Siddhi Vinayak 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra plays the emotional card

Siddhi Vinayak 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari tells Rudra she made kheer and poori for him. He is surprised. I thought you will hate me after yesterday and would not even look at me! She calls it her helplessness that she has to still love him. You are my son after all. He asks to feed him but she ends up slapping him. She throws the food away. My love has spoilt you a lot. Now this slap will bring you back on track. You have only seen my love till date. Now you will see my hatred too! You think you will use me for your selfish reasons and send me to jail and I wont do anything? You think me to be some Devi? I have tackled hundreds like you. Who do you think you are? You should have died the moment you were born! She slaps him again. If Vin found out what you did then he would have made sure you spend the rest of your life behind bars. He is my step son yet he understands the pain of a mother. You are my own son yet you don’t know the meaning of this relation. Listen to me clearly. Stop thinking about Siddhi if you want to stay in this house. She should not come to your mind if you want to stay here otherwise you can leave! Don’t think of buying anything for that Siddhi with my money! You will be happy if you will stay in your limits. Don’t forget the slap or you will be treated the same way again. She leaves. Rudra says Manjari Kundra will hear the sound of this slap till long and till far. See what I will do now! Now even that Rudra (Mahadev) wont be able to separate that Siddhi from this Rudra!

Prachi is unhappy with the clothes. Makeup artist forces her to sit to do her makeup. Tiwari ji brings Rajvir there. Rajvir and Prachi shout seeing each other. Rajvir laments that the clothes are so bad. They smell too. Tiwari ji calls it the fragrance of Mithun Dada. He wore it for disco dance song. Rajvir realises that these clothes are 30 years old. Tiwari ji nods. Everyone wears these clothes on first day. You can bring your own clothes if you don’t like these ones. Come out now. Prachi is worried about her makeup but he tells her it will be taken care of outside.

Siddhi wakes up with a start and calls out to Vinu. She fixes her hair, turns and falls right in Vin’s arms. He dances with her sweetly. He dons his chef hat which brings a smile on her face. What is it? He pulls her closer. I cooked breakfast for you today. She asks him if he does not want to go on shoot. He says I have to but they can wait. I have worked hard so I should get a chance to spend some time with my wife. He blindfolds her and makes her sit on the bed. He comes back with a plate of breakfast for her.

You have to guess what it is and you will get to eat it. She guesses it all correctly and tastes it one by one. It is time for the last dish. Your breakfast will be complete if you tell this. She agrees. Vin leans closer and kisses her. She calls it her Vinu and smiles sweetly. He removes her blindfold and leans forward again but she asks him to head to the shoot. He promises to take her out for honeymoon real soon. No one will come between us there. She agrees.

Manjari wakes up and finds Rudra massaging his feet. His tears have fallen on her feet. He acts to have realised he was wrong. I dint know the importance of a mother or her slap. Now I have understood I was wrong. You can slap me as much as you want. I deserve it. I did that for a girl? I was wrong. She tells him that his crocodile tears wont affect her. Do this drama somewhere else. He says I know you wont believe me. I will punish myself. He starts slapping himself. She stops him. He agrees to follow her word. Forgive me once. I will become a good boy. She gets Shankar’s call. Rudra calls him Papa and takes the phone. He calls Shankar Papa ji and talks to him really nicely. Come home soon. I have to say a lot to you. I couldn’t say anything to you till now. Manjari gets emotional. I can lose anything today as I got the most precious thing back in my life – my son! You got freedom long back but you are really free today. Just do as I say. Everything will fall in place. He nods and hugs his mother. You turned out to be the mother in books – innocent and simple. It was very easy to fool you. It is time to take my other revenge!

Rajvir and Prachi are practising their dialogues (over acting as always). Rajvir tells her she cannot act but he will teach her. we will get some good clothes today. How will we take these bags outside? She has a plan.

Manjari is humming to herself while cooking. Gauri asks her why she seems so happy. Manjari says father-son duo were eating together today. I never imagined seeing them even talk to each other. This is why I am making chicken cutlet for Rudra. Gauri advises her to take Mayo. Manjari begins to look for it. Gauri collides with Prachi as she steps out of the kitchen. She notices the bag in their hand. Are you both going somewhere? Prachi lies that they were going to donate these clothes to poor. Gauri falls for it. Rajvir praises Prachi for her brilliant idea.

Manjari comes to Shankar’s room with food. Rudra starts his acting before her. Can I call you (Shankar) Papa ji? Will you give me that right? Maybe I was too lost in my hatred towards you that I couldn’t see you are my father after all. I will try to become a good son who you can trust. I want to tell you something that I haven’t told anyone till now. There shouldn’t be any secrets in anyone’s mind anymore. It isn’t healthy for relations. Do you know why you dint feel bad when you donated me in Mattha? It is because I am not your real son! Shankar is startled while Manjari stands there stunned.

Precap: Siddhi tells Gauri that Vaibhavi’s ghost will make Manjari Ma spill her beans. Gauri is confused but Siddhi tells her to just follow her instructions. It is time to bring Vaibhavi’s ghost to life.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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