Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem is riding a scooter with Gopi as a pillion rider. Ahem asks if she wants to ride it. Gopi says she does not know to ride and is fine as a pillion rider.

Pooja drops Dhaval home. Dhaval thanks and gets out of his car and tries to go to his home when Pooja sees his mobile in car and comes out to give it to him, but twists her leg while walking. Dhaval holds her on time and takes her home let her rest for some time. Kinjal sees Pooja in pain and gives her pain gel to apply. Dhaval asks her to apply it on pooja, but Kinjal says her hands are dirty with roti dough and asks him instead to appply.

Baa engages Kokila in her talks and asks her to prepare garland with her. Once she gets busy, Hetal and Rashi rushes to Kokila’s room and search for silver utensils with Rashi and Gopi’s name. Kokila finishes her garland and asks baa if she can go to her room now. Baa asks her to sit with her for some time, but Kokila says she wants to go right now as she is feeling headache. She goes to her room and sees Hetal and Rashi there.

Kokila asks Hetal and Rashi what are they doing in her room. Hetal says she is searching he saree as she thought it must have come by mistake. Kokila asks Rashi/Jigna what is she doing there without her permission. She says her place in driver’s room and asks her to get out from there. Rashi says she is right and they both go silently hiding the utensils. Radha sees them and purposefully clashes with Rashi. Rashi’s utensil falls down. Rashi says she was drinking water. Once they go, Radha says why was Rashi hiding utensil, it must be Kokila’s and says they are planning something big now.

Hetal calls Gopi and asks her to take silver utensils from there before Kokila sees them. Gopi says she will come in the early morning and take them.

Kokila remembers Rashi and Hetal stealing utensils and then remembers about Bharath and Gopi roaming out. She sees Parag coming in and acts as sleeping. Once he sleeps, she gets up and thinks if she says about the incidents, Parag will not believe her.

Rashi sees Gopi at home and asks what is she doing in the early morning. Gopi says Hetal had asked her to pick silver utenils. Rashi asks her to come room the backdoor. She informs Hetal about it. Radha sees Gopi inside the house and thinks of informing it to Kokila. Hetal and Rashi see Kokila going up and thinks of meeting Gopi in lawn. Baa says she will keep an eye on Kokila. Radha meets Kokila and asks her to watch out from her window. Kokila watches out of window and sees Gopi in a lawn. She gets surprised Parag, Hetal, Rashi meeting Gopi. Hetal gives silver utensils to Gopi and informs about it to Parag. Kokila thinks what are they talking about. Radha says those utensils are stolen from her room by Jigna/Rashi. Gopi takes utensils and asks Hetal to take care of Kokila. Kokila sees Hetal hugging Gopi and angrily tries to go out. Radha asks where is she going. She says she wants to go and ask Hetal why did she meet Gopi and give her silver utensils. Radha says it is waste talking to them and says they must have given silver utensils as a reward of trying to kill Kokila. Kokila gets tensed hearing that.

Gopi prays god to get Kokila well soon and thinks if Kokila sees her, she will me more tensed and goes from there.

Kokila remembers Radha’s words and then letter and knife under her bed, she then remembers other incidents and thinks her own family is trying to kill her and gave silver utensils as a reward to kill her. Even her sister Rashi and her husband want to kill her. She thinks she is not safe in this house and thinks of going to her mother’s house. She prays god to protect her.

Precap: Rashi goes near the temple in search of Kokila. She sees Kokila getting in an auto and going. Kokila asks auto driver to take her to railway station.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. felt like saying… “lol”,”lmao”,”rofl”..”wth”….”bleh”…. after reading every line!! duh!! -_-

  2. Hw much can they drag …. poor modis …they r suffering due to the evil radha

  3. Oh, Dear,
    Our Kokila has lost memory, She is not in her normal form for the last 8 and 1/2 years,
    As ardent viewers of this serial , We we should vouch that we will not see the serial till Kokila get back her memory.

  4. Yeah!! Finally Kolika is getting her memory back. According to news Kolika will go to the temple instead of going her mom house and get her memory back. Episode will telecast at end of the week. So don’t miss any eposide and also she will expose Radha and tripti.

  5. greencornrebel

    I hope you are right that Koko will get her memory back because otherwise the writers have carried out a cruel hoax torturing India’s viewers with two of the most hideous characters ever to appear on primetime television, the child abducting Radha and her murderous sidekick Tripti. Radha has gotten away with so many crimes that by now viewers are crying out that she and Tripti should be boiled alive in a steaming hot kettle of Beezle-Nut Oil.

  6. I just hope kokila gets her memory back soon otherwise i will stop watching saathiya

  7. I think Koku will have auto accident and will get her memory back. After she gets her memory , she’ll come home and Radha will try to conspiracy about gopi then kook will slap her .

  8. but are they going to hand over radha and tripti to law for the crime they committed or are they going to forgive them when they show crocodile tears. that is something we have to watch. Koki will get back her memory by this weekend , just hope so.

  9. in this episode only sweet thing was when ahem asked whether she was given lift in scooter by male ya female teachers. the look on his face was to see. the rapport between ahem and gopi is more easy going now, earlier in the serial even though ahem accepted gopi the relation was a bit stressed, mostly becoz gopi had to prove everything. Now she is more confident of herself, that is the only positive thing now.

  10. tripti and radha facial expressions are so ugly and evil its hilarious- slap and hand them to the law

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