Saam Daam Dand Bhed 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Suspects Sarla Daimaa

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul dreams about Vijay and Sarla congrulating her on her first wedding anniversary and garlanding Vijay’s photo and saying she became widow on same day. She wakes up worried. In the morning, Bulbul goes to kitchen and sees Sarla there who shows her halwa bowl and asks to feed it to Mandira. Bulbul asks what is in it. Sarla says dry fruits and lots of Bulbul’s love. Bulbul tries to take bowl, but Sarla says she will give it in living room itself. Bulbul walks with halwa bowls for family. Sarla keeps bowl in tray when Bulbul reaches living room. Bulbul serves halwa to family and Sarla’s bowl to Mandira. Mandira says no thanks. Bulbul says it is her wedding anniversary. Mandira takes bowl and is about to have eat when Bulul says rat.. Family panics. Mandira drops bowl. Bulbul scolds her that she did not want to have halwa, so she threw it. Mandira says she did not. Sarla thinks Bulbul is making drama, she will Baba.

Sarla walks aside and picks phone to call Baba. Bulbul pleads not to call Baba, but Sarla does not listen. Bulbul pulls carpet under Sarla’s feet. Sarla slips and is about to fall from railing when Bulbul holds her hand and saves her. Angad comes and asks what happened. Sarla says she slipped and was about to to fall when Bulbul saved her. Baba calls back. Bulbul pleads not to. Sarla says she called by mistake. Baba says that means Bulbul did not feed medicine to Mandira. Sarla assures work will be done by evening and disconnects call. She warns Bulbul to execute her task soon, else Vijay will not be spared.

Mandira calls Bulbul’s father and asks if he sent Daima/midwife for Bulbul, even she needs one. Father says he did not send any. Mandira realizes woman is fake and has come with a reason, she needs to find out. Bulbul on the other side, Bulbul hopes Mandira will find out truth. Mandira walks to Sarla and asks who is she. Sarla says she is Bulbul’s Daima. Mandira says she already spoke to Bulul’s father and warns to tell truth, else. Bulbul walks in and asks else what..

Angad and Agastya bring mosquito fumigator home. Gayatri insists to switch it on and kicks it. It starts and spreads smoke. Sarla starts couhing and searches Bubul and finds her on sofa.

Bulbul walks to Mandira next and requests her to have tablets with milk for baby’s sake. Mandira consumes tablet and milk. Sarla smirks standing near door.

Precap: Doctor comes to check unconscious Mandira and informs she suffred miscarriage. Bulbul stands shocked while Sarla smirks.

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