Saam Daam Dand Bhed 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul To Caution Mandira

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul with family plays dumb charades. Vasu explains rules that Agastya and Angad will have team each, 1 member will get chit and will mimic song name, other member will sing that song. Gayatri says she will be in Agastya’s team. Agastya says he has selected Bulbul already. She goes to Angad who says he already selected Vasu. Agastya says he will select Mandira then. Gayatri joins Angad. Bulbul goes to pick chit. Mandira says she will pick chit for her and asks to mimic and explain film name to her team, writes Queen. Bulbul mimics stabbing her stomach looking at Mandira. Agastya says knife, stomach..etc.. finally says murder movie. Mandira thinks she wrote Queen. Bulbul says she wrote murder itself, now she will write a chit, Mandira should understand first and explain family next., they have to speak in signal now. Mandira thinks Bulbul must bewanting to explain her something. Bulbul exchanges chit and gives it to Mandira. Mandira is about to open chit when Sarla snatches it and reads it that Mandira should not eat anything from her hand, it is dangerous. Mandira scolds what rubbish is this, return chit. Sarla says she already read chit and will participate, Bulbul explain a lot without speaking. She mimics and tries to wipe Bulbul’s sindhoor. Bulbul stops her and says Suhaagan. Sarla says suhagan bani abhagan is a nice film. She asks them to play, she will return after finishing her important work.

Sarla picks mobile to call baba. Bulbul snatches it. Sarla says she cannot stop her from informing baba. Bulbul pleads Sarla says she will harm both babies and Vijay if she does not agree. Bulbul continues crying. Sarla warns her to harm Mandira’s child then. Mandira senses something is wrong and tries to find. Sarla notices her and thinks Mandira is intelligent, she is more intelligent than her.

Vijay behind wall sees family and bangs it. Parag’s photo shakes. Angad drops box at same time. Bulbul asks they hear a sound. Angad says he dropped box. Mandira corrects photo. Vijay continues crying from other side of wall.

Precap: Sarla asks Bulbul to feed poisoned halwa to Mandira.

Update Credit to: MA

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