Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update: Pankaj Is Anxious

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pankaj asks Vijay why he is looking shy, he can ask anything he wants. Vijay’s friend says Vijay has fallen in love and needs some gyaan. Pankaj says he has to either love immensely or force immensely. A lady/Ragini drops something and picks it. Pankaj sends Raghav to check. Raghav says she has come. Pankaj asks to take her in from back door. He tells Vijay that he has important work and will speak to him some other day. He gives money envelope and asks to keep it. Vijay says just needs his blessings. Pankaj says he is very powerful and loves his company. Vijay says even him. Pankaj asks to show his immense love to the girl and walks in. Vijay smiles.

Ragini sits in Pankaj’s room crying. Prabhath calls her and asks what she wanted to say. She says she is fine and will call him later. Pankaj enters holding lash and holding her saying when he called her, she should come and reminds that he is taking care of her and her mother. She apologizes. He says he will just bruise her skin as a warning. He then gets his wife;s call and asks her to keep quiet. He speaks to wife and says he is missing her so much, gets romantic and kisses Ragini.

Pankaj enjoys liquor with his friend and boasts he is daring. Mandira from balcony sees 2 helmet wearing men on bike watching her. She goes down and warns who are they, calls someone and orders she does not want to see anyone around her. She slips and Vijay holds her. She asks why did he come again to be insulted. He gets romantic and tries to take her pic. She snatches mobile and throws it to her friend. Vijay asks to return her mobile. She says she will return if he comes with his brother and apologizes. He says snake. She panics and throws her mobile. He picks it and says he will keep her mobile and she can keep his. She gets phone from herfriend, but he leaves saying now her phone will be with him. Two helmet wearing goons who were outside Mandira’s houe throw oil on Vijay’s way. Vijay’s bike slips. They take Mandira’s mobile and speed away. Vijay thinks Mandira sent them. Goons go and give phone to Mandira’s friend. She asks to leave before Mandira sees them. Mandira comes and asks why is she standing here, sees her mobile and says it was with Vijay. Friend says Vijay returned. Mandira says Vijay is not afraid of anyone. Vijay calls Mandira and asks why did she send her goons to get her mobile. She is surprised and says she did not. He says he can forgive anyone for her. She gets shy, then reminisces her friend warning that she is for a mission and cannot love Vijay. She scolds him and disconnects call.

Prabhath reminisces Guruji’s words to stand in election. He looks at each family member and smiles. He then gets romantic with his wife and says their wedding anniversary is coming, she is still beautiful like on wedding day, but he is getting older. She says she likes this old man and asks him to fix morning 5 a.m. alarm.

In the morning, Pankaj dresses Ragini’s bruises and shows his fake concern for her. CM calls him and scolds that he is enjoying girl and liquor while panchs have decide to stand Prabhath in elections. He says Prabhath has not agreed yet, called him to alert and scolds to disconnect call now. Raghav enters and says he wants tell something important. Pankaj asks who is Prabhath Namdhari. Raghav says he is like a saint social worker who works for Kaushalpur’s betterment and is Vijay Namdhari’s cousin elder brother. Pankaj slaps him and asks to do something now.

Precap: Pankaj gives 15 lakhs to Vijay and asks to do his work properly. Prabhath orders Vijay to return money first and then return home. Pankaj asks Raghav to trap Vijay and kill him.

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