Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Is Abducted

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanhaiya and his wives contribute to arrange ransom money to save Kunti. Kusum insists Pratap to contribute. He keeps 2 bundles and says only top notes are real, rest are fake, he can give his kidney for sasumaa as she sucks his blood anyways. Pari asks when will kidnapper come.

Inspector with his constables in normal clothes waits for kidnapper near fruit car. Constables’ jokergiri starts. Kidnapper comes in auto. Constable says this must be kidnapper, let us catch him. Inspector says he will catch kidnapper red handed. Kidnapper asks where is Kunti nivas. Inspector points out Kunti nivas. Kidnapper picks a box from auto and runs into Kunti nivas. Constable says let us catch him. Inspector says he will catch kidnapper while receiving ransom money. Kidnapper rings bell. Kanhaiya opens door. Bahus shouts take money and return maiya. Kidnapper pulls sword and asks to give money first. Kanhaiya shows money bag and asks to show Maiya first. Kidnapper goes out and brings maiya from auto and says here Maiya is. Kanhaiya asks to show face. Kidnappers lifts maiya’s pallu and reveals she is his Maiya and Kunti had given family sword for polishing, so he brought it and needs his money. Kanhaiya says where is Maiya then. Kunti locked in room shouts to open door. Kanhaiya informs inspector these people were not kidnappers, don’t now were Maiya is. Inspector asks him to be patient and keep his ears open. Constable praises inspector.

Kunti’s bahus print Kunti’s pamphlet and search her in market. Pari’s joerkgiri starts. A man says their sasumaa is found and asks if he will get reward. Panjeri says she will get him didi’s ashirwad. Pari comes singing. Man says here their sasuma comes. They says she is akal ki mallika and woman in pic behind her is sasuma. Pratap disguised as teacher goes to police station and starts his jokergiri. Kusum informs police that he is drama artist and is acting. Police scolds him. Inspector enters and seeing Pratap’s overacting suspects him as kidnapper.

Kanhaiya gets kidnapper’s call who informs him to get 5 lakhs ready if he wants his maiya back..

Inspector reads Pratap’s letter for Kunti that she should have transfrred property in his name before going and suspects Pratap as kidnapper.

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