Nach Baliye 5 10th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 5 10th March 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 10th March 2013 Written Update

From top 5 jodis, 4 will go to Nach Baliye Finale which will be held on March 23.
1 will be eliminated next week.

Arvind and Neelu:
Arvind becomes Rajnikanth in today’s performance.
Song – Naka Muka
Terrence’s Comment – Staying “over the top” was required in this south song and you did all that. This jodi is strongest jodi in terms of dance combination. 10 marks
Sajid’s Comment – I am a big fan of Rajnikath and you did his act. The way you walked, “Kya baat hai”. Our expectations rise when you come on the stage and you always deliever, maybe not a lot in terms of dance, but in terms of entertainment which is an important part of dance. 11 marks
Shilpa’s Comment – Super performance. We always see you as Govinda, and today we saw you in a different avatar. 10 marks
Total Marks – 31/33

Mohit and Vikram from Diya Aur Baati Hum come on the stage to support Arvind – Neelu.
Arvind-Neelu get KitKat break.
They also get 25,000 rupees cheque.

Masterchef India judges come to promote their show and to wish all the best to 5 jodis.
They sit with top 5 jodis to support them.

Ravi and Sargun:
Song – In Aankho Ki Masti Mein
Terrence’s Comment – The song and act was difficult. We want to see this level. Except some parts, it was a good performance. 9 marks
Sajid’s Comment – Sajid is not impressed. 7 marks
Shilpa’s Comment – I always afraid when anyone jumps. But hats off to you guys for the risk that you take. 8 marks
Masterchef India judges = We enjoyed the performance.
Total Marks – 24/33

Masterchef India judges are asked to show their dance jalwa. Shilpa goes on the stage and teaches them some steps in cooking style.
They bring the cake and everyone eats the cake.

Jaisheel and Suhashi:
They do an aerial act.
Song – Zoobi Doobi
Terrence’s Comment – I loved some parts. But I wanted it to be different than the aerial acts that we have seen already. 8 marks.
Sajid’s Comment – Sorry, I didn’t enjoy, but I wish you all the best. 8 marks.
Shilpa’s Comment – Good, but it didn’t touch me. 8 marks.
Total Marks – 24/33

Jay and Mahii:
Song – Surili Akhiyon Wale
They get standing ovation.
Terrence’s Comment – When I saw this prop, wheels, I was scared.. but you did everyone’s “hawa-tight”. It was a magical performance. 11 marks.
Sajid’s Comment – Shilpa is absolutely right.. you win our heart most of the time. Even if you don’t win in Finale, you should think that you were winners in all previous episodes. 11 marks.
Shilpa’s Comment – This performance was “super se bohot upar”. You deserve all the appreciation. 11 marks.
Total Marks – 33/33

Jay expresses his love to Mahii. Tears in Mahii’s and everyone’s eyes.

Karan and Nisha:
Song – Ali Maula
Terrence’s Comment – Act on this song could have been much better. Karan – let down. Nisha – good job. 7 marks.
Sajid’s Comment – It happens.. it was your bad day. Give your best next time.
Shilpa’s Comment – No synchronization. Nisha did a good job, whereas Karan disappointed. 7 marks.
Total Marks – 21/33

Participants tell which 5 things they like most about their partner.

Judges now tell which 5 things they like most about each other.

Jodi of the week goes to: Jay and Mahii..

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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