Saam Daam Dand Bhed 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: A Ray Of Hope For Bulbul

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul falls ill due to poison in herbal medicine and collapses. Vijay sadly looks at her sleeping on bed. Vasu asks him to go and rest, she will take care of chachi. Vijay goes out. Sadhna walks to him. Vijay asks how can Bulbul think that he will get angry if she does not bear cvhild. Sadhna says Bulbul does not have mother, she takes care of whole family like a mother, her dream has shattered, so she is in deep shock, is there any way to build ray of hope in Bulbul’s heart. Vijay says they can adopt child. Sadhna says Bulbul will not accept it, he has to find out some other way. Vijay returns to Bulbul’s room and asks Vasu to go now. He tells Bulbul if she wants child, they will find a way.

Next morning, Vijay and Bulbul go to meet doctor. Sadhna and whole family wait for Bulbul. Bulbul returns with Vijay and feeds Sadhna sweets saying she got a good news. Gayatri excited asks if Bulbul is pregnant again. Vijay says no, via surrogacy and explains they will hire a woman to bear Bulbul and his child. Gayatri asks why they want some stranger to bear child for them. Vijay says it is legal. Bulbul excitedly says she will become mother. She rushes to her room and looks at toys on laptop and tells Vijy they will change room color and fix child’s pic on wall. Vijay says doctor has not found a surrogate mother yet, she should relax.

Bulbul marks days on calendar. Vijaya calls her. She excitedly asks if doctor found surrogate mother. Vijay says just 2 days have passed. Bulbul continues marking dates and prays god to send surrogate mother mother soon. After a few days, Vijay returns home from hospital and says doc found a surrogate mother who will bear child for them. Bulbul rejoices.

A woman/resembling Mandira’s features walks into hospital wearing veil on her face. Bulbul and vijay reach doctor’s room and excitedly ask where is the girl. Doctor says in next room, but she wants to tell them details about girl. They both walk to girl. Bulbul says doc informed about her, whole family will take care of her. They return home. Gayatri resists she will not let any stranger inside home.

Mandira plays with doll in mental assylum garden and fights with girl to return doll to her. Baba walks in and asks her to go back to her room, there are many dolls in her room.

Vijay calls doctor and asks her to inform more details about girl, where is she from, her family background, etc. Bulbul disconnects phone and asks not to question too much, she just wants to become a mother. Gayatri notices Bulbul’s eagerness.

Precap: Vijay asks doctor to show girl’s face. Girl runs and falls in front of them. Bulbul looks tensed.

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