks that Dhawal will forget his anger once he sees his favourite theplas. She takes it to him but Dhawal leaves without saying anything and Kinjal is worried.
Ahem enters Gohem room and Gopi wears her pallu. Ahem watches Meera lovingly. He tells Gopi that he and Jigar decided to come home early as they did not have much work. Gopi is happy and tells him he can spend more time with Meera and Ahem smiles at Meera lovingly.
Rashi is cribbing in the kitchen that she should not have sent Meethi to the drycleaner, now she is stuck in the kitchen. Jigar comes there and goes behind Rashi and holds her surprising her.
Gopi tells Ahem to look after Meera and she will keep things in the cupboard. Ahem stops her and tells her to sit with him. They share a loving eyelock but Meera starts crying and Gopi starts pacifying her.
Rashi complains to Jigar that she does not have time and she has to cook as Gopi is with Meera. She repeats that she does not have time for him. Jigar tells her to relax and continue her work and leaves.
Modi guys are playing cricket and Jigar hits the ball which falls in a milk vessel that a lady is holding. She drops the vessel as Jihem, Chirag and Parag reach there.
Ahem comes down as Jigar is going upstairs. Ahem tells him that Meera is crying and Jigar says Rashi is busy cooking. Jigar asks what to do and Ahem is thinking.
Jihem are playing cricket and Jigar yells happily as Ahem gets out. Ahem defends himself saying he is out of practice and Jigar laughs and agrees with him taking the bat from him.
Meanwhile, in MM hall, the senior Modi ladies are gossiping about the new neighbours. Hetal tells Baa that the new neighbours seem modern and there might be kids too. Koki remarks on the sandals box.
A lady is shown walking on the road with a vessel. Meanwhile in MM, Koki wonders who can walk wearing such high heeled sandals.
On the other hand, Chirag comments maybe they are from Dubai and Jigar replies they seem to be classy. Ahem warns him to be careful and concentrate and bowls to him. Jigar hits the ball which falls in a milk vessel that a lady is holding. She drops the vessel as Jihem, Chirag and Parag reach there. Jigar apologizes and the lady gets up smiling as Jihem watch in confusion. The lady says it’s ok (she has a fake accent too!). Ahem apologizes again and the rest of the guys apologize too. Heki and Goshi come out and the lady tells them that these naughty boys were playing cricket and explains what happened. Koki apologizes on their behalf and asks who she is. The lady replies that she is their neighbour Nikki from Mumbai. Koki says Jai Shri Krishna and she says JSK. Jihem snigger. Nikki tells Koki that her bindi is crooked and Koki is stunned. She asks Hetal to confirm who shakes her head; Nikki persists but Koki tells her her that her bindi is ok. Rashi tells her that her shoes collection is very good. Nikki is happy and tells her that she has travelled a lot to places like US etc.. Koki welcomes her to MM and Nikki happily walks right in leaving the Modis baffled at the gate.
Rashi tells Urmi on the phone that Nikki has invited them for tea. Urmi is excited and wants to come but Rashi refuses. Urmi tells her to befriend Nikki so that they can have their own private party at her place. Koki suddenly enters and is shocked seeing Rashi on the phone as Rashi watches in fear.
Kinjal is cooking and Urmi enters and is happy seeing her cooking. She tells her that she had decided that she won’t enter the kitchen. Seeing no reaction from her Urmi persists that she will not do any kitchen work. Kinjal agrees and Urmi wonders how the tigress turned into a tame cat. Urmi asks why she is not back answering and if she is ok. Kinjal tells her to leave her alone but Urmi persists. She asks if she had a fight with Dhawal and Kinjal gets angry. Urmi tells her to cook something nice as she is hungry and leaves happily.
Nikki and the Modis are in the hall; Nikki tells them that she wanted to make tea and since her kitchen stuff is still unpacked she asks for some sugar. Gopi offers to get sugar and looking at Nikki’s dirty vessel she offers to wash it too. Nikki thanks and blesses her. She says she is happy to see them live together happily. She sees a vase and goes there and starts arranging the flowers and tells them she is still not used to living there. The Modis watch her in wonder as she continues to arrange the flowers. Hetal tells her to join them and she comes back and sits with them. Nikki tells Koki again that her bindi is crooked. Rashi is controlling her laughter. Koki reminds her that she has said that already but she need not worry as it is ok. Gopi comes back with sugar and the now clean vessel with milk. Nikki is happy seeing the milk and Gopi explains that she got milk as she had spilled it. Nikki thanks her and is about to leave but turns around and asks Jigar if he hit the ball that hit her; she compliments him that he plays well as Ahem is sniggering behind him. She tells Gopi that she has heard that she makes dhokla very well so she will come there to have it and Gopi welcomes her happily. Hetal calls her Nikkiben but she tells her to call her Nikki. She welcomes them to a tea party at her place and Hetal agrees calling her Nikkiben again. Nikki corrects her again and leaves. Koki watches in wonder.
Kinjal enters her room and sees Dhawal taking his blanket and pillow. She stops him as he is leaving the room but Dhawal shrugs her hand away and leaves. Kinjal follows him out of the house telling him to stop but he does not listen and goes to his baniyan shop. The neighbours are watching and Kinjal gets embarrassed. Dhawal opens the shop and arranges a bed for himself inside. He tells her that he will sleep there. Kinjal tells him to stop all this as all are watching. Dhawal remarks that she is still caring about others and not him. Kinjal tries to explain but Dhawal asks her to leave and goes to sleep. Kinjal is sad.
Urshi are talking on the phone about Nikki and Urmi tells her that she might be very rich. Rashi tells her that she is married in a rich family too.
Koki knocks the door and Rashi keeps the phone and hides the achaar bottle under her bed. Koki enters and sees her lying down and asks why she is still in bed. Koki reminds her that the doc has advised her to take a walk everyday and tells her to join her for a walk. Rashi says she will come and Koki tells her that she will wait for her and leaves. Rashi is annoyed.

Koki and Jihem (Ahem in track suit) are in the garage. There are lots of boxes and Koki asks whose boxes are these. Ahem replies that these are Nikki aunty’s, she did not have place to keep them so he offered that she could keep them in their garage. He had told the driver to park their cars outside. Jigar remarks that his car is not outside and Ahem is shocked. Koki tells him sarcastically that his Nikki aunty has taken his car for a ride

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