Shakti 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Soumya are briefly separated

Shakti 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veeran telling Pandit ji that Preeto is missing and Harak Singh is searching her. Pandit ji says this is all happening as Harman’s soul is not at peace and asks them to get his last rites done. Raavi cries and says Bappa is sitting in our house and my brother will return back before Bappa goes. She plays the shank. Harman and Soumya are at the Ganapati pandal. Kinnars meet other kinnars and seek their help to search Soumya. Kinnars come there and look for Harman and Soumya. Gurumaa says Bappa heard our prayers and asks others to see Jolly and Khushi. She asks how will we go near them> Other Kinnar says we have to do something. Harak Singh is upset. Balwinder calls Raavi. Raavi asks him not to trouble her and tells that she is already stressed. Raavi says you are talking cheaply,

I won’t come anywhere. Balwinder says now you can make everything fine. Saya brings Preeto home. Harak Singh runs to her and asks where did you go? Preeto says I searched much, but couldn’t find Harman. Veeran says it is good that Preeto came back safely. Saya says we are inauspicious for ourselves, but auspicious for others. She says we want betterment of everyone and we have relation with you, Preeto ji is our samdhan and asks him not to accuse them again. Shanno laughs and claps, says you does good nautanki, I feel you had hidden her somewhere and then brought her back. Saya says you people do nautanki and warns to expose her. Shanno asks her to get out of her house and holds her hand to push her. Preeto holds her hand and says you wanted to kill Harman with this hand and says I will break your hand. She twists her hand. Harak Singh and Veeran ask her to leave her hand. Preeto says I saw with my hands.

Balwinder is sitting at a tea stall. Kinnars are going from there. Balwinder sees them and thinks to vent out anger on them. He asks why don’t you open nautanki company along with Mallika and says you will earn much. Chameli asks him to mind his own business. Balwinder says Soumya is from your community and have ruined Harak Singh’s house. Chameli says so much happened with you, and you are saying this, I feel pity on your mentality. Balwinder says I gave an offer to Soumya and asked her to come with me. I would be with her and would have admired her beauty and play with her, but she refused. Chameli says one needs to have a heart of gold to get her love. Balwinder says how she will love, she is a kinnar. He asks her to go and tell him if they see any beautiful girl like Soumya. He asks them to go and says you can’t do any other work than this. Kinnars clap and surround him. She says now we will show what a kinnar could do. They take him.

Veeran massages Shanno’s hand with warm bag and says it will be fine. Shanno asks why is he waiting and says when the signatures are done, then why don’t you kick them out. Veeran says let Harman shradh happen then I will do that. Shanno says if I get angry, then will break Preeto’s hand. Raavi comes and says game is playing here. Veeran says you think of my wife wrong. Raavi says my mum and father thought you as their son and you are taking enmity on them. She walks off upset.

Kinnars in Mumbai put the cracker or bomb near the pandal. It bursts. Everyone panics. Kinnar says bomb is blasted and asks everyone to run. Everyone panic and start to run. Harman and Soumya panic too. They get separated by the crowd and leave each other hands. They shout each other names. Music plays…..Soumya recognizes the kinnars. Harman calls her name aloud. Soumya finds a parked car with decky open, she sits in it. Car drives off. Salman Khan is seen in the car and comes to big boss set.

Soumya tells Salman Khan that she has lost the way and tells that she lost Jolly and doesn’t know anyone. Salman says tonight everyone will see you on television and will find you. Soumya performs on Big boss stage and asks Jolly to come to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    When are we going to see the wickedness of Harman’s uncle, aunt, his cousin and the two layabouts get their just deserves. I would love to see them thrashed and thrown into jail. However, I guess this will not happen.

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