Baawre 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghavendra coming to Yamini. His wife says I was trying to call you. He asks Yamini to come to him. Yamini hides behind Dadi. He repeats his words. Yamini comes to him. Raghavendra asks why did you not wear that dress, tell me. Yamini says that……….. He says I worked so hard to make your image. Dadi says let it go. Raghavendra says don’t come in between us. Am I a donkey who work hard for you, I think always to make your career good. He is about to slap her but Dadi stops him. He goes inside. Dadi consoles Yamini and says everything will be fine, I will talk to him.

He brings the yellow dress which he gifted her and says you want to live on your own by your wish, you wish to be free, fine do as you want. He burns that dress. They get shocked. He gets sad and says you don’t deserve my love. He leaves. Yamini cries looking at the fire. Nikumbh tells his group that the show got cancelled. Pandey react and says we are rehearsing going against our parents, only as you said our days will change, so I trusted you blindly, this happens everytime, what did we get.

Nikumbh pacifies him. Pandey insults Nikumbh and asks everyone to leave Nikumbh. Pandey leaves. Nikumbh and Yamini are upset. She thinks about her dad’s words. Ruki ruki se hum hai…………Nikumbh talks to Yamini’s poster and says I hate you. I had wine for the first time because of you. Azam says some shayari on Nikumbh’s situation. Nikumbh says he is angry and wants to spit it out. She says foolish girl, why do you make me angry, did you see me shouting on anyone. He says Azam, my brother, heart should be big, it’s the city. Azam is drunk too.

Nikumbh says I will tell you a big thing, I will live in small city and can’t I dream big, I will live in Lucknow and make my dreams true. He says we will start from tomorrow. Nikumbh tries hard to convince a man to finance his plays. Nawab Sahab looks on. The man laughs and makes fun of Nikumbh calling his idea foolish. He asks Nikumbh to do his business which can make money.

Raghavendra tries to talk to Tripathi but fails. Yamini comes to him. Yamini greets her. He is annoyed. He turns his face. Yamini says I m sorry, I did a mistake, you talk to me, will you not forgive your daughter. Nawab Sahab talks to Nikumbh and says he said something true, you don’t earn much with theatre, you have to do something else to earn money, find a good job which can give you monthly pay. Nikumbh says maybe you are right, even dad wanted this.

He says but then you said to dream and do what the heart says, I have dreamed of the sky, how can I do a job now. Why did you not stop me then. He leaves. Yamini asks her dad to speak to her. She says you scold me, slap me, but don’t be quiet, I made a big mistake, you have to bear a 1 crore tender loss. She says I promise I won’t do such mistake again, please forgive me. He says you think I m annoyed with you for the tender, no, I m annoyed as I have given my 15 years to make your image, and I worried only for you, but you won’t understand this, you have ruined everything in one stroke. He says everything is over now. He leaves. Yamini cries.

Shaheen comes to meet Azam to take her phone. She gets a call and gets upset. He asks is there any problem. She says I wanted to take form in fashion design contest but I did not get the form. He says I will bring it. She says so sweet, thanks, I will come tomorrow to take it. She smiles and leaves. Azam gets happy.

Nikumbh gets a call from Rastogi. The narrator says he used to see the kites and think about their fate, success and failure are like kites which fly in our fate, sometimes one upon each other, Nikumbh’s life has failure around him, everyone thinks he is a failure, his dream is becoming weak, even I feel his dream has an unclear way. He says this one phone call can prove me wrong.

Nikumbh gets angry seeing Rastogi’s call. Azam asks him to take the call. Nikumbh talks to Rastogi. Rastogi asks him will he do the 1 hour play in Umang festival. Nikumbh says why such a favor on me today, yesterday you rejected me. Rastogi says we decided to keep your show on Yamini’s slot, prepare for the play. Baawre…………plays……………… Nikumbh smiles.

Nikumbh talks to Yamini and asks him to come in his play to learn something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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